Daycare Help For Single Moms

Daycare Help For Single Moms

Daycare and childcare costs have risen steeply over a few years. In the USA daycare costs are higher than college tuition fees which are nearly $9000. Single mothers want to get the best quality childcare services and daycare facilities that can help in the overall skill and character development of children. Single moms depend on childcare or daycare centers which can provide their little ones good care, attention, and supervision to their kids while they are attending school or work.

Daycare centers provide a safe and sound environment where kids can engage in a wide array of educational activities, receive proper supervision, and interact with peers. Daycare facilities comprise extracurricular activities, storytelling circles, and vocabulary-building games which play a significant role in communication skills and language development among kids. Daycare centers follow a structured routine like snack time, circle time, and clean-up time, and in this way, kids develop a sense of routine and predictability that helps in their overall well-being. Unfortunately, single moms can’t afford daycare as a major chunk of single moms belong to low or moderate-income populations. So how to get free daycare for single moms? This guide will help you to learn about programs to help single moms with daycare and how you can qualify for one.

Can A Single Mom Get Help With Daycare?

Daycare help for single moms is available through various resources and programs that are designed by government and nonprofit organizations. Free daycare for single moms is a lifeline that supports their emotional, personal, and economic well-being while fostering healthy development among their children. Preschool programs funded by different states offer subsidized or free daycare to low-income single moms. Finding paid daycare for single moms feels like a weighty task however it is not impossible either. The key to gaining financial assistance and childcare support is to know where to look for help. There are federal programs that offer quality childcare to parents such as Child Care Aware Of America, The Childcare Access Program, the Head Start Program, and so on. State-run child care programs are available for qualified residents. Each state in the USA runs child care programs therefore research and make sure to fulfill the eligibility criteria. Community-based programs, private centers, religious institutions, and private entities also provide no-cost childcare services or sliding scales to offer childcare support for single parents. Childhood education training programs have reduced fees for preschool or childcare and this can be affordable compared to standard daycare facilities.

Daycare Programs For Single Moms

With limited resources and one source of income, finding affordable daycare centers is a challenging task for single moms. Fortunately, daycare assistance for single moms is available through resources and programs. If you’re unable to afford daycare fees or standard babysitting to take care of your children then you can be eligible for the following resources.

1. Head Start

This is a federal program that is geared towards single moms and low-income families living with children from birth to five years of age. This program addresses the childcare and educational needs of kids and places focus on their nutrition, health, and other social services. The eligibility criteria for the Head Start Program are income-based so families earning less than 130% of the federal poverty level are eligible to receive childcare assistance and educational support through this program.

2. Florida School Readiness Program

You can receive financial support and help to cover childcare costs or even free daycare for single moms in Florida through the school readiness program. Florida offers vouchers, different types of financial assistance, and grants so that single moms and low-income parents can cover early education expenses for their children. There are subsidized or free daycare services offered statewide including in Orlando, Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville, and across the state. Many services include extended daycare or year-end daycare services. The overall objective of school readiness programs in Florida is to enable financially challenged parents to become self-sufficient and enable their children to access good education and childcare services. Therefore, low or free-cost daycare services will keep single moms participating in training or educational activities and enable them to reenter the workforce.

3. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

Single moms who are looking for grants can apply for the Temporary Assistance For Needy Families Program. This program is available throughout the United States and for low-income families living with kids. Sole caregivers and providers for their families can meet their basic needs and get financial assistance from this program. Single moms who are on temporary assistance and require childcare to go to work will find this program a right fit for them. You can not only meet your childcare needs but also get help to cover food, clothing, shelter, and transportation needs as well.

4. Child Care Services (CCS) By Texas Workforce Commission

Texas Workforce Commission runs childcare services and provides daycare help for single moms in Texas. Eligible parents will get subsidized child care services including families who are recipients of the Temporary Assistance For Needy Families Program and belonging to low-income groups. Single moms in Texas require childcare services to take better care of their kids. The overall cost of quality childcare services is a huge burden for single moms on one source of income. Fortunately, the Texas Workforce Commission helps them to reduce the financial burden by subsidizing child care services.

5. Arkansas Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP)

This state subsidy program offers free daycare for single moms in Arkansas. Arkansas CCAP targets low-income individuals and poor families who need help to cover their childcare expenses. Single moms can get adequate assistance to cover their childcare payments on a sliding fee basis. To be eligible for the Child Care Assistance Program single mothers in Arkansas should meet all the employment requirements for 30 hours every week and have children less than 13 years of age.

