Single Mom Unemployed Benefits

Single Mom Unemployed Benefits

Unemployment Insurance in the United States is a program that runs between the federal and the state government. Every state has its unemployment insurance program however the rules and guidelines about unemployment assistance and benefits may vary from one state to another. If you’re working for a company or an organization then the company will provide unemployment insurance as part of the cost of hiring you. While the employer will pay 100% of the hiring cost this item will not appear on your paycheck. Single moms who have lost their jobs and are looking for new employment can receive funds from the Unemployment Insurance (UI) Program. This guide will help you to learn the basics of the UI program and what are the benefits that you can hold as a single mom.

How To Avail Unemployed Single Mom Benefits?

Unemployed single-mom benefits can be availed by enrolling in the Unemployment Insurance Program. This program covers single moms who are unemployed or laid off from work due to no fault of their own. The program will pay you money if you can meet the eligibility requirements set under state law. The benefits paid out as unemployment claims for single moms are taxable. In other words, you have to declare all the unemployment benefits that you are receiving as a part of your income tax return. The state will provide you unemployment benefits where you have been employed and if the state government determines that you are an eligible candidate. Single-mom unemployment benefits are somewhere around $300 weekly although the exact amount may vary depending on the state where you are living. By providing unemployment benefits the state law aims to assist single mothers and low-income individuals replace half of their previous earnings. Your previous earnings will determine the number of unemployment benefits that you can receive weekly. The number of weeks that you can receive unemployment benefits will be based on the period that you were employed in the past. For instance, single moms can get support for a maximum of 26 weeks.

How Can Single Moms Apply For Unemployment Benefits?

Single moms can apply for unemployment benefits by visiting the State Unemployment Insurance Office near their area. Besides, they can also find the contact number of their local unemployment insurance office by utilizing the locator tool online. To learn the application process and additional information about unemployment benefits that you can receive from the unemployment insurance fund you can send an email to the United States Department Of Labor’s Employment And Training Administration or call 877-872-5627.


Single moms who have worked for a company for a minimum of three months in the previous year and are responsible to support themselves and their households are eligible to receive unemployment benefits on grounds of losing their job or becoming unemployed. The Unemployment Insurance Program is created to fill the financial gap for poor families who are between jobs. Unemployment insurance benefits are not a substitute for income and come with strict eligibility requirements such as the following:

1. Getting Laid Off Or Fired

Unemployment insurance benefits can be availed by single moms who were laid off. Employees can be laid off when their employer does not have enough funds to pay them or does not have adequate work for employees to perform. In other words, eligible single moms or other unemployed individuals cannot claim unemployment benefits if they have to quit their job voluntarily. There is a significant difference between being fired or getting laid off from work. The general rule of thumb says that an individual who has been fired from their job due to misconduct like breaking ethics codes or hurting the company deliberately is not eligible to receive unemployment benefits. If you have been fired because you were not good at your work and your employer has replaced you with another individual then there are still chances for you to receive unemployment benefits.

2. Number Of Weeks

Single moms can claim unemployment benefits for a minimum of 26 weeks under general conditions. In terms of economic recession, the 26-week unemployment benefits limit can be lengthened. The unemployment benefits also depend on how long you have been working in the past. For instance, single moms will receive unemployment benefits for as long as they are working in the last year. If you have been working for a company only for a short while before being laid off then you will receive benefits for the same amount of time.

3. Availability Requirement

If you’re a single mom wishing to receive unemployment benefits then you need to showcase that you are actively seeking employment and are ready to work. You must accept a reasonable employment offer while being unemployed especially if your unemployment benefits are going to expire soon. The local unemployment office may call you every week to verify whether you are still actively looking for work. Many states require individuals to create an online account and update their job search efforts weekly.

4. Legitimate Work

It is necessary to ensure that the job from which you have been laid off is legitimate. In other words, it was a normal job where you received regular paychecks, withheld taxes, and reported your taxable income to the government. If you were paid in cash or if your employer does not report to the government about hiring you then you will not receive any unemployment benefits. It is important to note that unemployment insurance requires someone to pay the insurance premium therefore if your employer is not paying on your behalf then you cannot receive any benefits.

