Good Places For Single Mom To Live In Minnesota

Good Places For Single Mom To Live In Minnesota

Minnesota is one of the top ten states in America which provide a beautiful place for single mothers; they can call their home. If you are considering an excellent place to settle in Northern America, then Minnesota is a good option. This state is an ideal choice for many single moms to raise a family because of its high median income, exceptional educational services, and affordable cost of living.

What Makes Minnesota A Good Place For Single Moms To Live?

Minnesota is famous for its affordable prices, festivals, and its people. The state has several reasons which make it a worthwhile choice for single moms to raise a family and put down roots. Many people can live, work and retire in this state and have money left over for fun, savings, and recreation. Minnesotans are likable, and if you decide to live in this state, you will enjoy the outdoor activities, natural beauty, human and natural spirit, and the friendly atmosphere. The cities of Minnesota are clean and green. Green places, clean air, hiking and biking trails, and high walkability are certain factors that contribute to the health and happiness of Minnesotans.

A List Of Good Places For Single Moms To Live In Minnesota

The following are the best places in the state of Minnesota that will help you to get a happy and fulfilling life.

1. Chanhassen

From education and employment to values and high-income opportunities, Chanhassen in Minnesota excels in each category when choosing the best places to settle down in Minnesota. Chanhassen is home to many successful residents, and 97% of students in this city have received high school diplomas. This city is one of the top earners in Minnesota, and the median home price is not more than $360,000. Single mothers looking for gainfully employed cities will love Chanhassen, where the unemployment rate is as low as 2.4%, with the median household income of residents more than $100,000 per year. Single moms can access a lot of parks for their kids to have fun and live with them safely, as the crime rates in the city are relatively low.

2. Saint Paul

One of the Twin Cities of Minnesota is Saint Paul which offers affordable living costs to single mothers. The average cost of an apartment in Saint Paul is around $1200 per month and $3600 per year, much cheaper than other expensive cities like New York. There are perfect places for single-parent families to bond, like 26 recreation centers, more than 200 parks, and four aquatic centers. Single mothers looking for children-friendly food establishments can find many good places in Saint Paul. It also has access to excellent schools for children.

3. Lakeville

The city of Lakeville is one of the best places in Minnesota to live and has all the markings for single moms. It is home to walking paths, lakes, parks, and playgrounds. Lakeville is one of the best-educated cities in Minnesota, and 96% of its population are high school graduates. The unemployment rate of this city is only 2.9% which is relatively very low, and the average household income in Lakeville is higher than $100,000 annually. Single mothers who are looking to settle down in a place that has low rates of crime will love Lakeville.

4. Edina

Single moms looking for one of the best places for their family to live in Minnesota can consider the city of Edina, which has a suburban and affluent place, unlike a big city environment. Housing prices in this city are relatively high, and the average house purchase cost is $404,000. Single moms who can afford to pay housing prices can get up prime places to dwell with their children. What sets this city apart is its access to high-quality educational institutions. According to the American Community Survey data in 2019, around 98% of the population in Edina are 25 years old and have graduated successfully from high school or have an equivalent GED degree. It is a 20-minute drive from Minneapolis, with light to moderate traffic during the extensive hours. There are unique, exciting activities for adults and kids.

5. Linden Hills

There is a tight-knit and strong sense of community in the Linden Hills neighborhood. Newer single mothers will get a welcoming community of long-term residents in London Hills. The crime rates here are minimal, and there are more than 40 public schools in this area with low pupil-to-teacher ratios. In other words, teachers can focus on the children’s individual needs in a better way. Many schools in this city exceed the target results and standards set by the Minnesota government. Residents of this city earn around twice as much as the national average; therefore, single moms can access high-income opportunities.

6. Eden Prairie

People are drawn to Eden Prairie due to its small towns and tend to settle here due to its quality of life, affordability, and overall satisfaction. The little town of Eden Prairie is a 30-minute ride to the southwest of Minneapolis and gives a unique and lively atmosphere. The average household income in Eden Prairie is around $106,600. The housing value here is assumed to be nearly $6200, which is quite sizable. The quality of life for residents in Eden Fair is exceptional and is rated at 95%. There is no shortage of learning and fun activities here. The three public beaches, Way Cool Cooking School, Eden Prairie Art Center, and Airmaxx Trampoline Park, are some entertainment places that will help your family and children to stay engaged.


Minnesota has a robust economy where you can find a splendid place to dwell with your children. Single moms can access quality educational institutions and schools for their children. The water recreation sports in numerous parks are a bonus point. There are excellent museums or parks, art, and culture to keep your kids entertained and engaged for a long time. If you decide to settle in Minnesota, then the areas mentioned above would help you to have a fulfilling life with your child.

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