Best Cities For Single Moms

Best Cities For Single Moms

Motherhood is a challenge, especially for those raising their kids alone. This is why it is essential to have a supportive environment that can positively impact the life of a single mother. The number of single-parent households in the United States has dramatically increased over a few years. Maintaining a family as a single mother presents unique challenges and stress, most of which are financial. Geographically the southern states of the USA tend to have the maximum percentage of single-parent families, with Louisiana leading the nation at over 40%. Florida, Mississippi, Georgia, Arkansas, and South Carolina have 35% of single-parent families. Fresno, Tucson, Atlanta, Boston, Washington, Indianapolis, Columbus, Baltimore, New Orleans, and Philadelphia are a few cities with the most single moms.

Single parents constitute over half of the households with children under 18. Single-parent households have increased by 30% over the years. As single-parent households are constantly increasing, states and municipalities are designing programs and resources so that they can locate affordable homes. A lot of state and federal regulation enables single mothers to get tax credits, affordable house loans, and subsidies. Single moms today can live in locations with better access to education, significant resources, a robust job market, a safe and secure environment, and other essential amenities. The main focus of every single mother should be to establish a friendly and inclusive environment where they can provide a good quality of life for their children.

How To Choose the Best Cities To Live For Single Moms?

Being a single mom brings a lot of hurdles that you have to overcome single-handedly. As a parent, you are responsible for your children, providing good education, finding affordable childcare, paying bills, and locating a suitable place for your family. One of the most significant decisions as a single mother is to choose an ideal city where you can put down your roots. Determining an ideal place of residence means you have to consider several cities that provide you with supportive resources and amenities required to raise your children. To make this task a bit easier, this guide will help you to determine some of the best cities for single moms in the United States. You can choose the best cities to meet your family’s needs and goals by considering a few crucial factors like median annual income for single moms, cost of living, affordability, education and job opportunities, safety, affordable childcare, healthcare facilities, etc.

List Of Best Cities For Single Moms

Living as a solo mom is hard enough. Every single mother wishes to provide a good quality life for their children despite facing numerous obstacles daily. Some of the challenges they have to meet include education, housing, job availability, annual income of the available job, and transport system. Some key factors determine the best cities where a single mom would love to live in and raise their children. If you are a single moment planning to relocate, then take a look at the below-mentioned cities that can make a huge difference in your lives, including your loved ones.

1. East Lansing MI

East Lansing, in Michigan, is a fantastic bargain for single mothers and their children.  The city helps to commute throughout the city easily as it has access to plenty of routes. The below-average cost of living in this Michigan city will be an excellent relief for single mothers with one income. The average household earnings of the family is $46,390 per year in East Lansing. This allows single moms to make savings, invest and get a dream job.

2. Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ann Arbor is one of the most affordable cities for single moms throughout the USA, with an average house income of $55,350. The median annual state child support costs around $10,603. Ann Arbor in Michigan is one of the best cities you can consider as a solo mom. You also stand a good chance to provide for your family with a good job and income opportunities in this Michigan city. The money that you spend on childcare is considerably less in contrast to other cities in America. A key factor other than affordability for which you should consider living in this city in Michigan is the ease of commuting.

3. Austin Round Rock, Texas

Another best city for single moms to live in is Austin Round Rock, which enables single moms to get a good quality lifestyle. Single-parent families in this city earn an average household income of $48,500 annually. With this household income and a lot of professional financial advisors, single mothers can comfortably raise their children without having to constantly worry about how to provide for their child’s needs. Moving around Austin Round Rock is pretty easy compared to other locations. Single moms can check the official website of Round Rock to locate free resources to help them make informed decisions.

4. McAllen, Texas

Single moms prefer to purchase a home instead of spending money on rent. However, purchasing a new home may not be in everyone’s budget. Fortunately, in McAllen, TX, the cost of housing is favorable for single mothers. The median housing price in this city is only $253,112, which is comparatively lower than the national average housing cost of $365,616. Single moms who want to make their purchase dream more attainable will love to live in this city. With affordable residence options, McAllen also provides a low cost of living to single parents so that they can purchase budget-friendly homes and can lead comfortable lives with their families. Single mothers can also access impressive schools and educational programs for their children and live safely since the crime rate here is minimal.

