Single Mom Support Groups Bay Area

Single Mom Support Groups Bay Area

Raising children with mental health problems and financial constraints is challenging for single mothers. They often feel lonely and lack a robust support system. Joining a parent support group will help you connect with other single parents with similar experiences and stories and those who can understand your arduous journey and problems. Fortunately, the Bay Area helps single mothers to locate valuable resources so that they can continue to take care of their children as well as take care of themselves.

Why Should You Join A Single Mom Support Group In the Bay Area?

Raising children while dealing with mental illness and isolation is problematic. You have to battle countless challenges and also overcome them. These support groups are run by the clinic, organization, treatment facilities, local community, or a group of parents joined together to create a good space for other parents who can share their experiences and struggle and can connect. Most of the time, parent support groups are informal gatherings with sporadically or regularly scheduled group sessions for parents to connect and talk about their problems, thoughts, worries, breakthrough, gratitude, frustration, and hope.

Different Single Mom Support Groups In Bay Area

Single moms’ support groups are where you can breathe, share your problems, overcome isolation, and make friends with others.  Following are the support groups for single moms in the Bay Area that will help you to ensure your well-being.

1. Bay Area Parent Groups

Support groups and clubs for mothers are not only available for traditional stay-at-home mothers, but today, there are clubs available in every country that provide social events and playgroups for mothers. Many provide online forums, guest speakers, babysitting exchanges, and numerous charitable opportunities. Such support groups for single mothers in the Bay Area are easy to find. You can use the Facebook platform or search online to join these groups.

2. Parents Place

Parents Place provides support groups for adoptive parents, single parents, parents of kids with diabetes, and parents of children with special needs. This long-established program serves San Francisco, and Sonoma counties. Parents Place is operated by the nonprofit Jewish Family and Children Services, which provides many classes, workshops, and counseling on different topics to its group members, including co-parenting and single parenting. There are activities and drop-in play groups for kids below five years of age.

3. First Time Moms—East Bay

This is a meet-up group for first time mothers. The group meets twice or thrice a week and provides mothers an opportunity in the Bay Area to swap stories, chat, get out of their house, make new friends, get parenting tips, and many more. Activities include park play dates, walks, happy hours, lunches, fitness for mothers and babies, spa and beauty appointments, coffee, etc.

4. Bay Area Mocha Moms

The Contra Costa County- Bay Area Mocha Moms welcome mothers belonging to the East Bay area and Contra Costa County. This group comprises multicultural mothers and supports them in every way possible. The group supports diverse families and allows them to open up to other parents raising multicultural children and children of color. Mothers working flexible time, part-time, night shifts, home-based businesses, freelancing, or working outside their home and raising children get support and share their parenting philosophy with others in the group.

5. International MOMS Club

This MOMS club is an activity-focused support community that organizes moms’ night outs, park play dates, family events, and many fun activities, with more than 2000 chapters in the United States of America. For single mothers in the Bay Area, you can check the website of the International MOMS Club to learn how to become a part of the club.

6. Berkeley Parents Network

This is a comprehensive nonprofit online community forum that started earlier as a mailing list for student parents in 1993.  However, today, this online forum with no advertising or editorial interference serves around 24,000 subscribers. Single mothers in the Bay Area can find many valuable articles and advice about co-parenting and single parenting. Even though it is rooted in Berkeley, a broad regional audience can benefit from the Berkeley Parent Network and get reviews or recommendations on schools, classes, and camps in and around the Bay Area.

7. Our Family Coalition

This is an advocacy, education, and support group created for the LGBTQ families that are serving in the East Bay and San Francisco area. A lot of services range from legal aid to play groups. Single mothers in the Bay Area can find workshops that cover general parenting topics and LGBTQ-specific topics. There are engaging and fun child-parent bonding activities such as cooking classes.

8. Families Adopting In Response

Families Adopting In Response is a volunteer organization for pre-adoptive and adoptive families that provides them with education, information, fellowship, and support. This organization has a lot of support groups for adoptive single-parent families and adopted families with teens in the Palo Alto and the San Francisco area.

9. MOPs (Mothers of Preschoolers) International

MOPs, despite the name, serve mothers of children belonging to all ages and hold group meetings throughout the Bay Area. These group meetings usually take place in partnership with local communities and churches.

10. Bay Area Single Parents Meetup Group

The Bay Area Single Parents Meetup Group is a community of more than 2500 single parents. The group members can connect and become a part of famous events in the Bay Area. You can participate in fun activities and outings with and without your children after joining this meet-up group. Even though the group is South Bay centered, it travels all over the region so that single parents can access various activities and outings.


Raising children without the support of a co-parent is difficult. There are countless battles for single mothers to face and overcome, and while dealing with endless responsibilities, it is normal for them to become exhausted and feel isolated. Joining a support group in the Bay Area will help you to care for the people you love, come and learn useful parenting tricks and embrace your single motherhood.

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