College Grants For Single Moms

College Grants For Single Moms

Single-parent families across the United States have risen over the past few years, with education costs and college fees rising dramatically. Being a single mom is challenging. Single moms have to juggle the difficult task of earning a livelihood, managing their household, and giving a good quality of life to their children. Education is the pathway out of the vulnerable state of poverty. However, acquiring skills training, post-secondary education, and attending college often seem out of the reach of single mothers and low-income students. Many college and school grants for single moms are available to help them offset this rising cost. Low-income families and single fathers can also apply for these grants and programs. Whether you are a single mom returning to college after taking a break or a first time student, you can avail of all these grants and scholarship programs in your state to improve your situation and pursue higher education.

Are There College Grants For Single Moms?

Yes, there are many college grants and scholarships for single moms and low-income students to pursue higher education in every state. With today’s college fees increasing dramatically, many federal student aid and scholarship programs are designed to become the financial lifeline of single mothers and low-income students so that they can complete a higher education degree and grab good job opportunities. Although the federal government is the most significant source of financial aid for single moms and other low-income families in the form of Pell Grants, there are also a lot of state government grants available for residents in every state so that they can attend college.

Benefits of Education Grants For Single Moms

Returning to school or college as a single mother can be worth it in certain instances. Having higher college degrees can open up numerous career opportunities for single-mother families. It will enable them to earn higher salaries to provide a better standard of living for their family. Higher education will be worth your cost if you enter a better-paying industry and improve your financial position. However, single parents belonging to low or moderate-income communities find it difficult to continue their education later in their lives due to the rising education cost and their inability to manage childcare, living, household, and educational expenses altogether with limited financial resources. To ease their financial situation and enable them to acquire a college degree, many college educational grants for single moms are designed and managed by numerous governmental organizations, NGOs, and local charitable institutions in the United States. These grants and programs enable single mothers to focus entirely on their studies instead of dealing with financial and emotional stress.

How To Get Grants For College As A Single Mom?

Single mothers can learn about grants and scholarships in many ways, such as by checking information online or in a Public Library or by visiting the financial aid office at a career school or college where they plan to take admission. You can also contact your state grant agency or federal agencies to know about the grant programs that you are eligible for. There are many ethnicity-based organizations, professional associations, community religious organizations, civic groups, and local businesses which offer college grants for single moms and low-income students. The first and foremost step to getting college grants or student loans is to fill out the FAFSA or the Free Application For Federal Aid. Candidates are required to upload their tax information, personal details, and financial information on the application form. Then the Department Of Education will determine their EFC or expected family contribution for determining their financial aid package. The lower the EFC, the higher your chance to achieve scholarship programs, federal grants like Pell Grant, or subsidized loans. To receive federal financial aid and college grants as a single mother, you need to have a low EFC. In addition to work-study opportunities and federal grant programs, you can apply for many private scholarships by performing an in-depth search. Grants and scholarships significantly lower your college costs and help you pay for college and tuition fees.

How Can I Win College Grants For Single Moms?

Locating and applying for college grants and scholarships is one of the best and most effective ways to pursue higher education if facing financial difficulty. Many college grant programs are designed solely for single mothers and women to encourage them to pursue higher education and boost their career prospects. Furthermore, there are college grants and scholarship programs that are set aside for women who are pursuing traditionally underrepresented fields such as science, technology, engineering, and math degrees. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to increase your chance of winning college grants as a single mom.

1. Apply For Multiple College Grants And Scholarship Programs

An important thing to note is that college grants and scholarships are pretty competitive, meaning thousands of people apply for them to get financial aid and assistance. To boost your chance of winning single-mom college grants or scholarships, you must apply for many programs and grants. Apply to 5 to 30 scholarship programs to improve your chances in at least one.

2. Be Meticulous

Pay close attention to the supporting documents required to send along with your application and ensure submission of the application by the deadlines. As a single mom, you are already short enough free time; therefore, do not spend time filing incorrect or incomplete applications. Any incorrect or missing information will lead to the rejection or cancellation of your application form.

3. Keep Applying

Single mothers and low-income students should not stop applying for college plans and scholarships just because they are in the second, third, or fourth year of their college. Grants and scholarships for students are also available for those in the final years of their college education.

