What Is Considered A Single Mom?

What Is Considered A Single Mom?

A single mother is someone who is widowed, not married or divorced. Single-parent households in the United States can be headed by a mother, father, uncle, aunt, or grandparent. As per the Pew Research Center around 25% to 30% of children in the United States below 18 years of age are in single-parent households. The United States Census reports that around 22 million children are living with single parents and a majority of these households are headed by women compared to men. This guide will help you to know what is considered a single mom and how they survive.

Can Single Moms Raise Their Children Just Fare As Married Couples?

Single parents are reassured by the fact that a lot of studies and research did not find any difference between children raised in two-parent households and children raised by single moms. A study considered the lives of children belonging to different types of households such as adoptive, two-parent biological, stepmother or stepfather, and single-parent families, and the type of household and the environment did not matter. Their relationship with their friends, siblings, and their grades were about the same in all households. Some studies say that children are better raised by single parents, unlike married parents who often engage in constant fights and conflicts. Each situation includes trade-offs that are often unrecognized. Single moms can raise their children just like married couples.

What Is Considered Low-Income For A Single Mom?

Children require reliable and safe households to flourish properly. It may be hard for single parents to fulfill all the needs of their children as most of them have to face financial hardship. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, around 11 million people in the United States are considered to be poor. Low-income single moms are defined as those who spend 27 weeks or more in the workforce. They are either looking for work or are working however their income is below the poverty line. The United States Census reports that single moms are one of the most destitute groups and 30% of them are living in poverty. Single moms cannot provide a high standard of living to their children because of low-paying jobs and less access to better education and job opportunities. A single mom has to make somewhere between $40,000 to $65,000 annually to raise a child. This number may go higher with multiple children and other essential factors. Although by earning this amount she will not be living a comfortable life however she will be able to make her ends meet. An income below this range is considered to be low income for a single mom.

What Are The Challenges Of Raising Children As A Single Mom?

Being the sole provider of the household, single mothers are the boss of the family and have control over finance and money. As for research, it takes around $234,000 to raise children in the United States. This price tag makes single moms suffer from a lot of financial hardship. Being a single mother is not an easy experience as you have to do everything on your own and provide for your children alone and many of them lack a support system. When it comes to income opportunities, the amount of money that a single mother makes in the United States depends on a lot of factors such as location, the number of children they have, and what she owns.

How To Raise Kids As A Single Mom?

For raising children successfully single mothers may have to juggle a lot of aspects of the household from life challenges to work demands and face other concerns. Almost all parents have to go through similar obstacles however the challenges and difficulties for a single mother are greater. You can raise your child successfully as a single mom by following the below-mentioned tips.

  • Set households with your children
  • Set boundaries
  • Pay undivided attention to your children even if it is for 10 minutes but having a one-to-one conversation will be helpful
  • Be consistent and fair
  • Children need routines and schedule
  • Lose your sense of guilt, martyrdom, and victimhood
  • Lower your expectation and try to do away with the idea of perfection
  • Stay away from judgmental people
  • Try to get the support of good neighbors, child care and family
  • Go for a good family therapist if you think you need therapy
  • Try to apply a self-care routine daily, eat healthy food, sleep, exercise, and meditate.

How Single Moms Can Afford To Live?

This is a common question that a lot of new single mothers wonder about. Going from a two-income family to a single source of income brings a lot of difficulties in managing the household and raising children. Although the Internet is flooded with answers like do not use credit cards and stick to your budget these answers are not practical enough to help single mothers. If you are walking in circles and need practical information then the following steps will help you to live life properly as a single mom.

1. Government Assistance Program

Single mothers who are unable to make ends meet can apply for government assistance programs and grants. Government assistance programs are free money that need not be repeated and will help you to cover your necessities. The following are the programs that you can apply for to seek financial help.

  • Food Stamps

Food Stamp benefits come in the form of a debit card which you can swipe simply and enter your PIN to enjoy. Single mothers who are unable to provide nutritious food to their children can apply for the Food Stamps or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program that are available throughout the United States. Becoming eligible for this program will help you to get a monthly allowance and your food stamp debit card will be automatically loaded with a certain sum of money every month.

