College Grants For Single Moms In Ohio

Single moms in Ohio often face a hard time paying for their college and tuition fees since they have to go through many life challenges and juggle parenthood responsibilities and acquire higher education. There are various scholarship programs and grants out there that will cater to single moms so they can go back to college and become financially stable. In Ohio, there are both need-based and merit-based scholarship programs, as well as college grants for single moms single parents and low-income students, that enable them to fulfill higher educational aspirations and go back to college.

How To Win a College Grant Or Scholarship Program For Single Moms In Ohio?

Every year the Ohio government, private organizations, and many other corporations give financial support to low-income students and single parents so they can pay back to college and complete their education. The more scholarship and grant opportunities you identify by performing a bit of research, the easier it will be for you to make a comprehensive list of grants and scholarships that are available near your region. Before searching and applying for scholarship programs in Ohio, it is essential to consider the program’s eligibility requirements. Read about every program to understand the application procedure, deadlines, and documentation that you have to submit, along with your scholarship application and additional requirements that you need to fulfill to qualify. There is stiff competition among Ohio residents to receive this financial aid; therefore, it is always advantageous to submit as many applications as possible.

Different College Grants For Single Moms In Ohio

Abuse, domestic violence, and being a single parent are some life obstacles that hinder people from paying for their college and achieving their career goals. Being a single mom and deciding to go back to college can be a difficult decision if you belong to a low or moderate-income community. There are hundreds of different scholarship programs and grants in Ohio that cover college degrees or specialized professional fields and provide financial assistance to students and single parents. Some of these resources and programs are as follows.

1. The Choose Ohio First Scholarship

This scholarship program aims to increase the number of teachers in STEM disciplines and also significantly strengthen the competitiveness of this state in the field of STEM. A lot of funding is provided by the Ohio Department Of Higher Education to Ohio colleges and universities so that low-income students and single parents can take part in academic programs and innovative activities. Participating colleges and universities offer this scholarship or funds to eligible students desiring an associate with a degree, graduate degree, bachelorette degree, or any certification degree in STEM discipline. If you are a single mom who wants to become a STEM teacher or acquire a higher degree in STEM fields, then you can apply for the Choose Ohio First Scholarship by visiting the participating institution near your location. Every scholarship decision will be taken by the individual participating in Ohio college or university.

2. OCOG, Ohio College Opportunity Grant

This program offers grant money or scholarship awards to eligible Ohio students who can demonstrate financial needs and have an expected family contribution of $2190 or even lesser. The maximum family income of eligible students should be $96,000. The actual award money of the Ohio College Opportunity Grant may differ depending on the enrollment status of the student as well as the type of college or institution they are attending. The Ohio Department administers the Ohio College Opportunity Grant Program Of Higher Education that enables Ohio residents, specifically low-income students and single parents, to enroll at approved public colleges or universities or nonprofit colleges or universities in Ohio. If you’re aspiring to earn your first bachelor’s degree, associate degree, or nursing diploma program, then you can be eligible to receive this grant.

3. OAS, Ohio Academic Scholarship

A scholarship award of $2000 is provided to eligible students and single moms based on their merit and academic progress through this program. Participating colleges and institutions of Ohio will determine the grant award and eligibility criteria of this program. Students who complete submitting FAFSA in their school will be eligible to apply for the OAS program. The eligibility criteria require students to be permanent residents of Ohio and should be academically strong as determined by their school.

4. Second Chance Grant Program

The government of Ohio is committed to assisting low-income students and single parents attending a credential or higher college degree by providing them assistance through a Second Chance Grant. This grant aims to reduce the financial pressure on Ohioans and enable them to acquire a bachelor’s degree or higher education. Financial assistance of $2000 is provided to eligible students who enroll in an approved Ohio institution or college and wish to earn a credential or college degree. The grants are awarded to students based on first come, first serve.

5. Regents Graduate / Fellowship Program

Single mothers and low-income students seeking financial assistance and support through grants or scholarship funds to complete their graduate studies can apply for the Regents Graduate / Fellowship Program. This program offers financial support to students who can showcase excellent academic progress in their undergraduate degree. Students in their undergraduate studies and wish to enroll in a post-graduation degree can apply for this program. The eligibility criteria of this program require candidates to be an Ohio resident or a citizen of the United States. Applicants must write an essay and submit other essential documents to receive assistance through this program.


College grants and scholarship programs are an excellent source for single moms in Ohio to cover their college tuition, books, supplies, and other education-related expenses. Returning to college or continuing your studies after an extended break can be a tough decision for single parents. By focusing on applying for plenty of scholarships and grant opportunities, you can turn your dream of obtaining a college degree into reality. Ohio has covered many programs and financial assistance for the unemployed, low-income students, and single parents so that they can continue their education and eliminate financial pressure.

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