Best Country For Single Moms To Live

Best Country For Single Moms To Live

The struggle for a world where single mothers and other women can stroll across the street openly and embrace their freedom has been long drawn. As per reports, about one in every five women are victims of domestic violence or sexual abuse. Even though stringent regulations and numerous laws have been passed to protect the rights of single mothers and other women, many of them are still unsafe in many countries. Even though there is no such thing as being the best and safest country for single mothers in the world, however, some countries are safer compared to others, where they can raise their children with more ease.

Moving anywhere, especially abroad, can be terrifying and exciting for kids. This is because they leave familiar surroundings, neighborhoods, schools, and friends, but the exposure to new experiences and cultures can benefit single mothers and their children from moving internationally. Single mothers and their children living abroad are adopting new languages, developing new skills and becoming uniquely qualified for leadership roles.

How To Choose The Best Country For Single Moms To Live?

Moving to a different country appeals to a lot of people. No matter whether you are an individual expat, a single-parent family relocating with your kids in search of a job, a digital nomad, or a future retiree aiming to spend your golden years in a different country, there are a lot of options for you worldwide. While looking for the best country where you can settle down comfortably, you need to take some essential factors like tax, cost of living, friendliness, safety, healthcare and job opportunities, and quality of life into consideration.

Best Country To Live As A Single Mom

The following are the best countries for single moms to raise families based on social benefits, quality of education, social tolerance, safety, health care services, quality of life, childcare services, nature, and job opportunities. Some other important factors like cost of living and affordability have also been considered.

1. Sweden

This country has a practical social policy and has been ranked at the top in childcare and the overall cost of children. Sweden is one of the best countries for single mothers to raise children. Here parents can receive 480 days of paid parental leave, among which sixty are reserved for fathers. The government of Sweden also provides a monthly allowance to eligible parents of every child. Adults are entitled to receive reduced working hours until their kids turn eight years. Both college education and healthcare facilities in Sweden are easily accessible. Its residents take pride in having the longest life expectancies worldwide.

2. Denmark

Denmark has the most flexible and generous parental leave system compared to other European countries. Both fathers and mothers in Denmark are entitled to parental leave of 23 weeks, whereas mothers are entitled to receive four weeks of maternity leave before their expected due date. It is one of the most preferred countries for single mothers looking for an ideal place to grow and nurture their children. A universal healthcare system is employed by the country wherein citizens receive free medical care and checkup. Acquiring higher education in this country is also free.

3. Australia

Relocating to Australia will get single mothers to one of the best countries suited for growing and raising children. This country emphasizes health, quality of life, and integration. The country also provides financial support to eligible parents for up to 18 weeks so that they can take time off from their job and care for their recently adopted child or newborn baby. The rate of participation in sports and outdoor activities in Australia is also high; therefore, this country prides itself on having a high life expectancy for both males and females. As per government data and surveys, Australians are concerned mainly about growing environmental issues. Single moms looking for a country with better healthcare and childcare facilities will love to relocate to Australia.

4. Canada

Canada is among the best countries for single moms to live comfortably with their children. The country ranks highly due to its high quality of life, safety, robust health, and environment with a stable political landscape. Some critical advantages of settling down in Canada as a single mom are that you can expect good salaries, access to universal healthcare facilities, and provide the best education for your children. The robust healthcare education system in Canada is the main reason why more than 10,000 American expats moved to Canada in 2019, and several United States families in Canada are growing with each passing day.

5. Singapore

According to a survey by HSBC, Singapore is one of the best countries for single moms and an ideal place that takes good care of its residents. This country will be a perfect choice for single mothers willing to relocate to a country that can provide good education to their children. As per the survey, Singapore has the best education globally, although it can be expensive, unlike other countries. Child and infant care subsidies are available to help single mothers lower their childcare costs and ensure accessibility and affordability of high-quality childcare services. Even from the point of view of safety and security, single mothers will get an extremely safe and hygienically conducive place to live in Singapore. The country has a zero-tolerance policy regarding drugs. The crime rate here is also lower; therefore, single moms can raise their children securely. There are a lot of unique places to live as a single mother in Singapore and enjoy life to the fullest.

