Single Mom Grants For College Utah

Parenting as a solo mother can be a challenging job both economically and socially, particularly for single moms who belong to low-income communities. It is no doubt that low-income single-parent families require financial assistance and support through various programs and grants to stay afloat. Moms who want to attain self-sufficiency by pursuing further education and improving their career and job prospects can benefit reasonably from financial aid and grants which need not be repaid.

Why Apply For Single Mom College Grants In Utah?

Scholarships and grants make it possible for single mothers to attend college; otherwise, it would have become difficult for them to afford the rising education costs in Utah. Unlike student loans, these two financial aid opportunities are free for every eligible candidate. Educational grants and scholarship programs in Utah are offered by state, federal, and local governments as well as many private contributors and educational institutions. Grants and scholarship awards are offered to eligible candidates based on their financial need and academic achievement. If you’re a single mom, then you need to apply for these programs as they will help you to eliminate the cost barrier and will enable you to access college.

How To Find College Grants For Single Moms In Utah?

The Internet search engine is one of the best places for single moms to search for scholarships and grants in Utah. Apart from the federal and state government, many community organizations and local charitable institutions also provide college grants and scholarships to enable single mothers and local students to continue their education and attain self-sufficiency. Single moms can contact their nearby post-secondary education institutions for college grants and scholarship programs that they want to apply for. You can also contact government offices where you can get details about private sources of college education funding. The first and foremost step to apply for this financial aid is to file the Free Application For Federal Student Aid form or FAFSA.

Different Single Mom Grants For College In Utah

If you’re a single mom looking for assistance to pursue your education and afford college, then you can get started by applying for the following programs:

1. TANF, Utah Temporary Cash Assistance For Needy Families Program

Single mothers who are struggling financially to make ends meet and are unable to pursue higher education can benefit the best from the TANF Utah program. TANF is a temporary assistance program that enables low-income families and single parents to recover and attain financial stability. There are a plethora of financial assistance programs offered by this program, provided applicants can meet the specific eligibility requirements. This program offers cash assistance that can be put toward education expenses and college fees. The financial assistance through this program can be availed for 16 months.

2. Live Your Dreams Scholarship In Utah

Live Your Dream Charity, based in Utah, offers scholarship grants to single moms so that they can pursue college degrees, technical school, or boot camps. This scholarship award is awarded to eligible single parents in the spring and fall semesters for covering books, tuition, and class fees. Eligible candidates can get financial assistance of $3000 to cover their tuition fees, $500 to pay for their books, and $1000 to incur their class fees. The program requires divorced, widowed, or separated single mothers to be Utah residents, be the guardian or custodial parent of dependent children under 18 years of age and have a GED or high school diploma. If you have enrolled in an accredited degree program at a university/ college or are attending a boot camp/ technical school, you can pay for your education expenses by filing FAFSA and applying for this program.

3. HESSP, Higher Education Success Stipend Program

Low-income students and single mothers in Utah with substantial financial needs and an urge to continue their education can get information about scholarship programs and grants from the University of Utah. One such college grant for single moms is Pell Grant. The Pell Grant helps single moms in Utah to cover their school fees, books, transportation costs, and room as well as board fees. Recipients of the Pell Grant can also qualify for HESSP or Higher Education Success Stipend Program to attend a college or university in Utah. If you’re attending a Utah school and wish to get financial assistance to afford college, then you can apply for this program.

4. The Beatrice F. Kroesche Memorial Scholarship

This is an institutional scholarship program for single moms that are awarded to Utah students who have majors in English or Education. The scholarship award of this program ranges between $1000 to $2000. It is offered to candidates with a high school diploma with a 3.0 GPA and who have taken enrollment in the Utah Department of English or College of Education for a full-time course. Single parents can apply for this grant program to cover their education costs and reduce their financial burden.

5. Gump And Ayers Scholarship Fund For Single Moms

This scholarship fund offers a one-time grant to Utah single mothers who are high school graduates and want to pursue further education. This program aims to provide financial support and security to Utah women to empower them and enable them to continue their education.

6. P.E.O, Philanthropic Education Organization Scholarship

Single moms looking for educational grants, loans, or scholarship programs can apply for the Philanthropic Educational Organization scholarship Program to seek financial assistance and afford college. The P.E.O organization offers eight scholarship programs for Utah women with a grand award of $5000. They have already provided $304 million financial assistance to 102,000 recipients and supported them financially to continue their education and achieve their career goals.


Education cost in Utah is relatively high and single mothers who have other obligations and requirements to fulfill often find it financially difficult to pay for their education and pursue higher degrees. To assist financially challenged single mothers, the government of Utah has designed a lot of scholarship programs and grants so that single moms can access education and reduce their financial burden.

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