4. Locate Other Support

It would help if you could watch for any other additional support you are eligible for. For instance, single parents are eligible for free government grants when they are studying, while some also provide daycare grants for single moms in college and financial support. Many schools and colleges offer discounts and special rates for single parents so that they can provide their children with basic needs and safe housing. These grants and support services will help you to incur less debt and loans for your education.


The Internet is the best place to begin your search for college grants and scholarship programs for single moms. You can search the term ‘grants for single moms going back to school’ in your state or county if you cannot continue your education due to financial challenges or other obligations. Single-mom college grants and programs allow needy single mothers students to attend college or any other educational institution and rebuild their lives. Single moms with various career and educational interests, as well as aspirations but facing financial difficulty, are encouraged to apply for these programs so that they need not drop out of school or college and can attain financial stability by pursuing higher education.

If you are not sure about how to apply for scholarships and grants, then you can contact the financial aid office of your school to learn about the programs and runs available in your state. Scholarship programs and education grants for single moms are good opportunities that help them to save money and acquire higher education.

Free Grant Money For Single Moms Helping Child With College: Best Programs And Resources

The role of women in today’s workforce is quite essential. This is the reason why nongovernmental organizations, private institutions, and government bodies have addressed the higher educational needs and opportunities for women by designing a lot of programs and grants so that every woman, whether divorced or single mother, can pursue education and training and advance in their career. Grants have been put into place for single mothers so that they can pursue basic and advanced educational levels. These grants and scholarships help to ease their financial burden and result in a lot of savings. It is worthwhile to do a bit of research work and explore the different options that are available to them that can assist them with the higher cost of education. Following are the best scholarship programs and grants that are available to single mothers and eligible low-income students.

1. Live Your Dream Awards Program

If you are looking for a college grant for single moms for substance abuse counselors, then you can apply for this program. Live For Dream Awards Scholarship Program is designed for women responsible for supporting their dependent children and family financially and those who want to overcome obstacles like drug, domestic violence, and alcohol abuse. Only eligible women with financial needs can qualify for this scholarship program. Women living in territories like Southern Central America, Mexico, Canada, and the United States can receive this scholarship program. The local-level scholarship award amount may vary according to the location, and local scholarship award winners can also be eligible to receive regional awards worth $3000 to $5000. Soroptimists Live Your Dream provides scholarship awards worth $2.8 million to almost 1700 women worldwide. The organization’s objective is to make education affordable for students so that they can find good jobs and become financially independent.

2. The Federal Pell Grant

Pell Grant is a federally funded government program that is designed especially for single and divorced parents so that they can go back to college and pursue higher education degrees. The grant money received from the Pell Grant may vary depending on the financial requirements of the applicant and educational status, irrespective of whether a student has taken full-time or part-time education, the exact cost, and the number of years the student has planned to attend college in a particular academic year. Pell grants, like any other grants, are not required to be repaid, and the money received can be used towards the cost of fees, tuition, and books. The United States Department of Education administers and manages the federal Pell Grant program, which offers assistance to post-secondary students belonging to low-income communities and who have a solid financial need to complete their higher education. There are more than 5400 post-secondary educational institutions that have already taken part in this program and enabled single parents and low-income students to afford university or college.


3. Society Of Women Engineers Scholarship

The Society of Women Engineers provides technical college grants for single moms who have been admitted to accredited college programs and are preparing for technical fields such as engineering, computer science, or engineering technology. This program offers grants from $100- $15,000 to eligible women or mothers. This scholarship program is designed to enable women and single mothers to obtain the credentials required to enter the engineering workforce. Candidates who have dropped out of school or the engineering field for at least two years are eligible for these grants.

4. American Legion Auxiliary Non-Traditional Student Scholarship

American Legion Auxiliary offers a scholarship or grant of $2000 to eligible candidates. Recipients of this scholarship should be pursuing training or education in professional, technical programs, trade, certified programs, or working towards a two or four-year education degree. This program is designed to enable members to acquire higher education if their studies have been interrupted due to family obligations. Single mothers who are members of the American Legion Auxiliary can afford college later in life by applying for this program. American Legion Auxiliary also offers college grants for single moms of disabled children. For instance, single mothers can also avail of American Legion Temporary Financial Assistance Grant for up to $1500 if they are raising children with a disability.

