Grants For Single Moms In Arkansas

Grants For Single Moms In Arkansas

Arkansas has immense opportunities for low-income people, especially single-parent households. There is a list of financial assistance programs and grants created exclusively for single moms in financial need. These grants not only help them to meet their housing, healthcare, food, and shelter needs but also enables them to pursue higher career goals by continuing their studies. There is a plethora of financial aid for single moms in Arkansas, which guarantee single moms a bright future for themselves and their dependent children.

Are There Financial Assistance Programs For Single Moms In Arkansas?

Yes, there are numerous grants and financial assistance programs designed exclusively for single mothers in Arkansas and are funded by the government, nonprofits, private organizations, and local churches. Single moms are indeed expert multitasks as they have to fulfill a lot of duties as well as responsibilities. Balancing work, parenthood, and education are a few common challenges that single mothers in Arkansas face daily. This is why most of them struggle to pay for their necessities, as they have limited resources and savings. With the rising costs of living, childcare, and education expenses, it becomes difficult for single mothers in Arkansas to survive.

Different Grants For Single Moms In Arkansas

If you’re a struggling single mom living with your dependent children in Arkansas, then the following resources and programs will help you to pay for your necessities and lower your financial pressure.

1. Single Parent Scholarship Fund

The Single Parent Scholarship Fund enables low-income single mothers in Arkansas to build a bright future for themselves and their families. Full-time and part-time single-parent students in Arkansas willing to pursue post-secondary education such as associate degrees, bachelor degrees, and certificate programs can seek financial assistance through this program. Single mothers can apply for this scholarship to cover their educational costs, daycare costs, commuting, housing costs, and other additional expenses while attending school.

2. TEA, Arkansas Transitional Employment Assistance Program

This temporary assistance program enables low-income single mothers and needy families living with children to get support and reduce dependence on public assistance. Some of the prime benefits that can be received under this program are child care assistance, cash payments, employment-associated services, transportation help, job-related activities, and many other supportive services. Single moms can contact the Arkansas Department Of Workforce Services to learn more about this program and its eligibility or application procedure.

3. SNAP, Arkansas Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

The Arkansas SNAP program is designed exclusively for low-income families and needy individuals who find it challenging to purchase adequate nutritious food for their families. The SNAP program assists people in their difficult times so that they can buy a nutritionally adequate diet. The average monthly financial support a recipient can get through this program is between $110 to $376, as per USDA. The 2019 report states that more than 3,60,000 residents in Arkansas have received food benefits through this program. Eligible single mothers will receive an EBT card to purchase groceries. Applications for this program can be submitted online through ACCESS Arkansas. You can also visit the local DHS county office to learn more about the Arkansas SNAP program.

4. Arkansas Fresh Start Program

Multiple financial assistance programs in Arkansas enable low-income renters to locate affordable housing and pay rent. One such program is Arkansas Fresh Start which targets low-income families, especially single mothers, so that they can secure housing. This program offers monetary assistance to community agencies that distribute funds to needy families. Rental assistance will be given to needy low-income families for up to 2.5 months, and the funds will be paid directly to the property’s landlord. This program requires candidates to be Arkansas residents and have income at or below 80% of the area median income. If you’re a single mom finding it challenging to locate housing or pay rent, you can contact your nearby community action agency to learn how to apply for this program.

5. Arkansas Child Care Assistance Program

Arkansas Child Care Assistance Program is a federally funded program that helps single parents to cover their childcare expenses and helps them to attend school or work without being concerned about their children. Single mothers looking for child care assistance to continue their education or go to work can apply for this program. Eligible parents can receive financial assistance to pay for childcare services depending on their income levels. The qualification required to participate in this program is to be a resident of Arkansas and attend work or school full-time for a minimum of 30 hours weekly.

6. WAP, Weatherization Assistance Program In Arkansas

Arkansas residents who want to improve their home efficiency can participate in the Weatherization Assistance Program. This program offers financial assistance to community agencies so that low-income families can install insulation and improve the heating system of their homes. The qualification requires candidates to be a resident of Arkansas and have an income at or below 200% of the poverty guidelines as determined by the Department of Energy. If you are unable to pay your electric bills, then you can contact your nearby WAP-funded community agency to learn how you can apply for this program.

7. WIC, The Women, Infants And Children Program In Arkansas

This program is designed to assist pregnant women, children, single mothers, and needy women in getting baby formula, nutritious food, and other nutritional resources. The program offers breastfeeding support, nutritional education, and referrals for helpful health services. Low-income single mothers, pregnant ladies, or breastfeeding women can receive assistance through this program. Single mothers of youngsters under five years of age who are at high nutritional risk and are below 185% of the federal poverty level can participate in this program.


Single moms in Arkansas who are experiencing financial hardship can get assistance through a lot of programs and grants. These programs offer them free money to pay for their necessities and provide a good standard of living for their children. Financial assistance grants and programs are provided by federal, state, and local governments as well as many private organizations, civic groups, and charitable institutions.

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