Single Mom Support Group St Louis

Single Mom Support Group St Louis

Parenting children single-handedly comes with a unique set of challenges and joys. It is easy for single mothers to feel lonely and depressed in these situations and not get much support and encouragement from traditional educational institutions and groups. There are support groups where other parents facing similar problems and concerns can be open about their feelings about making new friendships. If you are looking for a support group of single mothers in St Louis, there are many options for you to meet the unique needs of your children or household. Start contacting the gifted association in your state and locate a support group near your community.

How Support Groups For Single Moms Work?

For many single mothers, new first time mothers, expecting mothers, managing children, and overcoming challenges in daily life can be a considerable burden. Many single mothers embrace motherhood even though the journey can be tremendously difficult without the support of a partner. By being a part of a support group, single mothers can talk to their peers who go through similar situations and challenges. Support groups are a fantastic way to increase your social interaction and get through the challenges in life.

Different Single Mom Support Groups In St Louis

The following is the list of single moms support groups in St Louis that will help you to get encouragement and connect to other single mothers in your area.

1. Parenting the Love and Logic Way

Love and Logic Institute in St Louis designed the seven-module parenting course so that single moms and other parents can get specific answers to their questions and overcome their difficulty with child-rearing. Here you learn about simple parenting techniques which will be effective in dealing with children starting from toddlers to teens.

2. Saint Louis Singles Meetup

This group is designed for single people in Saint Louis who wish to make friends and bond with other single parents. Joining this group will not only help you to meet local singles online but also in real life. The group hosts many activities so single parents can come out, try new activities, or make friends and form new connections.

3. STL Single Moms

Although this group is created for single moms, single parents are also welcome and encouraged to join this group. Being a parent can be a unique and rewarding experience; however, it is natural to feel overwhelmed and lonely without a robust support system. By joining this group single parents will get company and expand their social circle. If you’re looking for extra support in Saint Louis, then joining this group will be a good idea.

4. The Love Collaborative Divorce Groups

This is a group of therapists who have prior experience and expertise in dealing with divorcing or separating families and provide adults and their children with counseling and mental support. The group comprises eight weeks of meetings, including pre and post-individual meetings. The fees for the session amount to $500. The Love Cooperative Divorce Groups are divided into adult and child groups. The child group will address problems related to divorce and separation of parents. At the same time, the adult group will address parenting issues and how to move forward after a divorce or separation.

5. St. Louis Young Professionals

The Saint Louis Young Professional is a meetup group that is designed for people who are looking for more than a conventional networking group. This group operates for couples and singles in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and older. If you’re a single mother in Saint Louis and interested in hanging out, meeting friends, and exploring what Saint Louis has to offer, then this group is an ideal choice. Joining this group will be helpful for single mothers as they can meet like-minded people and make good friendships. The main objective of this group is to help singles and couples have fun and relax from their busy work days. Married people, singles, transplants, new in-towners, and people who have already been in the Saint Louis area for a while and looking for a group to engage with others will surely love to be a part of this group.

6. Catholic Singles Mass Mob

This group is designed for Christian or Catholic single, divorced, or widowed parents who would like to visit and attend Catholic Mass at various Catholic churches. Joining this group will not only enable you to meet other single people but also take part in light social events that may range from simple meetups like coffee or brunch to outdoor adventures from athletics and dance activities. Apart from Catholic Mass and prayer, the group intends to provide light-hearted fun and friendship among single people.

7. Brainy Bunch Educated, Successful Single Professionals 40+

Educated people who are established in their careers will find this group helpful. This group enables professionals and educated people to meet like-minded individuals. This social group is designed explicitly for light-hearted fun and enables people to attend concerts, theater, outdoor activities, and other festivals. Single mothers who are established but looking for friendship and emotional support can enjoy good conversation and light-hearted fun by joining this group.

8. St. Louis Catholic Single Explorers

This is a new meet-up group that has been designed for single Catholic people who want to meet others from exploring historical churches in Saint Louis and also take part in outdoor activities like camping, movies, hiking, symphonies, and so on. The Catholic Single Explorers allows single mothers to be like-minded and have fun in a supportive, warm, and welcoming environment. It is important to note that this group is not a dating site or group; therefore, single mothers can show interest if they want to explore with other parents and participate in group activities.


Whether you are widowed, divorced, or single by choice, you can develop and strengthen relationships with other parents in your community with the help of support groups. Support groups in Saint Louis enable single mothers, pregnant ladies, first time mothers, and many other women to develop meaningful relationships amongst their peers and family members and also improve their social and overall well-being.

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