Jobs For Single Moms With No Daycare

Jobs For Single Moms With No Daycare

Life of a single mom is pretty hectic as they have to juggle all responsibilities and duties alone. Many of them choose to leave their entrepreneurial educational dreams midway for their children. Single mothers are weighed down by their motherly responsibilities and the need for finances to run the household and look after children which takes them back to looking for suitable employment opportunities. Fortunately, there are amazing jobs for solo mothers as well as programs that can help them find employment activities in the United States. While it can be a real struggle for single mothers to balance family responsibilities, childcare, and work simultaneously, some jobs provide daycare services to reduce family pressure and stress. Nevertheless, there are many job opportunities for single moms without the need for daycare services. This guide will help you to learn the best job options for single moms with no daycare.

What Kind Of Jobs Are Suitable For Single Moms With No Daycare?

Being a single mother is not an easy feat. The dangers of daycare are real as playgroups can be risky and it is also dangerous to hire babysitters. A lot of single moms wonder how to raise their young children while trying to make ends meet. The only solution is to look for job opportunities that require no daycare solutions. This way you can fulfill both responsibilities. Working remotely while home-schooling is also a viable and obvious choice for single moms. Single moms do not consider working outside the home since childcare facilities are not always protected and work from home removes the anxiety and uncertainty that comes with it. To cover your monthly bills you can focus on acquiring work-from-home jobs that are easy to manage with babies and young children. The profession of bloggers, freelance writers, online tutors, coders, medical billers, transcriptionists, and virtual assistants is some incredible job options for single moms with no daycare.

List Of Jobs For Single Moms With No Daycare To Find

Raising your kids while on maternity leave is okay but what about when it’s time to reenter the workforce? Single moms need to learn whether they can afford a daycare or babysitter. You can find a job that enables you to work flexibly from home while allowing you to keep an eye on your kids. In addition, you can find part-time and outside your home which is flexible especially if you can avail of family help. The following is the list of best jobs for single moms who cannot afford a babysitter or opt for daycare services. These job opportunities are super flexible and will enable you to work around your present childcare schedule.

1. Blogging

Without depending on daycare services single moms can find good-paying jobs to work from home and manage work and children simultaneously. Starting a blog or website which is profitable may take money and time however it is possible to earn money. Blogging is different from other jobs. You need to spend time researching topics and writing blog posts. Once you write on a lucrative niche and create engaging content which becomes widely loved and popular you can generate a passive income of more than $1000 per month. Single moms looking to make money in the next month should not opt blogging as it requires investment in terms of time and money. You can boost your income by switching from affiliate sales to online courses, coaching, membership, and so on. Single moms require a passion and knowledge about writing blogs to become successful. They can use affiliate marketing, advertising, sponsorship, or creating their products to generate more money from their blog posts.

2. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is another good job opportunity for single moms with no childcare services. You need to spend hours researching and writing articles. If you have a passion for writing then becoming a freelance writer will be a good opportunity for you. This way you can earn a steady stream of income and take care of your children. You do not need an English degree or journalism to be a freelance writer. A lot of single moms are earning side income by freelance writing in the evenings or on weekends.

3. Sales

Single mothers can work flexibly by joining a job in the sales sector. Even though a job in the sales sector may not be the best option, it is the right option for people who do not require daycare services. The sales job requires you to put in hard work and dedication as your pay and commission will be based on the number of sales you make. You have to perform a great deal of responsibilities to get a sales job and the best thing is that you can handle everything from the comfort and convenience of your home. Single moms need no childcare services and so they can look after their children while performing their job.

4. Health Coach

Single parents who stay at home can engage in fitness or yoga to keep themselves in good shape. Over time, they become skilled and can turn their passion for fitness into a profession and earn money. Single moms can become health coaches which is a good work-from-home job opportunity that enables them to earn money without requiring childcare services. You can teach people several fitness skills and make them aware of how to be physically and mentally fit through online platforms. Becoming a yoga or fitness instructor will be the right career choice if you have a passion for exercise. Today a lot of fitness instructors and yoga teachers are self-employed which means that they are working flexibly and taking good care of their family members.