6. New Zealand

This country is ranked among the best in integration, high quality of life, and good health standards. Single mothers are moving their families to New Zealand to provide an ideal place to grow and nurture their children. The country’s primary focus is raising healthy children and providing an effective education system so children can get a well-rounded upbringing. Single moms relocating to New Zealand for a short period usually opt for private schools, even though public schools can also be an excellent way to settle. Single parents can meet a lot of likable people in this country.

7. Switzerland

This country consistently ranks highly for its robust educational system, safety, and healthy lifestyle. The Swiss education system ranks very high globally. If you are a single mom looking to relocate to a country to provide the best education to your children, then Switzerland is a good choice. Young children are not pressured to perform and score excellent grades. While some parents prefer to send their kids to highly-ranked International Schools in Switzerland, others opt for public schools. In terms of schooling, the country is ranked 6th globally.

8. Germany

Germany is one of the perfect destinations for single-parent families to thrive. The country has a solid and robust education system, but the government also pays great attention to childcare. This is why Germany has ranked the third-best country in the world for children. Germany is among the top 10 best countries for single-parent families. The open market capitalism of this country carries specific social service guarantees reflected in childcare quality, the overall cost of children, school, health, and quality of family life.

9. Portugal

Europe is a popular destination for a lot of single-parent families. Portugal is a famous European country with a low cost of living. The average cost of living here is nearly USD 102,669. Single-parent families on one income can enjoy a good quality of life. Over the years, Portugal has proved to be one of the best countries for many American expats to relocate to. Single parents can access high-quality healthcare facilities at a fraction of the cost in the United States. Those who become permanent residents of Portugal can access completely free public healthcare services. In 2017 the country was ranked the third safest country globally, and around 156 places in Portugal were ahead of the United States. The overall rate of crimes is low, and the political landscape is relatively stable.  Portugal is a safe and sound country for single-parent families to thrive.

10. India

One of the fastest-growing countries is India which has a booming economy. Presently India is the 5th largest country in the world, and the report states by 2027, the country will overtake Japan and Germany to become the third largest country in the world. India is an attractive and ideal location for single moms to live and work. There is no end of opportunities within this country. The country is incredibly reasonable, and single moms can get a furnished apartment in a metropolitan city at lower prices compared to other countries. The monthly rent on housing is nearly $600 per month. India is a bustling and vast country where you get acquainted with the rich history of culture, religion, and customs.

11. Austria

The social system of Austrians ensures a lot of help and support for working and single parents. The country provides fully paid 2-year parental leave to working parents so that they can take good care of their children. Almost every family living in Australia is entitled to a monthly stipend to cover their childcare expenses until their child turns 18 years. This monthly stipend is known as kindergeld. Like any other private learning institution, kindergarten is subsidized by the Austrian government, and single mothers relocating to Austria can access a lot of international schools. Single mothers looking for a country with childcare support and a robust education system will love settling in Austria.

12. Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the safest countries for women, and single mothers can raise their families safely. The country never fails to meet your expectations. Regarding amenities and opportunities, the country offers a highly safe and friendly atmosphere to women of all ages. The cases of misbehavior and sexual violence have also reduced over the years. Single moms can walk alone at night without any fear. In this country, children can get a friendly environment that helps their personal growth and development.

Regarding general education and childcare quality, the Netherlands is ranked 3rd and 4th best countries globally. Every mother is entitled to receive maternity insurance which covers almost all the part of their costs. The country also boasts a vibrant and tolerant society that follows liberal approaches to solving social issues.


Many single mothers are relocating to a new country to access better health care, education, and job opportunities. All the countries mentioned above provide a nurturing environment for single mothers to raise their children single-handedly. There are many countries apart from those stated above where being a single mother is financially rewarding. These countries provide generous and best benefits to single mothers through subsidized child care, financial gifts, good income opportunities, overall quality of life, and length of parental leave. Single mothers must invest time and research to find a country that matches their family needs, budget, and future goals.

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