Medicaid For Single Moms

Medicaid For Single Moms

Medicaid is one of the biggest sources of health coverage found in the United States and is jointly owned by the state and federal governments. The Medicaid program in the United States offers healthcare and medical services to millions of Americans including single mothers, children, elders, people with disabilities, and low-income parents.

Can A Single Mom Qualify For Medicaid?

Many wonder, “Do single moms qualify for the Medicaid program or not? The answer is ‘Yes’ Single mothers qualify for this program once they meet the income and other program requirements successfully. Even though the age to qualify for the Medicaid program may vary depending on the country and state you are living in, adults belonging to the low-income category are eligible to receive benefits under the Medicaid program. Irrespective of the fact that your job or employment provides insurance benefits you can additionally qualify for the Medicaid program. The general ruling for qualifying for the Medicaid program in the United States is that your income should fall below 100% to 200% of the federal poverty level. If you are pregnant, or have a child with a disability then there is likely a healthcare assistance program available to you. Sometimes it can be difficult to qualify for this program as there are a lot of eligibility and qualification requirements that have to be met by the participants. However, taking time carefully to provide all the necessary documents and filing an application at the right time will help to improve your chances and obtain healthcare coverage. Some of the documents that you have to provide to qualify for the Medicaid program are as follows:

  • Proof of residency such as rent/ payment bills or utility bills
  • Proof of citizenship such as a passport or national ID card
  • Proof of age like a driver’s license or birth certificate
  • Information related to health insurance coverage
  • Records of income earnings.

It is important to note that people who have social security are automatically eligible to receive assistance under the Medicaid program once they meet all the other eligibility criteria.

Can A Single Mom Get Medicaid?

Single moms can get Medicaid if their wages or salaries are low enough and can satisfy all the conditions and requirements necessary for qualification. The counties and states are expected to cover specific benefits while others are optional. Single mothers should note that not all costs will be covered by the Medicaid program. Some essential benefits include physician services, dental services, home health services, laboratory and X-ray services, and others that will be paid under the program. To receive healthcare coverage under Medicaid programs single mothers must provide their Medicaid card to the doctor. The Medicaid program is a grant which need not be reimbursed. If you want to know more about Medicaid for single moms, you can contact your nearby state Medicaid agency. Your eligibility status for the Medicaid program will depend on the type and quality of documents submitted along with the application form and the number of requirements you satisfy. You can visit the Medicaid website to check whether you are qualifying for Medicaid coverage or not. Checking the qualification requirements and the application process will help you to know more. The health coverage benefits will be received immediately once the application is successful.

How Much Can A Single Mom Make For Medicaid?

Medicaid covers 100% of nursing home costs in most cases if single moms can meet the eligibility requirements. A lot of states require candidates to have a monthly income of $2382 or $47,644 with spouses. Besides, your countable resources should be less than $2500. The amount of money single moms can get by becoming eligible for the Medicaid program depends on the location they are living, their resources, and their income. Some other factors which influence Medicaid benefits are bank accounts, social security benefits, wages, pensions, stocks and bonds, property, life insurance, annuities, veteran benefits, etc. To qualify for Medicaid through Supplemental Security Income your income limit should not exceed $934 monthly or $1391 for the couple. In this case, the resources should not exceed $2000 per month or $3000 for couples.

What Are The Income Requirements Of Medicaid For Single Mothers?

Depending on your family size, the stage you are living, and the pregnancy status income requirements for the Medicaid program vary for single moms. For instance, children belonging to low-income families, pregnant women, and single mothers in Alabama should have an income ranging between $1520 to $3133 monthly, and guardians or parents should not exceed an income level of $188 to $387 per month. A family of three members with non-pregnant parents should have an income of less than $29,435 annually and about $42,660 for pregnant parents.  Single mothers can check with the state Medicaid agency to learn about the income requirements and whether they are qualifying for the Medicaid program in their state or not. Income eligibility will be determined by the modified adjusted gross income of the applicant which is their taxable income along with certain deductions. These deductions include individual retirement contributions, nontaxable Social Security benefits as well as tax-exempt interest. For a lot of people, the modified adjusted gross income is close or identical to the adjusted taxable income which they may find on their tax return. Apart from the income requirements you also need to be a citizen of the United States, a permanent resident, or a legal immigrant.

What To Do If You Do Not Qualify For The Medicaid Program?

Single moms who do not qualify for the Medicaid program in their state can get subsidized healthcare through Obamacare marketplaces by special enrollment or open enrollment. A lot of adults who are earning more than 100% of the federal poverty level qualify for premium tax credits that will lower the cost of healthcare plans. Single mothers who do not find affordable health care on the marketplace during the open enrollment can go for other options which include short-term health insurance, limited benefit plans, prescription discount cards, and healthcare-sharing ministries.

Medicaid For Single Moms With No Health Insurance Plans

Single mothers who have no access to health coverage can get free health insurance by researching and then applying for it within the deadline. This will help them to find a quality health coverage plan for their household. The Medicaid program should be the first program to check in your state. However, if you do not qualify for this program then you can also explore other options. Community clinics throughout the United States provide primary healthcare services such as treatment of minor ailments at less cost, checkups, and other medical services. These clinics also provide medical professionals to assist you in times of your need. In serious cases, counseling and referrals to appropriate health centers will be provided. You can locate the nearest free clinic near you by checking your search engine. Single mothers can search the health insurance marketplace to locate all the right health coverage in their state and get started.

A large body of federal regulations, Title XIX of the Social Security Act, and sub-regulatory guidance administer the program including the requirements of the Medicaid program. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in the Department of Health and Human Services administers the Medicaid and state programs at the federal level. States in the USA can choose to participate in the program however they have to comply with the federal requirements. Not every state is participating in the Medicaid program therefore you need to check with your state whether the Medicare program is available or not.

In many states, Medicaid will look at the income limitation over five years. Any assets which you transfer out of your position within that time will still be counted towards your income. Therefore do not try transferring the financial assets to qualify for the Medicaid program. Violating the Medicaid rules will lead to severe penalization. This may also result in paying for nursing home care or other medical services out of your pocket unless you meet the eligibility requirements. Medicaid covers three types of nursing home coverage such as rehabilitation, skilled nursing, and long-term care nursing.


The Medicaid program is a federal as well as state-funded health insurance program that is designed for needy and low-income Americans as well as their families with no access to healthcare plans. Single moms can benefit a lot by enrolling in the Medicaid program. The state funds as well as run the programs jointly therefore the eligibility and financial assistance received through this program may vary. The eligibility requirements of the Medicaid program for single moms are based on disability, income, age, household size, pregnancy, and the household role of the applicant. By 2022 more than 90 million Americans have already enrolled in Medicaid as well as the Children’s Health insurance program in their state.

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