5. Freelancing

Freelancing is a good opportunity for single moms who want to raise income to meet the needs of their families and provide childcare for their little ones. This job provides a great deal of flexibility for single parents however to gain success you need to possess unique skills such as writing, design, and web design. Single moms who have creative writing skills can start working on a freelancing platform. If you’re venturing into the virtual freelancing world then you need to acquire good computer and organizational skills as well. Freelancing is a good work-from-home job opportunity and you need no childcare services at all.

6. Healthcare

A job in the healthcare sector is an ideal choice for single moms with no daycare. While taking care of your little ones you also get an opportunity to take care of others. Single moms can get multiple healthcare job roles such as medical assistance, doctor, nurses, home healthcare aids, and so on. You can work flexibly and do not require childcare services. The good thing about joining a job in the healthcare profession is that you get good remuneration and alternative work schedules which lower your overdependence on daycare options.

7. Customer Service Representative

Single moms can join customer service roles and can operate from the comfort and convenience of their homes. The only criterion is that you need to have a stable internet connection and a computer. As a customer service representative, you have to make phone calls, respond to client questions, help customers complete administrative assignments, etc. This profession enables single moms to work conveniently from home and also take care of their children. As a customer service representative single moms need no childcare options or babysitter.

8. Online Tutor

Single moms play multiple roles in the lives of their children. Teaching is one such important role that every mother plays in her child’s life starting from helping them to reach to finishing school assignments. As a single mom, you can turn your teaching skills into a full-fledged career. Single moms can post their teaching services online instead of teaching in school where they can tutor other children and boost their earnings. With online platforms, you can raise enough money for meeting your needs and attend to your kids at the same time with no requirement for a daycare solution. Being an online tutor gives you the freedom to set your working hours and take on many or few students as per your preference. Your students can come either to your place or you can tutor them online. Tutoring provides a good opportunity to earn money and gives you satisfaction since you’re helping struggling students improve their grades in academics.

9. Social Media Manager

Big brands and companies require a dedicated team who can handle their social media page and can also do marketing of their production services. Behind the fame of big corporations lies the presence of social media. The social media accounts of companies and businesses are handled by freelancers and virtual assistants. Single moms who love to spend time on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook can turn their leisure time into a career. Single moms can become social media managers which enables them to work from home without hiring a babysitter or depending on childcare services. A social media manager has to post companies production services on social media accounts, manage a network of their accounts and also help in marketing.

10. Baker

Do you have a passion for baking cakes, bread, or cookies? Then you can turn your baking skills into a profession. Single mothers can earn money by baking for other people. For instance, they can bake for school, individuals, church, or big events. You can make big client orders throughout the day while keeping an eye on your baby or child. People can also pick up baked goods and fresh bread on their way home from work or order online. Single moms may need a license to run a baking business from their homes. Having basic supplies like dishes and pans will make you proficient with time.

11. Coding

The present job market has a great demand for coders. You can learn coding skills online, some of which are free. However, an important thing to note is that this may not be the right choice for single moms who are scared of computers or are not so tech-savvy.  If you are confident working with computers or have a knack for technology then coding can be a good job for single moms with no daycare. You can work in IT companies, develop software, code in the comfort of your home and take care of your children at the same time. Coding is a highly specialized skill and not everyone can code therefore companies look for people who can perform the job efficiently. Remote coding is a promising way for single moms to make a living.

12. Life Coach

Single moms who have a degree in psychology, sociology, or counseling can become life coaches. If you do not have a degree then you can complete life coaching courses in person or online platforms. There is a huge market for life coaching. You can give life coaching to individuals either in person or online through video calls such as Skype. Single mothers can share insights and parenting advice with expectant parents and give them useful advice. Being a life coach enables you to work flexibly from the comfort of your home and earn money at the same time. You can take on many or few clients as per your schedule and this job also does not require hiring any childcare services.


Many job opportunities for single mothers in the USA help them to overcome stress and pressure. However, there are flexible job opportunities that do not require childcare or daycare services and offer good-paying opportunities to single parents. As a result, you can work double and make sure you are committed to your job and taking care of children simultaneously. The above-mentioned list provides some of the best job options which you can venture into without paying for daycare services.

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