Donate Clothes To Single Moms

Donate Clothes To Single Moms

Many charities and nonprofit organizations provide social services to needy populations and underserved communities with social well-being and philanthropy in mind. Whether you are moving to a new location or decluttering your closet, donating your old used clothes can be a good way to get rid of them and help the people who need them the most. However, you need to make sure your old used clothes are in good condition so that others can change them. People who are looking for ways to donate clothes to single moms can contact these charities and organizations. You can look for organizational charities which are most convenient and are near your location. Make sure to seek services that they offer such as assistance on-site or pickup services.

Why Donate Clothes?

Many charities and nonprofit organizations raise funds for charitable causes. Even for-profit organizations sell clothing contributions and donate a part of the profits to underserved families. If you want to donate your used goods then you can drop off your items at women’s and homeless shelters, immigrant support groups, family service agencies, thrift stores, churches, and community outreach centers. Even towels, and blankets are used in animal shelters in every local area and community. You need to make sure to contact animal shelters or other organizations which accept clothing donations. On donating your clothing items you get an opportunity to save money and deduct your donations while writing your taxes and this can result in a huge tax return. Donating your old and wanted clothes is also a generous gesture. Perhaps someone needs your clothing items more than you do. Therefore your generous contribution can do good for others and can improve their life.  Donating old clothes takes less time as well as effort in contrast to selling them. Moreover, footwear, apparel, small items, and accessories are also easy to donate.

Charities And Nonprofit Organization Which Accepts Donated Clothes

When it comes to donating clothes to nonprofit organizations and charities there are endless possibilities. Following are the best places where you can donate your old clothes or any other garments which are collecting dust and dirt in the closet. The below-mentioned organizations and charities have ranked the highest in terms of reputation, creativity, and diversity. The top pick of organizations that accept donated clothing is as follows.

1. Salvation Army

This is an international charitable organization that offers physical, spiritual as well as emotional services to underserved families and local communities. The nonprofit organization has helped a lot of single moms to face hardships, challenges, and obstacles and achieve self-sufficiency in life. Founded in 1865 the Salvation Army is more than 150 years old and serves around 23 million Americans every year and also operates in around 130 countries worldwide. The organization offers summer camps, job training, food pantries, disaster relief, and help for drug and alcohol rehabs and domestic abuse individuals. The organization operates a network of thrift stores and charity shops located across the globe and raises funds for its community programs. Salvation Army sells donated items such as toys, furniture, and clothes and helps single moms and underserved families. Salvation Army centers also donate used clothes that are in good condition to single moms and children. If you want to donate your clothes for a good cause then you can schedule a free pickup of your items and this may include appliances, clothing, housewares, and automobiles. Your donations will also be tax deductible.

2. Goodwill Industries International Inc.

Goodwill Industries International Inc. is a nonprofit organization that helps people to overcome life struggles and challenges and helps them to find jobs and scale higher in their careers. This organization has served around 25 million people across the globe since 2019 and more than 230,000 individuals have got an opportunity to improve their life skills and acquire good careers in different industries like healthcare, banking, and IT. Founded in 1902 Goodwill Industries is a popular charitable organization running throughout the United States and raises funds through its financial donation and retail stores. If you’re looking to donate your clothing or gently used items then you can contact the organization. The Goodwill Network sells gently used items and clothing donations online or in local thrift stores and then uses the revenue raised to create a plethora of community programs for single moms and the needy population.

3. American Red Cross

If you want to get rid of your used clothing then you can donate your clothing items to the American Red Cross and the charity will provide your donated items to the people who need it the most. The mission of the American Red Cross is to reduce human suffering who are facing emergencies. The charity mobilizes generous donors and volunteers to assist the people who need it the most, such as single mothers. The purpose of the American Red Cross movement is to protect health and life and make sure people get the right type of assistance they need. Single mothers who are unable to provide clothing for themselves or their children can contact the American Red Cross and seek assistance.

4. Society of St. Vincent de Paul

This charity offers person-to-person services in communities across the country. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul offers services to meet the personalized needs of the communities which it serves. Inspired by Gospel values the charity is a Catholic organization that enables men and women to join together and gain a lot of person-to-person services. Single moms who are going through a lot of life struggles can grow spiritually by coming in contact with this charity. There are around 100,000 volunteers in the USA which has helped around 5.4 million people through visits to prisons, hospitals, and homes. The charity accepts donated items like households and clothing and provides it to underserved families like single moms and their minor children.

