How To Lose Weight As A Single Mom?

How To Lose Weight As A Single Mom?

Being a single mom is a herculean task. You need to balance your family, career as well and social life simultaneously. Cooking budget-friendly yet healthy meals every day can be overwhelming for you. Despite having limited time for planning and staying on a limited budget, it is possible to cook healthy and nutritious food as a single mom. When you adopt a healthy lifestyle you reach closer to your weight loss goals. This guide will help you to learn how to lose weight as a single mom.

What Are The Best Ways To Lose Weight As A Working Single Mom?

Yes, it is possible for working single moms to lose weight while doing their jobs or taking care of their children. Single moms need to make plans consistently and have the right strategies and mindset to achieve their weight loss goals. Finding time as a working single mom to exercise and lose weight can be taxing. Try waking up 30 minutes before fitting in an easy and quick workout or go for a walk in the evening. Incorporate healthy snack options like fruits, yogurt, nuts, and vegetables to stay in good shape. Single moms have a lot on their plate including full-time work, social life, and family. Cooking healthy and budget-friendly food seems to be overwhelming but with careful planning and dedication, you can stay on budget and healthy as a solo parent.

What Are The Key Components To Lose Weight For Single Moms Working At Home?

Finding the energy and time to lose weight can be daunting as a single mom. Between taking care of your child, balancing work, and managing your household tasks it may seem impossible to prepare a healthy meal and squeeze in a workout session. However in reality with little dedication and careful planning single moms can attain their weight loss goals. Single moms need to prioritize eating healthy food and performing exercise regularly to stay in good shape. Having a healthy balanced diet is a critical component in your weight loss journey. It can be tempting as a single mom to rely on take outs or convenience foods however you need to plan your snacks and meals and ensure to have healthy food on hand. For instance, having nutrient-dense foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins will help you to lose weight and be in sound health. Sleep helps the body to burn fat by regulating hormones associated with weight control. Insufficient sleep can alter the hormones and affect the ability of your body to burn fat. Poor sleep leads to more insulin resistance from a body mass index and low cognitive function. Single moms need to get adequate sleep in addition to healthy eating and exercise. If you’re a new single mom then it can be difficult for you to get a continuous 7 hours sleep every night while taking care of your baby. To boost your sleep quality, sleep in a dark, cool, and quiet room and stabilize your hormones by trying yoga, meditation, and massage.

Best Weight Loss Tips For Single Moms

Single moms who want to lose weight and have a fit body can follow the below-mentioned tips and strategies to get started.

1. Have The Right Mindset

Having the right mindset is critical in the long term in addition to diet and exercise. Try to ask yourself why you want to lose weight. A lot of single moms want to be healthy and lose weight for their children so that it can set a good example for their little ones or boost their confidence and prevent chronic diseases. Setting a weight loss goal and finding ways to motivate yourself will help you to seek the desired results. If anxiety and depression are making you feel overwhelmed then you can practice stress-relieving strategies by spending time with friends and family, talking to a therapist, or checking with a doctor to learn anxiety-reducing treatment options. When times are tough remember the reasons why you want to lose weight as a motivation to keep going.

2. Set Realistic Weight Loss Goals

Single moms must set realistic goals for themselves before embarking on their weight loss journey. Do not simply aim for a sudden or drastic weight loss in a short period.  Instead, focus on making sustainable and small changes to your lifestyle. In other words, single moms need to set a goal to lose around one or two pounds every week or commit to regular exercising even if for 30 minutes. Focusing on the inputs will help you to attain measurable outputs. Focus on investing time in making changes to your lifestyle, take proactive steps, and avoid consuming unhealthy foods instead of focusing on how many pounds you have lost.

3. Prioritize Exercise

As a single mom, it is crucial to prioritize exercise every day to ensure overall good health and weight. Even though it can be challenging for you to find time in your busy schedule to devote to exercise, there are many ways to make this a possibility. For instance, you can consider waking up 30 minutes earlier for a quick workout session or simply going for a walk during your lunch break. Single moms can involve their kids in going for a family bike ride or playing active games together. You can play hide and seek or chase games with your kids to get them moving. One of the crucial steps in your weight loss journey is to add a formal exercise program to your weekly routine. Exercising is only effective when you practice having good nutrition, proper sleep, and an adequate mindset. The most effective weight loss workouts include warm-up, internal cardio training, strength training, weight lifting, jogging, biking, stair climbing, walking uphill, etc. Single moms need not spend hours at the gym to achieve their weight loss goals. Just spending 30 minutes of everyday exercise is enough to drop weight.

