Best Place For Single Moms To Live In Los Angeles

Best Place For Single Moms To Live In Los Angeles

Los Angeles has the perfect vibe for single moms, as it has many opportunities and amenities for every family. Los Angeles is known for its sunny weather, Hollywood stars, and plentiful beaches. Single mothers planning to move toward Los Angeles should consider looking for the best neighborhoods where they can raise their families safely.

What Single Moms Need To Know Before Moving To Los Angeles?

Los Angeles, or LA, is renowned as the city of angels and is known for being home to wealthy people. It is also the second-largest city in the state. It is a big melting pot of abundant opportunities, entertainment, and ethnic diversity. However, it is also essential to know the downsides of living in specific neighborhoods of Los Angeles, such as horrible traffic, homelessness, and unsafe areas. Single moms should consider a few essential factors before selecting a neighborhood in LA, such as affordability, safety, workability, nightlife, entertainment communities available, schools, etc. Choosing the right neighborhood that matches your vibe and is far from your workplace or main highways will benefit you. Deciding on these factors before moving into the iconic city will make your life as a single mom more accessible and comfortable.

List Of Best Place For Single Moms To Live In Los Angeles

Los Angeles has pleasant weather and over 280 sunny days throughout the year. It is a place for single moms to consider if they want a year-round glow. Single moms can locate a perfect neighborhood in Los Angeles by considering the following options.

1. Highland Park

Situated in northeastern Los Angeles, Highland Park is home to more than 61,000 residents with a median household income of $55,000. This is an ideal location for single-parent families, as single mothers or fathers head more than 21.1% of families in Highland Park. The median home and rent prices are much lower than the rest of the areas in Los Angeles. The average townhouse value is nearly $71,000. Having a high population density in Highland Park implies that there are spacious townhouses for single mothers to choose from. Moreover, this neighborhood is situated near downtown; therefore, commuting to other neighborhoods is more accessible.

2. Culver City

The city is the perfect location for young families or professionals seeking a well-connected and safe area. Founded in 1913 by Harry Culver, the city was placed purposefully between downtown and the Santa Monica and Venice beaches. This neighborhood has access to many beaches where you can spend your time with your family. There are many parks in this neighborhood where you can jog, stroll or take bike rides. Single mothers who are willing to relocate to a location with great job and income opportunities will love settling in Culver City, which is home to a lot of big tech companies like Amazon Studios, HBO, Apple, etc. It is one of the most developed neighborhoods in Los Angeles. With hipster vibes, excellent schools, and a blooming, Culver City provides everything one could ask for.

3. Echo Park

Echo Park is an ideal location for single as well as young professionals. It has an authentic and iconic neighborhood with extensive parks, beautiful greenery, and stunning Victorian craftsman houses. Echo Park has a perfect score in terms of walkability, and it has access to a wide range of outdoor activities, cafes, shops, restaurants, etc. The most highlighted feature is the Dodger Stadium, a fantastic place to visit. Being centrally located, Echo Park has easy access to downtown, Silver Lake, Chinatown, and other vital areas of Los Angeles, making it a desirable sport. If you want a trendy neighborhood with a bright future, Echo Park should be on your wishlist.

4. Westwood

A perfect neighborhood for young and single professionals in Los Angeles is Westwood. This location is the home of the University of California in Los Angeles. The area has many students and young professionals over 27 years old. Westwood lies near BelAir and Beverly Hills, the most expensive location in Los Angeles, so Westwood is a fantastic area to live with your family. Westwood is also a good option in terms of affordability, even though the rental expenses can be a bit expensive, unlike other areas of Los Angeles. Thanks to many students residing here, dining, nightlife, and shopping are much more affordable. This neighborhood is home to Westwood Village, a historic commercial district with abandoned shops, restaurants, and fancy boutiques to cater to all your needs. With plenty of events and attractions that cater to students but also to the young population, Westwood is undoubtedly a safe and perfect place to live.

5. Silver Lake

Silver Lake is a perfect destination for young and single professionals and families who want to settle down with their families. Silver Lake is located between Los Feliz and Echo Park, which gives you exposure to both worlds. Silver Lake is famous for being a pool area in the town, with plenty of restaurants and stores. Silver Lake provides not only trendy vibes and a safe neighborhood for single-parent families to live with their children. The median household income in Silver Lake is around $52,000. Fortunately, crime rates in this city are comparatively low; therefore, single mothers are safe and can do much on a tight budget. There are a high number of residents living in Silver Lake who have never been married. The neighborhood of Silver Lake offers everything from trendy townhouses, apartments to eclectic murals.


Los Angeles has a lot of fantastic places to live. If you are a single mother, finding a place that fits your budget and lifestyle is essential. While choosing a location in Los Angeles, CA, you need to keep in mind the safety, affordability, entertainment, education facilities, job opportunities, and housing prices in mind. Los Angeles is a city that has everything you need: an endless supply of artisan coffee, chai teas, comfortable sunny weather, and a good lifestyle. Despite having a reputation for not being the safest or most affordable place, Los Angeles is a city where you can access immense opportunities to grow and thrive.

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