5. Dress For Success

This is a global and renowned nonprofit organization that works to empower and motivate women including single moms across the globe financially. Dress For Success organization helps women in achieving financial independence and makes ways so that they can thrive in the workplace and in life. The charity offers a network of support, development tools, and professional attire to assist women in need. The organization works in around 150 cities and 25 countries today. It has helped more than 1.2 million needy women and helped them to embark on their journey toward self-sufficiency. People can donate their clothing items to the Dress For Success and support the mission of the charity financially. They can get involved with the organization as a volunteer and help single moms and needy women population in many ways. People having an overflowing closet with professional clothes can donate their unrequired clothes to this organization which empowers and motivates low-income people by getting them work-appropriate attire so that they can maintain or seek employment.

6. Clothes For Charity

The Clothes For Charity supports a lot of organizations including YWCA Clay County and Paralyzed Veterans Of America. The service organizers collect as well as distribute household items and used clothing. You can contact the charity for pickup service and your clothing donation will generate funds for local nonprofit organizations that will sell the donated household items and clothing to thrift stores in bulk in the United States. The funding generated goes directly towards the upliftment of single mothers and needy populations.

7. Soles4Souls

Are you looking for a good place to donate your old shoes? Then donating your shoes to Soles4Souls can be a good option for you. The organization turns clothing and shoes into a good opportunity for needy people. The mission of the organization is to collect unwanted clothing and footwear and then distribute them to needy people across the country and even across the globe. Soles4Souls works to eliminate poverty and help single mothers and low-income families to start their businesses by selling donated clothing items and shoes that they have received. The organization accepts all sizes and styles of gently worn and new clothing and shoes. You can make the donations at a drop-off location in your area.

8. Planet Aid

This organization was established in 1987 in the Boston area and aims to perform good deeds for the poor and the planet. Planet Aid is an organization that donates used clothes and helps them to get a second life. The nonprofit organization mobilizes information as well as inspires communities and individuals to work closely to bring about social and worldwide environmental progress. The organization believes in good stewardship which is essential for promoting the well-being of present and future generations. The organization works to organize and strengthen communities, promote small enterprise development, eliminate poverty, support sustainable local food production, boost access to quality education and job training or encourage healthy lifestyles and increase health awareness among people. Many organizations accept clothing that is invariable and in good condition however Planet Aid functions differently. The nonprofit organization makes it easy for people to donate as well as recycle their unwanted clothes and saves textiles from landfill to protect the earth. The nonprofit organization collects donated clothing and reuses them in developing countries. The sale proceeds go towards development projects and helping single moms and needy populations to fight poverty. However, the organization does not accept sweat, moldy or dirty clothes. You can donate any clothing you want such as shoes, bedding, curtains, towels, and even clothing items with stains, tears, and holes.

9. One Warm Coat

One Warm Coat is a nonprofit organization that offers free coats to needy people including single moms. If you want to help needy people during the harsh winter months then One Warm Coat will be a good place to donate your clothing items. The organization is working towards its goal of raising awareness about the essential need for having warm coats in the USA during the winter months. The organization has held 38,000 coat drives and has provided around 6.6 million coats for free since 1992. The organization accepts gently worn and new coats for men, women, and children which are wearable and clean therefore you need to make sure your coat is without stains or holes. If you want to donate your clothes then you need to participate in an interactive coat drive held by the organization during the fall and winter months or you can also contact the nonprofit partners of the organization near your area.


Decluttering becomes easier when you know your old clothes are going for a good and worthy cause. Nearly 11 million textile waste ends up in landfills every year. Depending on the clothing material you are using it may take from a few weeks to several decades to make the materials break down, release methane and cause harm to the environment. Fortunately, there are easy and simple ways for donating your clothes where you can save your taxes as well as save the planet. Besides, your donated clothing items can be of great help to single mothers and their children who are not in a position to afford new clothes. There are wonderful charities and nonprofit organizations throughout the United States which accept donated clothing from people and provide it to needy populations like single mothers and their children. No matter whether you are looking for ways to donate your clothes or if you are a single mom trying to find nonprofit organizations and charities through which you can get clothing free of cost, the above-mentioned charities, and organizations will help you to fulfill your needs.

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