Grants For Single Mom In Mississippi

Grants For Single Mom In Mississippi

Mississippi is one of the poorest states in America and has the lowest median household income, as well as high rates of poverty compared to other states. Women, primarily single mothers, are worse than other populations, and many of them have to rely on public assistance to make ends meet, such as food stamps, cash assistance, subsidized housing, etc. There is a wide range of grants and financial aid for single moms in Mississippi that can help them to pay their bills and reduce their financial stress.

How Mississippi Helps Single Moms?

The state of Mississippi has more than 620,000 low-income earners and single parents, with a high poverty rate of 21%.  Single moms living in Mississippi who cannot afford their bills and get a good standard of living for their family can access various programs and grants in this state to ease their burden of single parenting. Single moms can benefit from childcare, cash assistance, school feeding programs, Medicaid, legal services, energy assistance programs, housing programs, education grants, food stamps, and many other services. Not only government grants but many charities and nonprofit organizations like the Salvation Army offer assistance and support to single moms through food, housing, education, utility bill help, skill acquisition, etc.

Different Grants For Single Moms In Mississippi

Low-income Mississippi families headed by single moms qualify for various assistance programs and grants. Following are the top resources and programs for single moms in resources that assist them in times of their need.

1. TANF, Mississippi Temporary Assistance For Needy Families Program

The Mississippi DHS administers the Mississippi TANF program and offers temporary cash assistance to needy families with children below 18 years of age with limited resources to meet their ends. The cash benefits will be based on the household income of the candidates. The monthly payments received through this program are limited to $110 for a person and $260 for a family of three members. Mississippi requires participants to complete 30-day mandatory employment activities to be eligible for the program. They are also screened for possible alcohol or drug use, and failure to comply with the eligibility requirements will lead to the denial of the application.

2. SNAP, Mississippi Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

The Mississippi Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program offers monthly benefits to low-income households, especially single parents so that they can purchase food and can get a well balanced diet and sound nutrition. The SNAP program in Mississippi offers electronic benefits to eligible candidates that help them to stretch their nutrition and food budgets. Although anyone can apply for the food stamp benefits however, this program mainly targets low-income Mississippi families, disabled, elderly citizens, single mothers living with minor children, and other needy Mississippians who have to rely on public assistance to meet their ends. TANF and SNAP applications are available through the Mississippi DHS website.

3. Medicaid

The Medicaid program in Mississippi offers medical health insurance coverage to single moms and their children with no access to health care coverage. Health care coverage offers many services like lab tests, consultation, hospital care, X-rays, mental, high, dental care, treatments, MRI, etc. Single moms can apply for this program based on their household size and income. The eligibility criteria for single mothers and low-income parents state that the income should be below 25% of the poverty level or an annual family income of $5500 for a family of three. The Mississippi Medicaid program covers pregnant women, disabled people, elderly citizens over 65 years or older, and single parents responsible for children below 19.

4. Mississippi Child Care Certificate Program

This is a federally funded program in Mississippi that is designed for single mothers and low-income parents to get child care tuition assistance. Single mothers looking for child care assistance programs to attend college or work activities can apply for this program. While participating in the Mississippi Child Care Certificate Program, parents must select a type of childcare and meet the work and income requirements. This is a subsidy program that covers a part of the childcare cost while the difference amount has to be paid by the parents. Single-parent families who want to apply for this program in Mississippi should apply online and give relevant supporting documents.

5. LIHEAP, Mississippi Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

This program in Mississippi offers one-time financial support to eligible low-income households who cannot cover their home energy bills. To qualify for LIHEAP, participants are required to have an income that falls within the guidelines of the program. The priority is mainly given to single parents and low-income households who spend a significant portion of their income on home energy bills. This program offers subsidies to low-income earners and single moms so that they can pay for their home energy utility bills.

6. MESG, Mississippi Eminent Scholars Grant

The Mississippi Eminent Scholars Grant offers tuition assistance to eligible Mississippi residents who are pursuing undergraduate studies at accredited nonprofit or public colleges/ universities in the state of Mississippi. The maximum grant award covered under this program is $2500 per academic year, which can be given for a maximum of eight semesters or till degree completion, whichever comes first.

7. MTAG, Mississippi Tuition Assistance Grant

Financially challenged students in Mississippi attending state-approved nonprofit or public colleges and universities for two and four years are eligible for assistance through the Mississippi Tuition Assistance Program. The main priority is given to eligible Pell Grant candidates with unmet needs. The maximum grant award given to freshmen and sophomores is $500 per academic year, while for juniors and seniors, the grant award is $5,000 per academic year. Single mothers who want to afford college and continue their education can file for FAFSA and complete the Mississippi Office Of Financial Aid application to apply for the MTAG program.


Mississippi offers many financial health resources to single mothers through general assistance, child care assistance programs, temporary assistance for needy families programs, food stamps, and other grants. Struggling single moms can access these grants and programs to fulfill their food, housing, clothing, education, employment,  rent, utility bills payment, and other necessities.

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