Divorced Single Mom Huntington NY

Divorced Single Mom Huntington NY

The life of a divorced single mom is difficult. They have to care for their children, balance schedules, pay the bills, and meet other obligations single-handedly. Navigating a divorce journey and managing children alone may make you feel overwhelmed and stressed. Resources and assistance for single and divorcing or divorced mothers are available In Huntington NY which will enable them to lead a stress-free life. Huntington NY enjoys the prominence of its capital city and financial success therefore it is one of the most expensive locations to stay. Not surprisingly divorced single moms belonging to low-income groups are in worse financial situations. This guide will help you to learn a list of programs and resources that you can get as a divorced single mom.

How To Find Help As A Divorced Single Mom In Huntington NY?

Divorced single moms can seek help and assistance by joining support groups to get rid of overwhelming feelings of depression and anxiety. Friends, family members, and close relatives can provide light-hearted support in times of your need. Besides, single divorced mothers can seek financial assistance, government assistance programs, and support from non profit organizations that are available in Huntington NY so that they can cover their basic needs like food, clothing, shelter, employment, childcare, and so on. For example, the Section 8 Housing Voucher Program enables low-income families and divorced single moms in Huntington NY to obtain a safe and decent place to live if they are unable to afford rent.

Divorced Single Mom Huntington NY: List Of Resources And Help

The cost of raising children in New York is constantly increasing with each passing day. The rising inflation and wage stagnation make single mothers seek financial help both to cover their living expenses as well as emergencies. Following is a list of resources that can provide you with financial help if you’re looking for a financial lifeline.

1. Huntington Temporary Assistance For Needy Families Program

This program offers temporary cash assistance to needy families living with children under 18 years of age including pregnant women. Receipts of cash assistance that you can get as a divorced single mom are limited to 60 months in a lifetime. Participants are also required to comply with the federal work requirements and take part in employment activities to receive TANF benefits in Huntington. The maximum monthly benefits that a single divorced woman of two children living in Huntington NY can get is $789. This is a safety net assistance program that can be of immense help to single mothers irrespective of whether they are divorced, widowed, or single by choice. Through this program, you can cover your basic needs like food, clothing, shelter, rent, and utility payments.

2. Huntington NY, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

Divorced single moms belonging to low or extremely low-income groups find it difficult to put food on the table and provide adequate meals to their children. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program offers food support to eligible Huntington residents so that they can feed their families. The benefits and the eligibility criteria are based on the family’s income and household size. Eligible participants will be issued an EBT card which they can use to purchase food at participating supermarkets and stores with new paper food stamp coupons. Eligible single moms of two children in Huntington NY can get monthly benefits of $377 from this program.

3. Huntington’s Family Support Network

Established in 1985 with the assistance of the New York State Office For People With Developmental Disabilities the Family Support Network in Huntington offers a year-round parenting program for caregivers and parents of learning abilities and helps them in improving family functioning and ways to develop abilities, insights, parenting techniques, and skills to take better care of children. The program offers events support, home visitation, and other resources to divorced single moms on a need basis including parenting adults and pregnant women. Single moms in Huntington are encouraged to join the support group which helps in fostering friendship, promoting peer support, and reducing feelings of isolation.

4. Huntington Special Program for Women, Infants And Children (WIC)

WIC or the Woman, Infants And Children Program is a supplemental food program that is specially designed for needy women, children up to five years, and infants. Divorced single mothers are eligible to apply for this program if they want to provide nutritious food for themselves and their children. Apart from offering healthy meals the program also offers breastfeeding support, nutrition education, and useful referrals about where to apply for low-cost or free healthcare services in the community. If you’re a divorced single mom and an eligible participant in Food Stamps, Head Start or Medicaid, Early Head Start, or TANF program then you become automatically eligible for the Huntington WIC Program.

5. Legal Help For Divorce Single Moms From American Bar Association

Low-income single mothers who are going through legal issues like divorce or separation can be eligible to apply for free help on low-cost legal assistance in Huntington through the American Bar Association. When you contact the association you get connected with experienced and qualified lawyers or legal professionals who can provide you pro bono services and free answers to your legal concerns or questions and other types of services.

6. Huntington YMCA

Huntington YMCA is located in the heart of Huntington and serves teens, divorced single moms, seniors above 50 years of age, low-income families, and children. This charity organization will help you to fulfill your basic needs if you’re going through a tough time. The organization provides summer programs, support groups, and ways to learn life skills. You can also access donations from the charity.


Divorced single moms are under increasing financial and emotional pressure from every side. Without availing help and resources raising children single-handedly can impose tremendous financial hardship on them. Low-income divorced single moms and poor individuals can receive assistance with food, utility, rent, transportation, and so on. There are many charities, government organizations, and private entities that enable single moms to acquire higher college degrees and get help with their day-to-day expenses.

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