Health Insurance For Single Moms In Kansas

Health Insurance For Single Moms In Kansas

Kansas is home to nearly 2.9 million people and is popularly hailed as the ‘Sunflower State’ in the United States. A major chunk of the population dwelling in Kansas, especially single moms are living below the poverty line and find it difficult to make ends meet. Fortunately, the state tries to ease the pressure and burden of single moms by implementing affordable and cheap health insurance programs.

Are There Affordable Health Insurance For Single Moms In Kansas?

There are several health insurance programs for different Kansas residents. Single moms being the sole and primary caregivers for their children need health insurance coverage that can help them in times of emergency. Single moms can get health insurance through their employer, family insurance, federally funded health insurance programs like Medicaid, cheap or Medicare, and short-term health insurance plans.

Unfortunately, the state has strict eligibility rules across the nation. Those who are unable to qualify for the Medicaid program due to stringent eligibility criteria can consider applying for the Children’s Health Insurance Program called Medicare Savings Plans or other Medicaid programs that are available in the market.

What Are The Available Health Insurance For Single Moms In Kansas?

Single moms looking for affordable and free health insurance programs in Kansas can take a look at the below-mentioned resources.

1. KanCare

The new name for the Medicaid program in the state of Kansas is known as KanCare which offers cheap health insurance for uninsured pregnant women, kids belonging 0 to 19 years of age, disabled individuals, and single moms with minors who are unable to get or afford private health insurance due to economic constraints.

Unfortunately, Kansas is not expanding its Medicaid coverage therefore a lot of uninsured adults living in the state who would have been eligible for the newly designed Medicaid program are unable to get coverage. Single moms with minors who can fulfill the eligibility criteria of the program can get access to affordable health insurance. The cost of the program is based on a sliding income scale and even though families do not need any amount from their pocket, few families have to pay a small amount of $20 to $30 every month to become eligible for the program.

2. KanCare Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

Single moms looking for low-cost or free health care coverage for their children can apply for the Kancare Children Health Insurance Program. The program offers free or affordable medical coverage to families who fail to qualify for the Medicaid program. Eligible candidates need not pay any deductibles, coinsurance, or co-pays to become eligible for the program. The monthly household premiums range between $0.00 to $50.

The Children’s Health Insurance Program offers free annual doctor checkups and screenings including dental care. Single moms need to make sure their children are below 19 years of age, a permanent resident of Kansas, has a Social Security number, and have no other health insurance to qualify for the program.

3. Medicare

Nearly 560,000 people have enrolled in the Medicare program and this number is growing with each passing day. The Medicare program in Kansas has different options for single moms to choose from such as the Original Medicare Part A and Part B, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Part D program. Choosing the right Medicare plan is important so that the program aligns with your needs and gives you the right coverage.

To qualify for the Medicare program you need to fulfill the income, citizenship, and other eligibility criteria. Medigap plans is another Medicare plan in Kansas that are standardized options sold by private insurance companies.

Other Medicaid programs

1. MediKan:

Single moms with a disability or having a child with disabilities can apply for MediKan. This is a Medicaid plan which offers limited medical services to disabled individuals for 12 months. The healthcare services do not include prescription drug costs or other ordinary medical services.


Single moms who are unable to qualify for Medicaid benefits can apply for SOBRA. It covers chronic life life-threatening care costs as well as birth or delivery services. Elderly people, low-income individuals with children, and single moms are covered under the SOBRA plan. You need to meet the asset and income guidelines to qualify.

3. Breast and Cervical Cancer:

The Early Detection Works Program provides free cervical and breast cancer screening to women who are between 40 to 65 years olds. This is a Medicaid program that covers people with breast or cervical cancer.

Long-Term Care Options

Single moms looking for long-term medical care coverage can take a look at the below-mentioned programs

1. Nursing Facility Coverage

Nursing facility coverage is a Medicaid plan which is designed for people in nursing homes or nursing facilities. A person must have an asset below $2000 to receive assistance under this program. Single moms with higher incomes are required to pay a small amount to receive nursing facility coverage.

2. Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS):

This is a part of the Medicaid program which offers medical services in the community instead of nursing homes. Home And Community-Based Services are quite similar to nursing home health care coverage. Single moms who have a medical need for urgent or special care apply for the program. You need to share the cost of the medical care and must have an asset limit of $2000.

3. Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE):

The PACE Program is designed for elderly residents who are 55 years of age or above. These are available in various counties in Kansas. The program offers long-term care through a management network and covers the medical expenses under the doctors within the managed care network.


Having a health insurance plan is critical for every household. Even though your financial position can make it impossible for you as a single mom to purchase a health insurance program, there are ways to make easy payments through installments for instance monthly, quarterly, or half-yearly. It is important to take time to study about the different services covered by a health insurance plan including the additional features and perks available to you before making a well-informed decision.

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