Scholarships For Single Moms In NC

Scholarships For Single Moms In NC

Acquiring a college degree opens up immense opportunities in life and will help you to grow socially and intellectually both in your adult life and career. A college degree comes with better career opportunities and high-salary prospects. For single moms, a college degree seems to be unattainable because they are not prepared financially to bear the college expenses. Fortunately for single-mom students in North Carolina, there are immense scholarships and grant options that can provide full or partial tuition payment.

How To Apply For North Carolina Scholarships For Single Moms?

There are a lot of scholarship programs for single moms and women that help them to pursue higher education and attain self-sufficiency. You need to research the available scholarships and grants, compile a list of programs that you can qualify for, and then start applying. Single moms need to make sure they are aware of the deadline dates for every scholarship program.

It is a good idea to become aware of the eligibility requirements when applying for programs. Few programs require letters of recommendation and official transcripts or to write an essay in which you have to include your personal and academic achievements. Few scholarship programs in North Carolina may request financial documents from you and your parents to assess the household or financial situation.

What Are The Available Scholarships For Single Moms In North Carolina?

Following is the list of scholarship programs for single moms in North Carolina that you can apply.

1. Annie S. Alexander Memorial Scholarship

Single moms belonging to Forsyth County can apply for the Annie S. Alexander Memorial Scholarship provided they want to acquire an undergraduate educational degree in the nursing field. Although the scholarship program is not limited to low-income students, applicants have to demonstrate a robust financial need.

2. The ANSWER Endowment Scholarship

The ANSWER or Andersen Nontraditional Scholarship For Women’s Education Program provides financial assistance to adult women who are 25 years or above and are raising school-aged children who want to pursue higher education. The program should enroll themselves in two-year nursing courses, or four-year degrees of their preferred choice. Eligible applicants should be residents of Mecklenburg County or any county in South or North Carolina.

3. Morehead-Cain Scholarship

An excellent opportunity for low-income single moms to pursue higher education throughout North Carolina is the Morehead-Cain program. The program covers full tuition costs for eligible students. To qualify for assistance you must be graduating high school in the spring, must be nominated by your school for the scholarship program and to be a competitive applicant at UNC-Chapel Hill.

The program is based on the individual merit of students. In other words, candidates with robust financial needs will be considered and given the main priority. The program was one of the first merit-based programs in the United States of America. The program helps students reduce the burden of higher education and cover their educational expenses and tuition costs.

4. The Charlotte – Mecklenburg Schools Scholarship Incentive Program

A scholarship grant award of $1500 is provided by the Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools Scholarship Incentive Program to eligible graduates of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Public High School. Graduate single moms with robust financial needs and looking for ways to cover their education costs can apply for the program. To qualify for assistance you need to have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5.

5. NCAE Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship

Educational support is provided to low-income residents of North Carolina by the North Carolina Association of Educators who have enrolled in public high school in their senior year. You need to demonstrate community involvement, good character as well and scholastic achievement to qualify for financial assistance.

A single-mom applicant should submit a complete application form, relevant documentation, and a resume of accomplishments to qualify for assistance through this program. They are also required to write an essay that describes why they deserve the scholarship program including two letters of recommendation and an official transcript.

6. Aubrey Lee Brooks Scholarships

The Aubrey Lee Brooks Scholarship Program provides around 17 scholarships worth $12,000 to eligible candidates including single moms. This scholarship program is available to all graduating seniors residing in different counties of North Carolina.

Single-mom applicants who want to pursue higher degrees must demonstrate a strong financial need to receive assistance with this program. All the applicants have to renew the scholarship program and maintain a GPA of 2.7 or higher while attending college.

7. The Roothbert Fund Scholarship

Grants and scholarship programs are provided to low-income students including single moms through the Roothbert Fund provided they have permanent residence in any one of the 12 states including North Carolina. The scholarship program does not focus on any particular worship or religious practice however main priority is given to people who are motivated by spiritual values.

8. North Carolina Home Builders Association Scholarship

A lot of scholarship programs are provided by the North Carolina Home Builders Education and charitable foundation which combine merit and need of students who are entering the junior or senior year of high school. Even technical students who are entering their second year and want to opt for a major in a construction-related career can apply for this scholarship program. Single moms who are members of the North Carolina Home Builders Education and Charitable Foundation and nominated by the firm can receive educational support.

9. Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting Women in Transition Scholarship EFWA

EFWA or the Educational Foundation For Women in Accounting provides the Women In Transition Scholarship for women and single moms are also eligible to receive financial assistance under this program provided they want to enter a degree program in the field of accounting. The financial award is up to $4000 annually for four years. Applicants must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher to qualify for assistance with robust financial needs.


Scholarships in North Carolina are one way through which low-income single moms can attend college and fulfill their educational goals without graduating with huge debt. The scholarship awards are primarily based on academic achievements and merit including their financial need, majors, and fields of interest. The above-mentioned scholarship opportunities are a few ways through which single moms can fund their education.

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