College Grants For Single Moms In Missouri

With limited financial resources and funds, single mothers in Missouri struggle to manage their household expenses, look after their children and fulfill their educational aspirations. The Missouri federal and state government has designed a wide range of scholarship programs and college grants that enable single-mom/single-parent households to achieve self-sufficiency and attain a college degree. Attaining higher education or pursuing a college degree in Missouri can be expensive, especially if you are a single mom and the family’s sole breadwinner.

How Do Single Moms Qualify For College Grants In Missouri?

The qualification or eligibility criteria for single-mom college grants and scholarship programs are broad and specific depending on which program you are applying for. The eligibility criteria for Missouri college grants and scholarship programs for single moms would require you to be of a certain age, race, ordain gender. You must study a specific degree to be eligible for the programs and prove your marital and parental status. It is essential to submit your application by the deadline, as missing the deadline will lead to the dismissal of your application. Some scholarships and grants are based on a first-come, first-serve; therefore, single moms looking for financial assistance to support their education should prepare themselves and ensure they meet all the requirements before submitting their application.

Different College Grants For Single Moms In Missouri

There are numerous college grants as well as scholarship programs in the state of Missouri that enable single parents to acquire financial aid and complete their studies. Financially challenged single mothers can apply for these programs if they wish to return to college, achieve self-sufficiency, and improve their job and career prospects. If you’re a single mom living with your dependent children in Missouri, then you can seek financial assistance to pay for your college or tuition fees from the following programs.

1. The Sunshine Lady Foundation Scholarship Program

Victims of domestic violence or abuse and single mothers can obtain college degrees by applying for financial assistance from the Sunshine Lady Foundation Scholarship Program. This program enables single moms and other domestic violence victims to attain self-sufficiency and fulfill their educational obligation. If you are a single mom and willing to participate in this program then you need to contact your nearby participating domestic violence agency to learn how to apply for this program and whether you are eligible to receive financial support.

2. Access Missouri Grant

The Access Missouri Grant is designed to help low-income students and single moms afford schools according to their preferences or any public or private college/ university in Missouri. The eligibility criteria for receiving a grant award through Access Missouri will be based on your EFC or expected family contribution. Applicants having a $10,000 EFC or even lesser will be eligible to receive financial assistance through this program. The annual award may vary every year depending on the state appropriation of the grant fund. To be eligible for this program, you must file FAFSA within the deadline. This scholarship program is specifically designed for undergraduates who fail to complete their college degree due to limited finances.

3. Live Your Dream Grant

Live Your Dream Grant, created by the Soroptimist Foundation, enables single mothers in Missouri to become self-sufficient and financially stable by acquiring higher college degrees. Single moms who are the sole income source for their families and dependent children can be eligible to receive this grant and get financial support so that they can continue their education. Most women who receive grant awards from this foundation are single mothers and sexual or physical abuse survivors.

4. Marguerite Ross Barnett Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship program funds more than 20 universities, colleges, and technical institutions in Missouri so that low-income students, as well as single moms, can attain their education and career goals. To receive this scholarship, candidates first need to complete the filing of the FAFSA form, remain enrolled for half of the school year, and work at least 20 hours every week.

5. Missouri Pell Grant

This federal scholarship grant enables undergraduate women and low-income students to complete their education and obtain higher degrees. To be eligible for this grant, Missouri residents must fulfill the minimum eligibility requirements. On getting approval, they can receive a maximum grant of $6000 per academic year for up to 12 years. By availing of the Missouri Pell Grant, single moms can cover their tuition fees, books, supplies, or transportation costs. The first and foremost step to be eligible for this grant is to file out FAFSA and contact the financial aid office of your school.

6. Advanced Placement Incentive Grant

The Missouri Department of Education manages and funds this grant. It enables high school students to receive scholarship awards in their last year of school and complete their education. This grant enables secondary school-eligible students to enroll in college after graduating high school. The one-time grant award of $500 is given to eligible students who can meet the grant program requirements.

7. Minority And Underrepresented Environmental Literacy Program

The Minority Environment Literacy Advisory Committee oversees this program and provides financial assistance to eligible candidates so that they can pursue education without facing many difficulties. Eligible minority students, as well as single moms, can get financial assistance of $3996. The program requires candidates to be United states citizens or permanent Missouri residents and complete high school with a minimum 3.0 GPA. Those who have enrolled for full-time education in an approved secondary college, technical school, or university in Missouri can apply for this grant program, provided they have a GPA of 2.5 or even higher.


There are many scholarship opportunities and grant programs for single moms in Missouri so they can return to school or go back to college after taking a break from their studies. Irrespective of whether you are 35 years or much older, you can reap the benefits of these programs and meet all your financial obligations. Scholarships and grant awards are free aids. Single moms need not repay them and can support their education quickly.

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