College Grants For Single Moms In Michigan

Women have come a long way; however, in industry-determined occupations and higher education, women as a gender continue to be the most underrepresented segment. There is a great need for financial assistance programs and grants for single moms for college and other needy women who fail to pursue higher education due to rising education costs, lack of employment, and high poverty rates.

What Are The Different Financial Aids Available For Single Moms In Michigan?

Single moms who want to attend college or universities but do not have sufficient resources or funding can connect with all the federal programs and college grants that have been designed for low-income students and single mothers and are available throughout the state of Michigan. Apart from college grants, you can locate different government loans and scholarship programs to pursue higher education. To avail of the benefits of college grants, single moms and other low-income students must meet the income standard and demonstrate their financial need. FAFSA, or Free Application For Federal Student Aid, is a significant source of federal funding which is available to everyone throughout the United States. You can complete filing FAFSA online and become eligible for many federal grants and loan programs in Michigan. By accessing work-study programs, campus-based resources, federal Pell grants, and many other student aid programs, single moms can cover college or tuition fees and achieve their career goals. The federal government in Michigan is not the only source of college grants and scholarship programs. There are a lot of scholarship programs that are provided by charitable institutions, civic groups, and private organizations in Michigan that provide financial assistance on either merit or financial need basis. The scholarship award or grant money may range from a few hundred to a thousand dollars. Therefore, it is a worthwhile decision to apply for these programs if you’re facing financial difficulties.

Different College Grants For Single Moms In Michigan

With 10 million residents and 284,000 single moms living across Michigan, many college grants and financial assistance programs are designed for single moms and low-income students to enable them to continue their education and attain self-sufficiency in their careers. If you’re a single mom looking to apply for college grants and scholarship programs, you can benefit the best from the following resources.

1. Michigan Tuition Grant

Michigan residents can apply for the Michigan Tuition Grant program if they are in financial need and want to afford college. Single moms looking to attend nonprofit, independent colleges or Michigan degree-awarding institutions can benefit the best from this grant program. To be eligible for this program, candidates must apply for FAFSA or Free Application For Federal Student Aid and demonstrate their financial need. This program will cover mandatory college fees and other tuition expenses. The grant award amounts to $2400 per academic year. If you’re a single mom, you can learn about the eligibility status and other information about this program by visiting its official website.

2. Michigan Federal Pell Grant

Low-income undergraduate students, soon-to-be students, or single moms willing to attend an eligible public college or university in Michigan can apply for the federal Pell Grant. This grant program will award an amount of $6000 per academic year for up to 12 years to eligible candidates. Although the grant will be funded by the federal government, it will be handled or managed by your preferred school. Therefore, while applying for this program online, you need to contact the financial aid office of your school and learn about how you can be eligible for the Pell Grant. You can use the grant amount towards your tuition and college fees, and with the leftover money, you can cover your transportation, other fees, and books. The maximum grant amount is $6000 per year. However, not all candidates will get this amount. Funding will be based entirely on income and the expected family introduction factor. As the funds of federal grants are limited, therefore, single moms in Michigan should submit FAFSA immediately and apply for Pell Grant without much delay.

3. The Bay Commitment

The Bay Area Commitment Foundation Scholarship program grants scholarship awards to first-generation college students who are in financial need. The committee has provided more than $1.69 million in scholarship awards since 1984 to more than 2700 students in Michigan. The mission of this community organization is to provide privately funded scholarship assistance to low-income students as well as singles and others from the Bay County area. There are a wide variety of scholarship programs provided by the Bay Area Community Foundation, which you can access by visiting their official website.

4. Michigan Competitive Scholarship

This scholarship program is available to eligible undergraduate students who are pursuing their first college degree and are given on a merit and financial need basis. To be eligible for Michigan’s Competitive Scholarship Program, students, including single moms, must take the SAT before entering college and get a minimum of 1200 as a qualifying score.

5. Michigan Achievement Scholarship

Michigan offers high school graduates with a diploma or a high school equivalency certificate financial assistance to pursue higher education. The Michigan Achievement Scholarship Program offers a scholarship of $2000 per academic year if eligible students wish to attend a career training program for up to two years. This program covers an award of $2750 every academic year if eligible candidates want to attend Michigan Community College for up to three years. High school graduate students willing to attend Michigan private college for up to five years can receive financial assistance of $4000 per academic year, and students who want to attend Michigan public University for five years will get an award of $5500 per academic year.


There are a variety of government grants and scholarship programs for single mothers willing to pursue college degrees and higher education in Michigan. The Michigan government and different charitable and local organizations in this state are encouraging more women to thrive and succeed by completing their education. Because of the financial assistance and funding sources, there is an increase in the number of students, especially women who can return to college.

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