6. CalWORKs Child Care: California Department Of Social Services

The Temporary Assistance For Needy Families Program in California known as CalWORKs offers assistance to cover food, clothing, shelter, and childcare expenses. If you’re looking for daycare help for single moms in California then you can contact the local county welfare department in your area and learn about the eligibility criteria and application process. Eligible participants will receive financial assistance that will help them to choose a childcare provider of their choice and cover their payments. Parenting teens, pregnant women, and low-income single moms are also eligible to receive childcare assistance under the CalWORKs program. Childcare services are provided for kids till 12 years of age and for severely disabled children or kids with exceptional needs, the age limit is up to 21 years. If you are not receiving cash assistance through CalWORKs then you can get childcare assistance by contacting a local Child Care Resource And Referral Agency in California.

7. Arizona Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP)

Daycare help for single moms in Arizona is provided to eligible low-income single moms with kids 12 years of age or less. Single moms in Arizona need to meet income and other eligibility criteria to cover a portion of the childcare costs. You can contact your local DES child care office to apply for childcare assistance, fill out an application and schedule an appointment. Because of limited funding for childcare assistance a statewide waiting list is established to prioritize low-income eligible single moms and families who are waiting to receive childcare support.

How Do Single Moms Afford Daycare?

There is no uniformity of childcare rates across different states in the USA. While one single mom in one state pays $5000 she has to pay $20,000 if she moves to another state for the same daycare facility. Childcare is expensive and challenging to find. If you’re bothered by how to pay for daycare as a single mom then take a look at the following options.

  • There are 24 hour living centers for single moms and their kids and little children are cared for by childcare service providers in residential settings. You can contact your Child Care Resource And Referral Agency and learn if the family housing center that you are considering is licensed.
  • There are babysitting apps that will help you to find babysitters at a discounted rate. Some of the best babysitting apps include Seekingsitters, family sitters, UrbanSitter, Sittercity, and so on. These apps often provide daycare discounts for single moms.
  • One of the best and easiest ways to find free daycare for single moms is to seek help from their parents, grandparents, siblings, relatives, and close friends who live nearby. They can take care of your children while you are attending school or work.
  • In addition, single moms can apply for daycare grants for single moms. For instance, Head Start and Early Head Start Program, Child and Adult Care Food Program, Child and Development Care Credit Program, Childcare Access Means Parents In School Program, Social Services Block Grant Program, and so on through which you can access child support. Affordability care assistance is also available for single moms through various programs and you can apply for federal or state programs.

Jobs For Single Moms With No Daycare

Being a single mother is a full-time job in itself. Sometimes it feels like working overtime and 24 /7. No matter how busy you are with your children, bills are required to be paid. The following are good jobs for single moms with no daycare.

1. Social Media Manager

The average salary of a social media manager is $52,000 annually. The work of a social media manager is to plan, develop and execute marketing strategy across diverse social media platforms. You can work with anyone as a freelancer including local individuals and small businesses. The best thing about becoming a social media manager is that single moms can work from home and do not require any daycare option.

2. Writer

The average salary of a writer is $68,000 annually. Being a freelance writer you can work conveniently and comfortably from your home. You can write articles, blogs, ebooks, newsletters, and so on for your clients. A professional writer can work with companies to produce content on different niches like cooking, lifestyle, tech, health, fashion and so on.

3. eBay

Selling stuff online can bring you quick cash especially if you are a seasoned seller. Single moms can choose to become an eBay seller and keep up with a high volume of merchandise. This way single moms can earn side income without paying for daycare services. To be successful on the eBay site you need to research the present market rate.  Over time, you can find the right price point for your product. You can buy huge quantities of popular items at wholesale price and resell them at retail price. Becoming an Etsy seller requires more childcare costs.

4. Virtual Assistant

The job market for virtual assistants is experiencing tremendous growth. Being a virtual assistant you can offer administrative support and other duties like email and phone management, data collection, customer service, event planning, and so on. The duties and responsibilities of a virtual assistant may vary depending on the employer and whether you’re working as a freelancer or an agent. The average salary of a virtual assistant is $59,000 per year.


Childcare or daycare cost is unaffordable for low-income single moms in the United States. Single moms have one source of income and numerous obligations to fulfill. Child-rearing creates a financial strain on their limited budget. One of the critical decisions that you can make as a guardian or sole caregiver of your children is to choose an affordable and quality childcare or daycare option. Quality child care makes a significant impact on the school readiness of children. Obtaining childcare facilities gives parents the peace of mind and support that they need to earn a living and work.

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