Free Daycare For Single Moms In Arkansas

Free Daycare For Single Moms In Arkansas

The cost of childcare in the United States is increasing with each passing day. The average childcare fee for full time ranges somewhere between $2400 to $20,800 depending on the type of care you are providing, the age of the child, and your location. With just one source of income, bearing childcare services and availing good quality daycare facilities are out of reach for low-income single moms. Fortunately, Arkansas child care assistance programs are available to eligible families. To be eligible you need to prove that you are attending school, receiving training, and working and that your income is within the income limitation set by the state.

How Can Single Moms Apply For Childcare Assistance In Arkansas?

Single moms can apply for childcare assistance or free childcare vouchers that will enable them to cover a portion or total daycare cost by requesting an application from the Division Of Childcare And Early Childhood Education. You can also contact the Program Eligibility Specialist in your county to apply for free daycare help. There is usually a waiting list put into place as a part of the child care assistance program. When additional services or capacity become available in your town or county in Arkansas the childcare program specialist will contact you based on your priority and need. Families are generally required to cover a percentage of the overall childcare cost while the difference will be borne by the program.  Arkansas Division Of Childcare And Early Childhood Education will help you to learn about the free daycare program or child care assistance that are available for you. Single moms need to make sure that the childcare provider is approved, can meet all the quality guidelines, and is a participant in the government program to qualify.

List Of Free Daycare For Single Moms In Arkansas

Free federal government-funded daycare child care assistance programs are administered and provided by the Arkansas Department of Human Services. You can contact the department to get free or affordable daycare help if you’re unable to cover child care assistance on your own. The department works collaboratively with many groups in the city such as the division of childcare and early childhood education. The state of Arkansas also receives grants from the United States Department of Health and Human Services to help low-income families with child care assistance programs. When you stay on top of the terms, conditions, and guidelines of the program you have a high chance of qualifying for childcare support. Following is the list of free daycare for single moms in Arkansas:

1. Arkansas Transitional Employment Assistance (TEA)

The Transitional Employment Assistance Program in Arkansas is a time-limited cash assistance resource designed to support needy families and low-income single moms with children. The program aims to lower the dependency of eligible parents on public assistance and use cash assistance to cover their basic needs. There are many benefits of becoming eligible for the Arkansas Transitional Employment Assistance Program such as you get cash payments, help with transportation, child care assistance, job-related service, supportive service, job-related activities, and so on. The cash assistance benefit received under this program for a family of three members is $204 monthly and is available only for 24 consecutive months. Single moms who want to apply for this program to cover their childcare expenses should contact the Arkansas Department of Workforce Services and avail more information.

2. Arkansas Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP)

This is a state subsidy program that targets poor single moms and low-income individuals who need help and assistance to cover childcare expenses. The Arkansas Child Care Assistance Program provides support with payment for daycare or childcare services on a sliding fee basis. Parents need to fulfill their eligibility criteria which require them to meet employment requirements for a minimum of 30 hours every week and have a child below 13 years of age. Few exceptions are made for individuals who are disabled. Apart from the CCAP program in Arkansas, another amazing resource for single mothers is Arkansas Better Beginnings which is run by the state. The program offers parents with required information about how to get quality childcare providers and what places to avail help to cover childcare expenses.

3. Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund

The Single-Parent Scholarship Fund in Arkansas assists eligible single moms and dads to build a bright future for their children. Full-time and part-time single moms students who are pursuing post-secondary education such as associate, bachelor’s, or certificate programs can seek scholarships to pursue higher education. While attending school childcare is an important consideration that makes sure your children are growing up in a nurtured and safe environment. The scholarship received through this program will not only help with school costs but also with household expenses, commuting expenses, and daycare costs while you are attending school. Besides, you get important referrals, support services, and developmental programs that will make you job ready. Single moms who are looking for ways to complete their education and cover childcare costs can seek help from the Single-Parent Scholarship Fund.

4. Arkansas Head Start and Early Head Start

The Early Head Start Program in Arkansas offers healthy developmental, childcare, and educational support for pregnant women and children up to three years of age. A follow-up program known as Arkansas Head Start Program is designed for kids between three to five years of age. This program supports healthy development, early learning, and childcare services through learning programs and helps families to build strong and healthy relationships as well as a robust support system. Single moms need to meet the federal poverty guidelines, make sure their children are up to five years of age, and be residents of Arkansas to apply for the program.


Single moms are unable to afford childcare services. While surviving on one source of income, availing of good quality daycare help creates a financial drain on their limited budget. Fortunately, the state of Arkansas offers childcare programs to needy families and single parents. Quality childcare creates a significant impact on the child’s readiness for school and determines his or her success in life.

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