Single Mom Support Group Montreal

Single Mom Support Group Montreal

Being a single mother is an arduous job. Having a support system or a group to share your problems and concerns is an excellent way to deal with stress, anxiety, and isolation. Fortunately, in Montreal, there are a lot of single mother support groups available that give you a chance to make friendships, get advice, check with other single moms, share your emotions and feelings, and build a support network for yourself.

How To Find A Single Mom Support Group In Montreal?

Single moms in Montreal are looking for a mother’s group to socialize with and can look for local groups online. There are a lot of local groups that are organized by state and world region to help single mothers meet other single parents in their community. Besides, you can ask churches, community centers, local libraries, and religious organizations to learn whether they have resources for single parents. In case you have particular concerns or needs, you can try contacting an institution that caters to your institution. Irrespective of whether you are raising a child on your own, catering for a preemie, having postpartum depression, or parenting multiples, these support groups for single moms in Montreal will be able to refer you to an online group or specialized local group. If you wish to join a real-world group however unable to find a suitable one for yourself, then consider starting your support group for single mothers.

Different Single Mom Support Groups In Montreal

Single mother support groups help single mothers to locate like-minded parents and enjoy getting support and advice from them. Following are the groups for single parents in Montreal that can significantly help you.

1. Montréal Single Parents & Kids

Co-parents, single parents, and their children in Montreal or encouraged to join this group, where they can get an opportunity to socialize, grow, explore, and have fun together. The group helps single-parent families share their challenges about parenthood and get a common space to meet other parents and make renewed friendships. Regular online meetings are taken place in this group where outings and activities are planned for children to have fun, enjoy and socialize, for instance, snowshoeing, sledding, snow building, sports in the park, picnics, museums, etc. Not only children but parent-focused groups get together are also arranged for parents so that they can socialize and discuss their problems and experiences together.

2. Parents And Babies Art Therapy Group

The Art Therapy Group for Babies and Parents enables single moms in Montreal to get a unique space to connect with other families and inform about art, image, and movement. The group session helps to address new sensations and challenges that single parents face. Here you can share your problems and make new friends. The group is also open to parents of any gender, including babies.

3. Mind Session Intercultural Psychology

This support group offers many psychological services, such as individual and group therapy, psychological assessments,  parental coaching, workshops, consulting to corporations and profits, team building, mental health, and many more. This specialized group allows single mothers in Montreal to learn a unique style and approach to parenting their children. Licensed practitioners and clinicians lead the group.

4. Montreal Courage Circle

This is a fascinating discussion group that provides single mothers in Montreal to break free from their past and seek the courage to live the life they have dreamt of. The group discusses many topics like standing alone, demonizing emotions, overthinking, second-guessing ourselves, recognizing control, feeling connected, listening to others, loneliness, the contagiousness of courage, accountability, perfectionism, music, and involvement.  You need not pay any cost to attend the group or participate in the discussion group.

5. Montréal Moms Club

Mothers who are living with their children in Montreal and are looking for ways to connect to others and listen to the stories of other parents are encouraged to join the Montreal Moms Club group. The group supports parents and helps them to share their experiences, relax and have fun together. If you’re looking forward to making new friends and spending time together with other parents in Montreal, then this group will be the right choice for you.

6. The West Montreal Social Singles 40 Plus Meetup

Joining this will help you enjoy various community, social, and sports activities. The group welcomes all individuals coming from different areas of Greater Montreal and other locations as well. If you are a single mother and 40 plus in age, then this group will be an ideal choice for you. The volunteers/ organizers set up all the activities and arrange new events continuously. Some of the activities that single moms can enjoy after joining this group are sports events, including dinner and dancing, art and culture, comedy nights, live music events, theater events, cooking classes, sports activities, hiking, walking, cycling, and others. The majority of the participants in this group who take part in social events are more than 40 years old.

7. Women-Supporting-Women: Ambitious & Ready to Rise

This community has been formed to help single mothers overcome loneliness and all life challenges. It is important to stop comparing yourself to other women and create new supportive thoughts and actions. The group provides a safe and supportive environment for women to grow and thrive. The group meets casually to share their dreams and visions with other women with similar challenges and goals. They discuss problems in a supportive space, brainstorm and share ideas, learn new supportive habits, and allow laughter and fun together. Single mothers in Montreal who are looking for a haven where they can get rid of anxiety and loneliness will find this group to be truly helpful.


Support groups for single moms in Montreal are an opportunity to gather helpful advice and information. Here you can express your inner feelings, concerns, and doubts. Sharing your problems in a supportive, warm, and safe environment can be a good source of healing and theocratic. A lot of parenting groups for single moms in Montreal are led by trained professionals who help to facilitate self-discovery and self-expression in a way that promotes self-confidence and particular understanding.

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