5. Asheville, North Carolina

Single moms who are looking for ways to make a bright and secure future for their children and families should check out the beautiful city of Asheville, situated in North Carolina. The average household income of single parents in this city is $37,800. There are numerous reasons why single mothers should consider living in this city. One main reason is the affordable childcare facilities that single mothers can avail of in this city. Unlike other major cities in the USA, the median annual child support accounts for nearly $9254, which is reasonable. Single moms can also benefit from the low cost of living, which is 7% below the USA average. If you want to learn more about the amenities and facilities in this city in North Carolina, you can visit the official website of Asheville and learn more about this fantastic city.

6. Little Rock, Arkansas

Even though the annual average household income is 2% less than the national average income in Little Rock, single parents can make up for it due to the low cost of living in the city. The cost of living in the city is 9% below the national average cost. Single moms can save a lot of money. Single-parent families can stretch their dollars further by affording kid-friendly attractions like the Art Center, Children’s Theatre Museum of Discovery, and Little Rock Zoo. Residents in Arkansas have to pay an average annual cost of $6726 for childcare compared to the national average of $11,297.

7. Naples, Florida

Single moms will love settling in the beautiful coastal city of Naples, Florida. Not only is the city authentically beautiful, but it also has a robust job market and some of the best educational institutions in schools in the country. Florida pays an average of $9058 per year for childcare so that single mothers can keep childcare costs as low as possible. Naples is considered to be the safest town in Florida. Therefore single moms can live securely and safely with their children as crime rates here are too low. Families can spend time together in this city as it has access to beautiful beaches, live art scenes, and ascension parks. Naples comes with a close-knit community with many helpful and friendly residents living here who welcome newcomers, and this makes the city an incredible place for single moms to raise their kids.

8. Huntsville, AL

Huntsville in Alabama is popularly known as a Rocket City and is home to NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center and the United States Space And Rocket Center. The median household income for single parents in this city is $35,000. The unemployment rate for single parents here is only 8.2%, while the housing cost as a share of income for most single mothers is 17%. Home prices are pretty low in Alabama. The average annual cost of childcare is only half of the national average post. This city is undoubtedly one of the best places for single moms to live and thrive, thanks partly to its low cost of living and affordability. While it can be tough to secure employment in Huntsville, single mothers can benefit from the below-average living cost. There are around 39% of single parents living in Huntsville with a bachelor’s degree or higher education degree.

9. Wichita, KS

Situated in the state of Kansas, the city of Wichita helps single mothers to save both their time as well as money. The cost of living in the Midwestern metropolitan area is 11% below the national USA average. Single mothers can benefit from low childcare costs and lower-than-average housing prices. Commuting times here are short as well. Many individuals throughout the country spend almost 26 minutes on an average commute daily, so the time to commute in this city is only 19 minutes. The median household income for single mothers is $36,700 per year. Wichita is home to affordable educational programs for children of all ages and ages public libraries, which offers a fun and engaging environment for all residents. The unemployment rate for single-parent families is only 5.8%. Therefore single moms can access better income and job opportunities and provide for their children better.

10. Omaha-Council Bluffs, Iowa

Living in Iowa, single moms stand an excellent chance to live a quality lifestyle, as the average household income for single parents in Omaha Council Bluffs is only $38,515. Single mothers can also get an opportunity to save money as the cost of living in this city is 7% below the national USA average. You can save a lot of time while traveling as the highest commuting time is only 20 minutes. This is significantly less compared to the national average commute time. This city is famous for its affordability.

Regarding education and schooling, Omaha provides a rare option for single parents. The city includes an open school system that enables single parents to choose the schooling needs of their children based on their interests and not based on the neighborhood. The annual average childcare cost is $10,131. The unemployment rate among single parents in the city is as low as 4.6%. The housing costs and a share of income for solo parents is 23%.


Single moms can reduce their burden and survive financially when they make a reasonable budget, use resources such as job training programs and childcare support, and locate cheap housing. Some ideal places for single moms to stay financially stable and provide for their families. There isn’t any one-size-fits-all answer to which is the best city for single moms to dwell. Every city has its amenities and benefits like schooling, support for the community, cost of living, affordability, healthcare, educational facilities, etc. To locate the best city to live in as a single mom, you need to decide the needs of your family, your budget, and your current and future goals.

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