5. WISP, Women’s Independence Scholarship Program

The Sunshine Lady Foundation has established this program to enable victims of domestic abuse and brutality to get a good quality of life. The mission of this organization is to help survivors and domestic violence victims pay for their education and start on their journey to a promising career. This program helps establish self-sufficiency, a sense of self-worth, and independence among women. Potential students, single mothers, and divorced women can apply for this scholarship, provided they are taking a complete or part-time education from an accredited institution. This program provides financial assistance to students and single mothers in the programs at state-supported universities and colleges, state-supported community colleges, vocational and technical schools, for-profit institutions, private universities, and colleges.

6. American Association Of University Women Career Development Grants

Women looking for newly divorced single-mom college grants can apply for grants from the American Association Of University Women if they hold a bachelor’s degree and wish to continue their education and pursue an advanced degree. These career grants are offered to women who wish to apply for career training in a professional technical field or pursue a master’s degree or a second bachelor’s degree. The financial award received through this grant for divorced and single mothers can range between $2000 to $12,000, depending on the financial situation and need.

7. P.E.O. Program For Continuing Education

Solo mothers whose education has been interrupted due to specific life challenges and those seeking school grants for single moms to return to school and complete a certification or degree can apply for the PEO Program For Continuing Education Program. Applicants of this program are required to be a citizen of the United States or Canada to receive assistance in this program. They must study in an educational institution in one of these countries. They must also prove for at least 24 consecutive months as nonstudents in their early lives. Single moms who have enrolled in a two-year educational program can receive financial assistance of up to $3000 to pay toward their education.

8. The Mary Blake Single Parent Nursing Scholarship

Nursing is a promising career that single parents often choose for financial stability and to earn money to care for their children. Completing a nursing school can be difficult for single homes with low or no source of income. If you’re a single mom looking for a nursing education grant to support your goals, you can apply for the Mary Blake Single Parent Nursing Scholarship, which offers a one-time grant of $500 that single moms can put toward their nursing educational expenses. To apply for this program, applicants must write an essay of a minimum of 500 words and explain why they deserve to be rewarded with this scholarship. In addition, applicants must adhere to the guidelines that require them to be United States citizens, be single parents, and should be accepted or enrolled in an accredited nursing school.

9. Education Support Award

This is a child educational grant for single moms that assists them in receiving an award of $5000 to pay for their kid’s education or training expenses. The Patsy Takemoto Education Foundation funds education support and awards to support single mothers and help them reduce their financial burden. You can submit an online application to the foundation to see if you qualify to enroll your children and receive assistance through the education support award program

10. Capture The Dream Inc.

This nonprofit organization offers scholarships for single parents, such as the single parent scholarship program, which assists single parents and provides them an award of $1000 to continue their education. But the program requires applicants to meet specific and realistic requirements to seek financial assistance. Low-income students and single parents can cover their higher education costs by applying for programs provided by Capture the Dream Inc. in the United States.

11. Ford Opportunity Scholars Program

Hallie Ford, the founder of the Ford Family Foundation, has established the Ford Opportunity Scholars Program specifically to assist single parents in college and obtaining a higher education degree to attain self-sufficiency and improve their financial situation. Over the years, the eligibility criteria have expanded to all needy parents of any age. Single parents who are facing financial difficulties but want to continue their education are strongly motivated to apply for this program and seek financial assistance. More than 100 scholarship awards are provided to eligible candidates that cover almost 90% of their college and tuition costs. If you’re a single parent seeking a bachelor’s or an associate’s degree and have enrolled for full-time education, then you can apply for this program.


Acquiring a higher education degree involves a tremendous cost that is not possible for every single mother to incur as they are the only breadwinner of the family. Often women and single mothers have to suspend their educational aspirations and pursuits to fulfill the needs of their children and take care of them. Availing scholarships and grants is an excellent way that helps single mothers to complete their education and escape poverty. Irrespective of whether you are attending college for the first time or returning to school, you can avail a lot of public and private grants and scholarships that will help you to succeed in life.

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