Single Mom Support Groups Florida

Single Mom Support Groups Florida

Single motherhood is full of challenges and rewarding experiences. Single mothers must stay up late to care for their feverish child, cope with sudden emergencies, stay longer at work to earn money, tackle the mundane decision of running a household, enforce house rules, and many more as solo parents. They are less likely to share their emotions and feelings or ask for help; therefore, having a regular get-together is a crucial tool to deal with life challenges.

Benefits Of Joining Single Mom Support Groups In Florida

Joining support groups for single moms in Florida will help you to pick up numerous practical strategies and parenting tips from other single parents. Try a support group for a few weeks, and if you feel like it is not a good option for you, you can go for different support groups or a different support group format instead. Single parents can benefit from a sense of humor, hope, motivation, practical help, and encouragement from these groups. The group aims to establish solid relationships and support every mother and child.

Different Single Mom Support Groups In Florida

The additional stress of running the family and providing for their children alone without a support system makes single mothers exhausted and overwhelmingly depressed. Having a group of people who can cheer you on when you feel unmotivated and depressed will help you to boost your inner strength and self-confidence. Following is the list of single mom support groups in Florida.

1. Brickell and KB Moms Meetup

The mission of this group is to offer and share tips, local information, and references that can benefit mothers so that they can be creative with their children. You can join this meet-up group to share your creative ideas and resources with other parents and can expand your social circle.

2. E.S.T.H.E.R. Single Mothers Outreach

E.S.T.H.E.R serves a lot of single-parent families, primarily single mothers. They help single parents and support them in the form of monthly gatherings, life skills workshops, and weekly Bible study in-house. Fellowship and community are significant needs of countless moms that help them to give hope and empower them. The organization assists courageous single moms and helps them in every season of life.

3. Redirecting Children’s Behavior

Single mothers who find it challenging to enforce positive discipline in children while juggling jobs and parenthood; will find this group helpful. Redirecting Children’s Behavior provides powerful courses that help single mothers to learn practical parenting skills. Joining this group will help you to learn how to build mutual respect, create effective teamwork at work and home, and resolve conflicts. Single mothers in Florida can access more than 100 empowering and practical parenting tips and strategies.

4. Parents Support Group

Tal Community Mental Health Center addresses the need to support parents when their kids are at risk of being exposed to mixed values drugs, cyberbullying, and teen violence. Parents who need support and help to solve the anxiety and stress of parenting their teens and children will find this group helpful. Joining this group will help you to get a safe, non-judgmental, and confidential environment where you can connect, communicate with other parents, and learn coping skills to deal better with stress and anxiety.

5. Developmental Playgroups (Mommy and Me)

This playgroup is designed to give mothers in Florida an excellent opportunity to learn essential activities for the growth and development of their babies at every stage. Parents get experience, a supporting environment, and learning activities that they can use at their home. Joining this group will help you to seek answers to your doubts and concerns and question licensed psychologists about the progress and development of your baby.

6. Moving Forward

Single mothers often feel overwhelmed with life as they have to deal with all the challenges single-handedly. Moving Forward is an anxiety group in Florida that enables single mothers and others to meet people struggling with the same thing. Here you learn about a wide range of tools and strategies that will help you to navigate panic attacks, anxiety and will teach you how to move forward in life. Joining this group will help you to learn how to work with depression and anxiety and breathe again to enjoy your life.

7. Embracing Your Resilience – Women’s Support Group

This is an open space for single mothers who can connect with other women and discuss the conflicts and stresses of female experiences. The main objective of this group is to enable women who are feeling lonely and isolated to build connections and a network of support. Hearing each other’s stories will help them to navigate the struggle of the female experience in society. Single mothers in Florida going through trauma and finding it challenging to navigate single motherhood can join the virtual session of this group.

8. Online Grief Group

It is a six-week grief group designed for adults who are more than 18 years of age and are looking for a safe, confidential, and welcoming space where they can be heard and learn how to process emotion and grief from the loss of a close and loved one. Single moms who have lost their co-parent or loved ones and want to move forward can join the Online Grief support group in Florida. Every group session is 90 minutes, and the group conducts meetings on Thursday evenings between 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM. The group session is held online, and the cost per session is $55. The intense session required for new participants is around $50.


Women of all ages facing different types of problems can benefit from the support they receive from one another and get a supportive and safe environment to thrive. Participating in single mom support groups in Florida will help you to realize that other parents and children struggle with the same problems which you are going through. Before joining a single mom support group in Florida, you need to decide the type of group that will be helpful to meet your family’s needs and concerns.

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