Can A Single Mom Become A Foster Parent

Can A Single Mom Become A Foster Parent

A common question that a lot of people, including single mothers and fathers, have is whether single parents can foster a child in the United States of America. The question is understandable as there is a notion that only married couples can become foster parents however this pervasive motion isn’t true. The gates to adoption and fostering are opened to single people. Single mothers irrespective of whether widowed, divorced, or single by choice can get certified to adopt and foster a child.

Can A Single Mom Become A Foster Parent?

When it comes to fostering kids throughout the United States a lot of single-parent households have risen to the occasion. Nearly 30% of foster children in the United States are taken in by solo parents who are paving the way to make a significant difference in the lives of children. In recent years, nearly 100,000 single parents including single moms in the United States have stepped up to raise foster children and overcome all the challenges that come their way. Fostering children is a good way for a lot of moms to follow. Some single mothers adopt fostering instead of adoption and some choose to foster after a divorce. Many choose to foster children after their retirement or when their children grow up and move out. A lot of people wonder “Can a single mom be a foster parent” or not? The answer is ‘Yes’, Single mothers and fathers can become foster parents when they can fulfill their eligibility criteria in the United States.

What Are The Requirements For Single Moms To Become A Foster Parent?

The essential requirements for foster parents irrespective of whether they are a couple or single are the same. These requirements may vary from one state to another and a lot of state governments in the USA require the below-mentioned general conditions to foster children

  • Homes should be kept in a clean surroundings and must be repaired at all times throughout the United States
  • Home of foster parents should meet building and fire safety codes in every state
  • Around 38 states in America require firearms to be locked in safety containers or approved storage every time
  • Nearly 46 states along with the District of Columbia require foster parents to install smoke detectors in their homes. 30 states including Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia require foster parents to have fire extinguishers in their homes while 18 states in the USA require them to install carbon monoxide detectors in their homes.
  • Nearly 19 states require minimum square footage in the home of every child
  • 40 states prohibit children of the opposite gender to share a bedroom with their foster parents
  • Districts of Columbia, the Virgin Islands, and other 33 states prohibit foster kids from sleeping in the same room as an adult.

Social workers of every state will conduct regular interviews with the family to ascertain that the potential parent is taking care of the foster children and is a right fit for them. Drug tests and background checks are also administered. Few states require a minimum income level as well as training to obtain a license for fostering children. Being a single mom foster parent it is your responsibility to fulfill the eligibility criteria and adhere to all the rules and regulations of your state.

Why Single Mothers Opt For Fostering?

There isn’t anything more rewarding than welcoming a new foster child into your home and showering them with the support and love that they deserve. Not only single moms can become foster parents but also help their children to grow and thrive with them. A lot of single mothers who feel lonely and wish to become parents after being separated from their partner or because of any other circumstances decide to give a loving home to a lot of children. The foster system is not strange to single moms and dads. Being a foster parent is completely possible and there are dozens of single parents over the years who have supported children and helped them to get a loving and affectionate home. Living a single life is so free, the independence and freedom of single mothers and fathers are so joyous.

What Does It Take To Be a Single Mom Foster Parent?

The fostering rules and requirements for single moms are the same as for married couples. You must be at least 21 years of age, submit criminal background records, and be financially stable to become a foster parent. Just like two-parent families or couples who are looking to foster single people have to agree to a home study and home assessment which determines whether their home environment is spacious and safe enough to host foster children. Besides, you also have to prove that you are a citizen of the United States, legal permanent residence, or a lawful noncitizen. Having a stable income to support your foster children is an essential criterion. Besides, single mothers should be emotionally and physically healthy to take care of their children. The county Department of Human Services will determine the requirements for single parents to become foster parents.

On What Grounds Can You Be Disqualified To Become Foster Parents?

Single parents will not qualify if any of the adults in the households are convicted of the following

  • Child abuse
  • Crime of violence
  • Felony physical assault or battery
  • Felony domestic violence
  • Felony sexual behavior
  • The pattern of misdemeanors in the past seven years
  • Felony drug-related or alcohol-related offense in the past five years

How Can Single Mothers Become Foster Parents?

