Scholarships For Single Black Moms

Scholarships For Single Black Moms

Black single parents in the United States belong to low or moderate-income groups and are vulnerable to poverty. Most of them are in student debt to continue their education and earn a college degree. To afford college and earn a higher education degree, a lot of financial assistance programs and scholarships have been designed by numerous governmental and non-governmental organizations. College education seems attainable for single mothers with the help of these grants and programs. Obtaining higher college degrees have a significant impact on income potential, and this is the reason why single mothers wish to continue their education after taking a break so that they can get good job opportunities and improve their financial situation.

How Scholarship For Single Black Moms Are Useful?

Scholarship programs for single black mothers are of immense use to those women who are experiencing financial crises and wish to fulfill their educational goals. Unlike other financial aid included in many packages from schools or federal government programs, scholarships do not require many commitments. In addition, recipients of scholarship programs need not repay the financial support or grant money awarded to them, unlike student loans. This makes scholarships an affordable and accessible option for struggling single parents. Unlike work studies, scholarship programs do not require any commitment to employment; therefore, black single mothers applying for these programs need not worry about taking care of their children while working. National-based scholarship programs for single moms offer a significant grant award to eligible candidates. Many of these programs cover expenses other than college or tuition fees, such as child care assistance. To apply for this program, you must write an online application and provide the necessary documentation within the deadline.

Are There Scholarships For Single Black Moms?

Yes, scholarship programs are available for single black mothers in the United States so that they can attend college and can graduate without any student debt. While some of these scholarship programs are based entirely on academic and merit achievement, most of them are based on the financial needs of candidates. Few scholarships and grants for single black mothers are based on talent, ethnicity, interest field, and academic significance. The application process and eligibility criteria are unique for every scholarship program. These programs and financial assistance support are specific to a particular location, field of study, or school. While some programs require residency in a particular county area, some require residency in a specific state. There are a lot of groups that address the need for financial assistance and scholarship for women therefore you may qualify for more than one award if you research carefully. If you are a single  mother looking for college grants or scholarship programs to continue your education, then it is essential to research every application and eligibility requirement process before applying.

Different College Scholarships For Single Black Moms

The Institute for Women’s Policy Research states that more than 43% of college students in the United States are single mothers, and around 61% of them fail to pay for their college expenses, so they drop out of college. Most single-parent households are below 200% of the poverty level and cannot afford college. A lot of state, federal, and local government governments and charitable institutions are working for the uplift and empowerment of black single mothers so that they can attend college, pursue higher education levels, and attain self-sufficiency in life. If you’re a black single mom looking for scholarship programs to continue your education, you can benefit the best from the following resources and programs.

1. P.E.O. Program For Continuing Education

This need-based grant program offers financial assistance and support to black single mothers and needy women whose education has been hindered due to life challenges. If you’re a single mom and wish to return to your school and complete a degree or a certification program, you can take assistance through this program. The financial assistance received through this program will help you to continue your education, improve your skills and boost your employment prospects. Applicants who have a status of being nonstudents for 24 consecutive months in their adult lives are eligible to receive the scholarship award for up to $3000 that they can pay toward their education.

2. WISP, Women’s Independence Scholarship Program

Black single mothers who are victims of domestic violence or abuse at the hands of their spouses can seek financial support through this program to further their education. Applicants must attend an accredited college or university in the United States to receive funds through this program. This fellowship program is designed specifically to provide help to single moms with young children so that they can reduce their financial challenges and afford college. The program requires single moms to be separated from their abusive partners for at least one year but less than five years. The first and foremost step is to file out FAFSA or a Free Application For Federal Student Aid. You also need to demonstrate a strong financial need and show the necessary documentation as required by the program.

3. Single Parents Alliance Of America’s Scholarship

Single parents willing to continue their education can apply for the Single Parents Alliance Of America Scholarship. Candidates who are members of the Single Parent Alliance Of America and have enrolled in a postsecondary institution are eligible to apply for this program. The Single Parent Alliance Of America is an organization that lends resources and support to struggling single parents. Single mothers can apply for this scholarship program and receive scholarship amounts based on their needs. The membership is confidential and free of cost.

4. Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund

This scholarship fund is designed for women who are more than 35 years of age and are pursuing vocational or technical education. Black single mothers who want to obtain an associate’s or bachelor’s degree but facing financial difficulty can apply for this scholarship fund. The Jeanette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund is based on income, career goals, financial situation, and candidates’ plans to achieve their goals. Candidates must attend an approved college or university in the United States to qualify for this scholarship program. This scholarship amount may vary depending on the need and the credential situation of applicants; therefore, low-income single moms and women of color can receive a higher scholarship award if they can demonstrate an exceptional financial need. This scholarship program helps you to pay for your living expenses, books, tuition, or other educational needs as a single-mother student. Black single moms and other candidates who are aged 35 or older and have United States citizenship are eligible to receive assistance through this program.

5. Soroptimist Women’s Opportunity

Black single moms looking for scholarship programs to offset their educational costs can apply for the Live Your Dream award provided by the Soroptimist organization. This organization works mainly to uplift women who are the primary provider of their families by offering them access to education, skills, and suitable employment prospects. More than 1200 women throughout the United States have received educational grants worth $1.6 million through this program. Recipients of this program also get financial assistance to pay for their books, transportation, childcare, and attain higher education. Women of color, single moms who are victims of domestic violence or alcohol abuse and are below the poverty line get priority in the Live Your Dream Scholarship Award.

6. Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers Scholarship

A scholarship award of $1000 is offered two times a year to eligible single mothers through Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers Program. To receive financial support through this program, applicants must write an essay of 500 words about how returning to school and continuing their education can help them improve their situation. Black single moms who have enrolled in an approved college or university and are attending school can receive funds through this program. Needy women who have enrolled in an undergraduate program or law school are also eligible to seek assistance through this program, provided they can maintain a 3.0 GPA.

7. Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship is named after congresswoman Patsy Takemoto Mink and is available for single mothers who have enrolled in college or are planning to be admitted. Single mothers who are at least 17 years of age and have minor children are eligible to apply for this scholarship program. A one-time grant award of $5000 is provided through this scholarship to eligible candidates, including black single moms. The program requires single mothers to attend an improved degree, training, or certificate program and have a strong financial need. Every year five scholarship awards are provided to applicants based on their occupation, vocational goals, civic, service, or activist goals, personal circumstances, and financial needs.

8. Emerge Scholarships

Black single mothers whose education has been interrupted due to any life challenges after high school can be eligible to receive a financial award of up to $5000 through the Emerge Scholarship Program. The Emerge Foundation addresses the financial need of the applicants. It enables them to return to college or the workplace and involve themselves in community work and pursue higher career goals. The scholarship award is paid to the accredited college or institution directly through this program on behalf of the eligible applicants. If you are a black single mom and wish to continue your studies, visit the official Emerge website for more details about the scholarship program.

9. Society Of Women Engineers Scholarship

Financial assistance to black single mothers and other needy women is received through the Society of Women Engineers if they have been admitted to accredited educational programs and are preparing to have a career in engineering, technology, engineering, or computer science. This scholarship award for this program ranges between $1000 to $15,000. The main aim of this program is to offer financial support to women and help them obtain credentials to return to the workforce as skilled engineers. Black single mothers who belong to the engineering field and looking for scholarship programs to continue their education can apply for this program, provided they have been out of school for a minimum of two years.


Black single mothers returning to college either to finish their degree or just to get started with their college studies can benefit a lot through scholarship programs and grants that are designed to elevate their financial burden and help them to pay for their college and educational expenses. Not only local, state, and federal governments but many private organizations and charitable institutions are also offering grants and scholarships to black single mothers and low-income women grants so that they can enter the workforce and provide a better standard of living for their families. Educational grants and scholarship programs are incredible ways through which women of color and low-income single mothers can pursue higher education and attain self-sufficiency as well as financial stability in their lives.

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