Single Mom Housing Grants Indiana

Single mothers in Indiana can experience a lot of hardship and financial challenges in life. In economic difficulties, every single mother prioritizes having an affordable and decent house for her family. It is often impossible for single mothers to afford household necessities or pay rent timely. Therefore getting housing assistance and financial help becomes critical for single mothers living in Indiana with their children. Housing assistance and financial help may come in the form of various local programs, state-funded grants, and federal programs for single moms in Indiana.

How Housing Assistance And Grants Can Help Single Mothers In Indiana?

Housing assistance and grants for single mothers in Indiana can help women to get transitional shelter and a safe and decent environment for their kids. The federal and state government operates many housing programs and grants, which single mothers have to apply for through nonprofit charity or the local county agency. This housing grant assistance is a great help for single mothers with little to no income. Many government aid and programs offer single-mother home repair or home improvement opportunities. 

Different Housing Grants And Housing Assistance Programs For Single Mothers In Indiana

Single mothers in Indiana can receive a lot of government aid and financial assistance in all the counties and cities across Indiana. The Indiana government has developed many assistance programs and grants for single mothers and low-income families to provide free housing, food, energy bills, rent, healthcare facilities, and mortgage payments. 

1. TANF, The Temporary Assistance For Needy Families

TANF grant is a time-limited state-funded program that assists low-income families living with children to fulfill basic needs like food, shelter, and clothing. TANF programs help single mothers and other low-income individuals to promote self-sufficiency and responsibility so that they can strengthen their families and get back on their feet.  

2. The Indiana Housing Choice Voucher Program Or Section 8 Program

The federal government funds the Indiana Housing Choice Voucher Program or Section 8 Program. The main objective of this housing assistance program is to make sure that low as well as significant-income families, including single mothers, can easily afford a house and pay their rent without facing any financial pressure. Qualified individuals and low-income families accepted into Section 8 programs can choose a home according to their choice and preference. Once they decide on their preferred apartment or home, the Indiana Housing Choice Voucher or Section 8 Program will make a deal with the homeowner and pay the rent on behalf of the eligible candidates. Participants who qualify for this program have to pay around 30% or 40% of the house rent, while this program will cover the remaining portion of the rent. 

3. IHCDA Homeowner Assistance Program

Low-income and needy Indiana homeowners who cannot pay future mortgage payments or those who are falling behind on their mortgage payments can apply for IHCDA Homeowner Assistance Program. This enables them to face their financial distress and arrange mortgage payments. Single-mother homeowners can also apply for this program.

4. HHA, The Hammond Housing Authority

This organization is funded by the federal government and community in Hammond City. HHA offers housing assistance to low or moderate-income people and families through the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program and Public Housing Program. Single mothers from low or moderate-income groups can apply for housing assistance from this organization. These programs offer rental assistance to eligible candidates so that they can pay for their rent. Single mothers facing homelessness can directly contact the Hammond Housing Authority. The Public Housing Program provides two types of housing options, such as Hubert Humphrey High-Rise and Turner Park Building.

5. The Continuum Of Care Network

The Continuum Of Care Network is a nonprofit housing organization that operates in Indiana. The main objective of this nonprofit organization is to offer housing assistance to people and low-income families going through financial difficulty. Single moms facing housing problems or homelessness can also apply to this organization and meet their housing needs.

6. Posterity Heights

This local organization operates in Indiana and works for the best interest of single mothers. Posterity Heights is supported by the State of Indiana and local Indiana residents. Affordable and secure housing assistance is provided to eligible applicants. Besides this, the organization also offers classes on technology to improve their skill sets and, in this way, make them self-sufficient and independent in life. Single mothers looking for the best housing assistance program in Indiana can apply to this local initiative organization and reduce their financial burden.

7. Salvation Army Housing And Homeless Services

This organization provides transitory houses and emergency shelters to individuals going through financial hardships and homeless people in Indiana. Ruth Lilly Women And Children’s Center is administered and managed by the Salvation Army. This center offers safe and decent housing for abused mothers and homeless people. It also helps low-income families, single mothers, and financially distressed people to locate a house, access life skills classes, budget counseling, legal assistance, household needs, and employment training.

8. The Transitional Living For Homeless Youth Program

The federal government of Indiana manages The Transitional Living For Homeless Youth Program. This program covers low-income families, including single mothers, and provides them housing assistance until they achieve economic stability. Young single moms who are homeless or at risk of homelessness can apply for this program. This program promotes education, so low-income families and young single moms can improve their skills and become financially independent.


Single moms in Indiana can access many housing assistance programs and grants to achieve stability in life and avoid the risk of homelessness. The local, federal, and state-funded housing assistance program in Indiana offers single mothers and low-income families financial assistance for household expenses, mortgages, rent, and utilities. To be eligible for single-mother housing assistance and grants in Indiana, applicants are required to meet the income and other eligibility requirements that are set by the programs. Many Indiana organizations offer financial assistance to low-income families and single mothers with home repairs, home improvements, affordable mortgages, and supportive services.

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