Grants For Single Mom In Kansas

Grants For Single Mom In Kansas

Kansas is popularly known as the ‘Sunflower State’ and is home to 2.9 million individuals. Single moms living in this state are below the poverty line and have to deal with many financial struggles to provide for their families and raise their children without the support of a partner. Kansas hopes to reduce the emotional and financial burden of thousands of single-parent families by implementing numerous support programs and grants.

What Are The Different Financial Aid For Single Moms In Kansas?

Money can be a big issue for low-income single mothers in Kansas. If you cannot manage your resources due to low income then it may negatively impact your family life and make you overstressed. The government and organizations in Kansas address the financial struggles and life challenges of single mothers and have designed a lot of financial aid for them, ranging from food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, childcare, rent or mortgage payments, educational grants, and many other supportive services. If you are a struggling single mother and out of work, then the Kansas government and private organizations may help you in time of your need and offer you assistance programs so that you can provide a better standard of living to your children and can pay your bills.

Different Grants For Single Moms In Kansas

Single moms in Kansas find it challenging to meet their ends and care for their children single-handedly. If you are a struggling single mom in Kansas, the following programs will help you eliminate all your problems.

1. Kansas Successful Families Program

Kansas Successful Families Program or TANF program provides monthly cash benefits to needy Kansas families and single mothers with children under 18. The prime objective of this program is to provide temporary assistance to needy families, children, and single parents so they can get back on their feet. The receipt of monthly cash assistance in Kansas is limited to 24 months in a lifetime, and the eligibility criteria to qualify for cash assistance depends on your household income, size, and the county where you are living. For instance, a single mom of two kids can receive a maximum grant from $386 to $429 monthly.

2. Kansas Food Assistance And Nutrition Program

Kansas Food Assistance And Nutrition Program, or Food Stamp Program, enables low-income populations and single parents to receive EBT cards to purchase groceries and food at approved retailers or grocery stores in Kansas. The program provides monthly benefits and financial assistance so that Kansas residents can stay in good health. The electronic EBT card will be pre-loaded with monthly cash benefits so eligible families can purchase food from approved local grocery stores.

3. Kansas WIC, The Women, Infants And Children Program

This is a health and nutritional program which is designed exclusively for needy women, infants, and children under five years of age. Single mothers unable to afford healthier and more nutritious food for themselves and their children can get assistance through this program, provided they can meet the eligibility requirements. WIC is an essential program throughout the United States and is available in Kansas. The program offers breastfeeding support, nutritional meal planning, healthcare recommendation, and other supportive services to single parents, pregnant women, infants, and children. To apply for this program or learn more about it, you can visit your nearby WIC Office.

4. Kansas Comprehensive Grant

This state-funded grant program is designed for financially challenged students, even single-parent Kansas residents who have enrolled full-time in any of the 18 private colleges and universities in Kansas, six state universities, and Washburn University. The grant award may range between $200 to $3500 for Kansas students admitted to private institutions. In contrast, the award ranges between $200 to $1500 if they have been admitted to public institutions. If you are a single mother in Kansas and wish to continue your education, you must submit FAFSA and list the eligible colleges in the form.

5. Kansas Child Care Subsidy Program

The Child Care Subsidy Program in Kansas offers subsidies to low-income eligible consumers, families, and single parents who cannot pay for childcare expenses. The funding for the Child Care Subsidy Program is a limited and long waiting list. Therefore, residents are encouraged to apply for the program early. The subsidy amount received under this program may vary depending on gross monthly income, type, cost of care provided to children, family size, and financial need. This is a subsidy program, so eligible families have to pay a part of the total childcare costs while the remaining portion will be covered under this program.

6. Kansas Head Start Or Early Head Start Program

This program offers comprehensive educational, nutritional, health, and social services to children of low-income parents in Kansas from birth till entry into an elementary school. The main priority is given to children who have special needs. The Head Start or the Early Head Start Program offers a lot of supportive services like nutrition education, parent education, quality early education, family support services, comprehensive mental and healthcare services, child care assistance for parents who are attending school, job training programs, or work activities.

7. LIEAP, Kansas Low Income Energy Assistance Program

This energy assistance program in Kansas is designed for low-income households and single parents who cannot pay for heating bills. The main priority is for disabled, elderly, single parents, and low-income households with minor children. You can contact your local DCF office for LIEAP applications or contact partnering agencies in your state. The program requires qualifying households to have income at or below 130% of the federal poverty level. Single mothers who are unable to pay for their home energy bills can apply for this program in the state of Kansas.


There are dozens of state, federal, and local welfare programs in Kansas that help low-income single mothers and other low-income residents with food, medical and health care, housing, pre-schooling, childcare, and financing school or college studies. If you are overburdened with financial responsibility and parenthood, the grants mentioned above and programs will help you to ease financial difficulties and pay your bills.

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