4. Make Necessary Dietary Changes

Single moms need to make necessary dietary changes apart from prioritizing exercises. Eating too many calories will not help you to attain the results that you desire even if you are performing exercises and workouts daily. Your diet accounts for 80% of your entire weight loss results. Even without exercising you can lose weight by making significant changes to your diet. Fortunately, single moms need not feel hungry, starve themselves, count calories, or follow restrictive eating plans to get in shape. You can simply choose a healthy, well balanced diet and cut back on unhealthy foods which hinder fat and weight loss. As a thumb rule, fill your plate with 1 ⁄ 4 protein food, half non-starchy vegetables, and 1 ⁄ 4 fiber-rich starches in addition to healthy fruits, fats, and low-fat dairy foods. It is important to avoid junk food like fried foods, burgers, chips, processed meats, sugary drinks, white bread, beat foods, pizza, and sweet treats.

5. Seek Support From Your Friends And Family Members

Losing weight as a single mom can be a daunting journey that can take a toll on your emotional well-being. You can seek support from your family members and friends who can motivate and encourage you on your way. Consider joining a gym or fitness class or finding a workout friend who can help you to keep motivated and accountable in life. Staying accountable and motivated is a key to achieving all your weight loss goals. Track your exercise and food intake using an app or journal. Join a support group to stay on track.

6. Get Adequate Sleep

Single moms who want to be in good health and lose weight should consider having adequate sleep. It can be challenging for busy and working single moms to get the recommended 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. Irrespective of the stressor which keeps you awake at night you also have to care for your little ones who always do not sleep predictably like adults. Setting a bedtime routine will help to improve your sleeping habits and support your overall weight loss goals. You can establish a bedtime routine by setting a regular bedtime, winding down before bed, limiting screen times, avoiding taking alcohol and caffeine every day, and sticking to a consistent bedtime routine.

7. Stay Active Throughout The Day

Apart from performing structured exercises, it is also important to stay active the entire day. For instance, you can use the stairs instead of relying on the elevator and park your car farther away from your destination. You can also do quick workouts while watching television. These are ways to sneak in exercises and physical activities to lose weight and reach your weight loss goals.

8. Plan Your Snacks And Meals In Advance

A single mom’s weight loss journey can be difficult and full of challenges. Planning meals and snacks is the key to staying on the right track when it comes down to weight goals. You need to set aside time every week to plan out your snacks and meals. In this way, you can avoid making the last-minute decision or making any unhealthy choices. Preparing meals in advance every day and storing them in the fridge or freezer is a healthy and easy option that will enable you to get time to exercise and do workouts.

9. Take Care Of Your Emotional Health

Being a single mom, emotional eating, and stress can affect your weight loss journey. It is important to find healthy ways to cope with stress and anxiety. For instance, practice regular exercises or meditation to be in good emotional health. Apart from sticking to healthy options like fruits and vegetables, it is also important to stay hydrated. Keep a water bottle with you every time. Drinking water signals to your being that you are full without any calories.

How Can Single Moms Lose Weight While Staying On A Budget?

A single mom may find it difficult to get the time to sit down and plan their meal. To stay on budget go for local grocery shopping and make a list of nutritious and healthy foods such as lean meats, fruits, and vegetables. A few tactics may help you while grocery shopping to prepare healthy meals and stay on budget. Make family-friendly meals that you and your children will love to enjoy. Take the opportunity to stay in good shape while teaching your kids proper portion sizes. Stretching your budget to attain your weight loss journey can affect your bank balance and your monthly budget as well. Eating at home while cooking your meals will avoid spending much money from your pocket. Save money to buy ingredients and cook them at home and feed your family instead of choosing fancy foods in restaurants. Home meals are full of nutrition and budget-friendly. To reduce your belly fat you can take a combination of healthy eating, exercise, and taking supplements. Relying on home workouts will help to save money instead of spending money on gyms or appointing a personal trainer.


Weight loss as a single mom can be a difficult journey however with the right mindset and strategies you can attain realistic goals and improve your overall well-being. A lot of single moms make the mistake of beginning exercises and dieting to attain weight loss instead of focusing on their mindset. Single moms need not break the bank to prepare healthy meals and lose weight. By planning meals, cooking at home and sticking to the grocery list they can lose weight while staying on a tight budget. It is important to keep in mind that purchasing whole food items is cheaper compared to buying processed food. The aforementioned tips will help you to get closer to your weight loss journey.

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