Once you make sure that you can fulfill the basic requirements the next step is to submit your income, personal information, and living circumstances to the organization. Single parents will be moved to an orientation that teaches them about single-parent fostering. The next step is a home assessment where it will be verified whether the living circumstances of the single moms and dads are satisfactory for a foster child. Once the home assessment is done and it is verified that the living circumstances of the single parents are satisfactory you will move through a lot of training courses that prepared you for fostering. This includes the following

  • FBI or Foster Parent Initiative for eight hours
  • Meditation Training for three hours
  • Behavioral Management and Resistance Training for 16 hours
  • In-home learning modules for six to eight hours
  • Trauma-informed care for eight hours of CPR
  • First aid training

Your living space will be visited and examined by caseworkers who will review and conduct a home study. He or she will dive deep into your environment and lifestyle and also examine your skills and personal details to make sure you’re the right fit to bring a foster child into your home environment. Verification or licensing will also take place where all the documents will be reviewed for verification. Once you pass the home study and verification process you will receive a fostering certificate that will enable you to become a foster parent and a child will be placed with you.

Questions About Fostering As A Single Mom

Any qualified adult irrespective of the relationship status can become a foster parent. However, there are things that you should know to become a single foster parent. Apart from the requirements and training, there are additional things that you need to consider so that you can truly commit to fostering as a single man or woman. Becoming foster parents is a rewarding and beautiful choice however do you know whether it is the right fit for you? Before becoming a single foster parent you need to ask a few questions that will help you to embark on this journey.

1. Are You Comfortable Parenting Alone A Child Being A Single Mom?

Single mothers should rethink whether they are comfortable parenting a child alone before becoming foster parents. This is because a couple can foster or adopt and rely on the support of each other when everything gets tough however this is not the case with single parents as they have to deal with all the stress and obstacles alone without a partner. You need to think deeply about whether you can face all the challenges comfortably and parent a foster child in your home.

2. How Much Can You Devote As A Single Foster Parent?

Single mothers need to question how much energy, time, and attention they can devote to their foster children. They need to consider their work-life balance before becoming foster parents. For instance, you need to consider whether you will be able to focus on your foster child while finishing work or not. Further you need to consider whether this work will be stressful for you and whether it will cause a detrimental effect on your ability as a foster parent. If you’re working from home or if your work permits you to take a break from time to time then you can spend good time with your foster child.

3. Do You Have A Support System In Place?

The final step is to learn whether you have a strong support system in place that can help you to get advice, suggestions, and encouragement. For instance, who can help you to foster your child when you get sick, or whom you can rely on during difficult times? Having a supportive network of family members or friends whom you can rely on will help you get through the single-parent fostering journey easily.

4. Is Single Parent Fostering A Worthy Journey?

Being a foster parent comes with unique sets of challenges and obstacles however it is a highly worthwhile journey. Around 95% of foster parents who adopted children reported that they would like to make the decision again and again. Before fostering or adopting it is important to consider the drawbacks of being a single parent as well. For instance, managing a child and work can be challenging for you without the support of a partner or spouse.

Financial concerns and space restrictions are potential issues and people without resources to take care of the foster children. You should rethink before bringing one into your home. Ultimately fostering a child as a single mom or dad is perfectly fine if you can manage the challenges in life. These challenges can give better overcome when you have a strong support system in the form of your friends, family members, and neighbors. Foster children need parents who can care for them irrespective of whether it is one parent or two. If you feel that you can overcome the challenge then feel free to apply.


A lot of people daydream of having a child whom they can care for and bring into their loving home and this has resulted in huge numbers of foster parents in the United States. A lot of people are left wondering whether they can qualify to become foster parents without a partner. In the simplest sense, the answer is yes you can foster a child while being a single parent. There isn’t any law against single moms or dads fostering children. On the other hand, some kids respond better to single-parent households, unlike multiple parents. Single mothers can foster children even though it is challenging with one source of income to foster a child and manage all the work and household obligations regularly. However, if you feel that you wish to foster children then you can check with the local programs of your state and learn additional information about the application process and eligibility requirements to help change the life of a child forever.

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