Daycare Grants For Single Moms

Daycare Grants For Single Moms

One of the most significant barriers for every single parent is to bear childcare expenses. This is more difficult for single mothers who have to earn money to take care of their children, support them and provide for their family on only one source of income. Unfortunately, a lot of city, state, and national child care assistance programs are designed to address the need to have free and affordable daycare for low-income families, primarily single-parent households. Many states and cities in America offer preschools to children between the age of 3-4 years, including Washington DC, New York City, and Chicago.

What Are Single Mother Daycare Grants?

Single moms struggle to offer quality daycare as they are the only provider or breadwinners of the family. Managing all the household work, living expenses, childcare, and daycare costs on only one source of income can be a daunting task for every single mom. This is why many assistance programs and grants are available to single moms that enable them to raise their children properly. Daycare grants are monetary assistance that is awarded to low-income families, usually single-parent households, so that they can cover childcare costs. These grants are generally need-based programs that enable eligible candidates to offset after-school care, cost of daycare, preschool, and other childcare assistance programs.

The federal, state, or local government and many private organizations award daycare grants and programs to single moms. Depending on the eligibility requirement of daycare grants, they are available mainly to low or moderate-income families, unemployed individuals, and single mothers who are under financial hardship. The grant award may vary depending on the program you are applying for and your financial needs. Many childcare grants are available in the United States, such as after-school programs, daycare assistance, summer camps, etc. Age, income level, parental status, and other essential factors will influence the eligibility criteria for every daycare grant. Single mothers must research every daycare grant before applying to determine which program fits them.

What Are The Benefits Of Availing Daycare Grants?

Daycare grants for single moms are a much-needed financial support and relief as they cover the daycare costs and help single moms to reduce their financial burden. By accepting this grant, single moms can focus on earning income or acquiring higher education while knowing that their kids are growing and being nurtured in a secure and safe environment. Daycare or childcare grants cover costs associated with childcare, like tuition fees, childcare supplies, transportation, etc. Other childcare grants offer additional financial support for expenses like books, tuition, etc.

Single mothers can use their time to build their personal life and career instead of being concerned about looking after their children. They are eligible for childcare grants and can access better healthcare, educational programs, and additional supportive services. If you are searching for childcare grants or affordable daycare centers, contact your local Department of Health and Human Services Office. In addition, you can also contact the local Department of Public Welfare in your state and get detailed information about different daycare centers, daycare grants, the guidelines, the application process, and eligibility criteria. Not only federal, state, and local government, but many childcare grants for single moms are available from private schools, churches, offices, and colleges. Moreover, childcare authorities and subsidized daycares are available in various communities and states that offer financial aid to struggling single mothers.

Different Daycare Grants For Single Moms

Single mothers usually remain busy either attending school or college to acquire higher degrees or earning money for the family; therefore having reliable, affordable, and secure daycare centers helps them in many ways. However, the daycare expenses go beyond the reach of single mothers with limited earnings and savings. Daycare grants are funded by the federal, state, and local governments in the United States for single moms where their kids can get a safe and secure ambiance to be nurtured well, taken care of, and trained correctly. If you’re facing financial difficulty raising your kids while fulfilling your educational or work obligations, you can apply for many daycare grants and programs to provide the best childcare. Some of these daycare grants for single moms are as follows:

1. Head Start Program

This is a federally funded program for kids up to five years of age and belonging to low-income families. Head Start Daycare program provides monetary assistance for early childhood education, nutrition, healthcare service, and other facilities. This program is administered and managed by the Department Of Health And Human Services. Homeless single mothers receiving assistance through TANF funds and Supplemental Security Funds can receive funding through Head Start Grants. This program is exclusively designed for single moms having an intense economic crisis. It provides them with a perfect platform for kids to grow and prepare for elementary school level.

2. Preschool Programs

Daycare and childcare assistance grants are available to single moms and other eligible families through preschool programs. Struggling single moms can avail of subsidized or free daycare services to their kids between 3-4 years from nurseries, kindergarten, and public schools. These programs are funded by local, state, and federal government.