5. Benefit Amount

Single moms who get approval to receive unemployment claims will get a check every week that ranges between $200 to $400. Few states use reloadable cards in place of checks to pay unemployment benefits to candidates. The reloadable cards are an easier and safer method to use instead of checks. The unemployment benefit amount that you can receive will be based on whether you have children or not, and how much you were earning before getting laid off from your work. Single moms who have been working part-time can also receive unemployment benefits however such benefits will be lowered by whatever they were earning during their part-time job.

Assistance Programs For Unemployed Single Moms

The Unemployment Insurance Program funded by the federal and state government is an assistance program for single moms who have been laid off or fired and are unemployed due to no fault of their own. Not everyone who is unemployed or lost their job can qualify. Single moms can apply for this program by visiting the state unemployment insurance office. The advantage of this program is that you can get partial wages until you are rehired or find suitable job opportunities for yourself. You get the opportunity to pursue training or education in a new career path and get time to explore better or new job opportunities. Apart from this program, many other assistance programs are available for unemployed single moms such as the following.

1. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is an anti-hunger program funded by the federal government. Low-income individuals and poor families can apply for this program if they are unable to get nutritional and healthy food. Unemployed single mothers who are finding it difficult to put food on the table or provide nutritionally adequate food to their children because of financial limitations can apply for the food stamp program. This program is open to all Americans provided their income is below a specific level. The limitation will be based on your household income and not on your income. There are also work requirements to receive SNAP benefits. Able-bodied adults are required to enroll in job employment or skill training programs to qualify for SNAP benefits. If you are unemployed and not in a training program then some programs will enable you to volunteer for the state and receive SNAP benefits.

2. Temporary Assistance For Needy Families (TANF)

Funded by the federal government the Temporary Assistance For Needy Families Program offers single mothers and poor individuals good opportunities to attend self-sufficiency. Qualified candidates will receive help with housing, food, childcare, job training, home energy, and transportation. Single moms who are TANF recipients are required to engage in work activities as determined by their respective states. Every state in the USA runs the TANF program and sets the eligibility conditions. Unemployed single moms who are unable to provide for their necessities and looking for assistance through this program can contact their state TANF Office and sign up for benefits.

3. Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Supplemental Security Income is a popular federal income program that is administered by Social Security but is funded by the federal government. The Supplemental Security Income is designed to meet the necessities of blind, older, or disabled Americans with no or little income. The SSI program provides a monthly payment to eligible participants and helps them cover the cost of shelter, food, and clothing. You can also qualify for the food stamp program and Medicaid coverage if you can qualify for the SSI program. The qualification requirements of this program require you to be 65 or older, disabled or blind. Moreover, you need to be a citizen of the United States and have limited income and resources. Unemployed single mothers who meet the above condition can qualify to receive SSI benefits.

4. Medicaid

One of the largest providers of health insurance in the USA is the Medicaid program which is designed specifically to offer medical and healthcare coverage to low-income individuals and single-parent families. There are around 72 million people who have enrolled in Medicaid programs. A subset of this program is known as the Children’s Health insurance program or CHIP which is designed for children of low-income families. The eligibility to receive Medicaid benefits will depend on your household income. The income guidelines may vary depending on your state. Children belonging to low-income families are either eligible for CHIP or Medicaid benefits. Unemployed single moms who have no access to health insurance can get assistance under this program.

5. Housing Assistance – Section 8

Unemployed single moms have trouble finding a safe and affordable house to live with their children. Housing assistance is provided through the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program. Under this program, you can receive housing vouchers to cover your rent and utility bills. Low-income individuals, families with children, the elderly, people with disabilities, and single moms are mainly covered under this program. The vouchers help in accommodating low-income people provided their participating landlord accepts to receive rent through Section 8 voucher. The eligibility criteria to receive housing assistance, if you’re unemployed will be based on your income.


Single mothers who have been laid off from work due to no fault of their own can get benefits from the Unemployment Insurance Program. Single-mom unemployment benefits are provided by the federal and state government. Moreover, there are a variety of assistance and support programs that are available for single moms that help them to cover their basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter, childcare, and other necessities. Social Security Disability Insurance benefits are provided to people including single moms who cannot work for a minimum of a year because of a medical condition. Unemployment benefits help to make the burden of unemployment and financial hardship a little more bearable unless you find stable and secure employment again.

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