  • Daycare

Daycare Programs are provided by the federal and state government so that single mothers can cover their daycare expenses while attending college or work. Daycare programs are best suitable for low-income earners who are unable to afford high-quality child care because of financial limitations.

  • Medicaid Program

Single moms belonging to the low-income category can qualify for the Medicaid program. Medicaid is an insurance plan that is provided by the federal government and will help to cover a wide range of medical and healthcare services. There are no deductibles and you need not pay anything for the healthcare and medical coverage. Even though single moms may or may not qualify for this program their kids having no access to health insurance are more likely to qualify for the Medicaid program.

  • Section 8 Housing Program

Single mothers who are unable to cover their rent payments every month can apply for the Section 8 Housing Program. This is a government program that enables low-income renters to cover their rent payments. The amount of rent that you can receive through this program will be based on your eligibility criteria and income. Apart from housing, food, and clothing help, the government also assists single moms and their children with utility payments.

2. Create A Budget

Single mothers need to make a budget and stick to it. Once you realize the type of assistance program that you can qualify for and how much expenses you can meet up you can realize how much expenses are left to be paid. Save a portion of money for your emergency fund as life is uncertain therefore preparation in advance is a good way to deal with unforeseen situations. If you’re having a debt then you need to make it a priority. Once you create a budget the next step is to look for creative ways to save money that will help to improve your financial situation. For instance, cut unnecessary expenses.

3. Earn More Money

Managing finances for a single mom is difficult. It is tough to stretch your budget when there is nothing left to stretch. Your main focus should be to cut expenses first and stretch your budget to the limit. You can remove financial stress by earning more money. There are no limitations when it comes to earning more money. This is because you just have to put a lot of energy into earning a side income or finding a better-paying job or starting a side business.  For instance, you can go back to college and apply for a scholarship with financial aid to pursue higher education through which you can get good job opportunities. Single mothers who have an entrepreneurial spirit can start a side business for more money. You can leverage your skill set by switching to a better-paid job. If you have proven yourself to your employer then do not hesitate to ask for a raise. Joining online courses will help you to host and increase your job skill set.

4. Keep A Positive Outlook On Life

Having a positive outlook will influence your outcome. If you’re sitting around and playing victim to your situation then you are not going far. Instead, if you decide to make it and live a happy life then you will surely do. Everyone has a fair share of difficult moments but in the end, it all depends on you how you want to respond to the tough moments and lead your life. You can either break under the stress or rise to the occasion. Being proactive and not reactive will help you to deal with your situation.

Can Single Parents Create A Stable And Nurturing Home Environment For Their Children?

Single mothers can create a stable and nurturing home environment for their children by using the two pillars of self-care and self-awareness. While self-awareness includes identifying the areas and needs that require assistance and help in raising a child, self-care on the other hand seeks support from community members and elders. As a single mom, you can establish a routine, spend quality time with your children, and have open communication to make sure to develop a positive and secure environment for your kids to grow and try. If you are financially challenged then you can avail a few support services and resources in the United States such as Feeding America, Mercy Housing, Salvation Army, Helping Hands for single moms, and many more. These organizations can provide you with financial aid, assistance, career mapping, and housing. Creating a safe and livable environment for your kids will help to maintain a positive relationship between you and your child.


The single parenting journey is difficult and comes with a lot of challenges and complications. However, there are positive sides and several benefits to it as well. For instance, single mothers can have a strong bond with their children and their children also share a lot of responsibilities maturely and in a better way to support their mothers. It is essential to take proper care of yourself and spend time with your children to manage everything single-handedly. Setting the right set of rules and routines in your household will make sure that your children grow with the right values and become independent in their lives.  Low-income single mothers can survive by taking help from government assistance programs and following the right financial strategies. Having a good support system, friends, close relatives, neighbors, or other single parents will make life a bit easier for you.

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