3. CCDBG, The Child Care And Development Block Grant

The Child Care And Development Block Grant is a federal aid that assists low income families to meet their daycare needs. Single moms earning meager income can receive daycare funds by applying for the CDBG program. On qualifying for this program, they will receive subsidies to provide enriched quality daycare service to their children.  Low-income families, especially single-parent households whose earnings are around 85% of the state median income, are eligible for financial assistance and reimbursement through this program. This Child Care Assistance Program offers professional training to child care givers, proper scrutiny, security of children, and inspection of every child care staff.

4. TANF, Temporary Assistance For Needy Families Program

This program is designed for low-income families and their children to cover their basic needs. The responsive caregivers of children who cannot provide for them can seek financial assistance through this program. If you’re a single mother and require child care assistance to go to college or attend work, then you are likely to be eligible for TANF funds and cover your childcare expenses.

5. Child Care Aware Of America

Daycare and childcare assistance are provided to low-income students who have served in the United States military. The eligibility criteria for receiving assistance through the Child Care Aware Of America program may vary depending on the brand of service that parents have served under. Child Care Aware of America is an organization in the United States which enables families to locate affordable and safe childcare in their zip code. The organization connects eligible parents with childcare providers in the country.

6. YWCA, Young Women’s Christian Association

Childcare and daycare grants for single moms are provided by YWCA that help them to cover the daycare costs. This organization offers financial assistance to low-income families and single mothers so that they can cover their childcare costs and focus on attaining self-sufficiency and improving their living standards. If you’re looking for daycare grants for single moms in college, then YWCA grants will be the right fit for you. These grants are provided to single moms so that they can make ends meet, attend college as well as take care of their children. To be eligible for the daycare grants provided by this organization, you need to meet the specific eligibility criteria that require you to be a single mom, have family income at a certain level, and at least one of your children should be under 13 years of age. Besides these, applicants must also apply and get approval for childcare assistance programs from their respective states.

7. Child Care Development Fund

Single mothers who are financially deprived can seek assistance to take care of their children by opting for the Child Care Development Fund. This fund offers financial assistance of up to $5.2 billion to upgrade daycare facilities and ensure children of single mothers and struggling families are nurtured in a safe and secure ambiance. This program has already benefited around 1.8 million children throughout the United States. The grant award of this fund is distributed among different territories, counties, and cities so that eligible single mothers and low income families can receive them and take care of their children.

8. NAMC, National Association Of Mothers’ Centers

This organization offers a wide range of daycare grants for single moms struggling to pay for their childcare costs and require financial assistance. These daycare grants are awarded to eligible candidates based on their financial needs, income level, and household size. Single moms who qualify for these grants will get financial assistance to cover their childcare costs in different ways, like in-home care providers, subsidies for daycare centers, etc. NAMC grants can be used to fund supportive and educational programs and are designed specially to meet the financial need of struggling single moms. These include job readiness programs, parenting classes, healthcare services, etc. NAMC grants enable single moms to access financial resources, offer quality child care, and succeed in their respective lives. You can take advantage of these grants to make sure you are offering quality care service to your children and, in this way, reduce your financial burden. NAMC grants are designed so that single moms can have the peace of mind of knowing that their kids are cared for and are staying in a safe place.

9. State Assistance Programs

State Child Care Assistance Programs enable low-income families and single parents to attend school or work and cover their childcare expenses. This program pays a part of their childcare expenses depending on their family size and income level. Every state has its eligibility criteria for offering state child care assistance programs. You can apply for daycare assistance in these programs if you’re attending school, receiving training, and require child care assistance, provided your child is 13 years or younger. Your income level should not exceed a specific income limit determined by your state.


With a single source of income and limited financial resources, locating affordable daycare centers for single moms is a financial burden. Fortunately there are a lot of childcare and daycare assistance programs designed for single moms that help them to offer quality childcare services. If you cannot afford daycare fees or standard babysitting, you can take care of your child by applying for these programs and resources. Daycare grants for single moms elevate their financial burden and stress and help them to focus on their personal goals and professional career by enabling them to access quality and affordable childcare.

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