Best Place For Single Moms To Live In Canada

Best Place For Single Moms To Live In Canada

As per statistics, single parents move primarily because of availing better job opportunities after separating from their partner or for availing good schooling options for their children. If you’re a single mother planning to move to a different location, you might feel confused or overwhelmed; however, there is no need. If you’re unsure which city will be an ideal choice for you and your kids, then this is the right place for you. There are many top cities in Canada for single parents willing to start a new chapter in their life.

How Can Single Mothers Choose The Best City In Canada?

There isn’t any perfect city where single mothers can start building a secure future for themselves and their kids. However, cities in Canada offer an almost perfect lifestyle that single-parent families seek. Every single mom needs to be realistic about her present financial situation, wishes, family goals, the ambition of her children and needs in mind by locating a proper city in Canada. Once you learn about your priorities and needs, you can choose an ideal location in Canada. All the cities perform exceptionally well in terms of economic opportunities, and women in Canada have equal access to education and jobs; therefore, many single mothers are relocating, hoping to access better leadership positions, personal security, and economic security. Canada is among the best countries for single parents, with higher career and education opportunities.

List Of Best Places For Single Moms To Live In Canada

There are many unique locations to thrive in Canada with better access to life and career opportunities for single mothers. Some fantastic cities are as follows:

1. Victoria

Victoria is one of the best metropolitan areas for single mothers in Canada. This city provides a lot of opportunities for single moms in terms of leadership roles as well as economic opportunities. The income gap between gender in Canada is narrow, and therefore, the percentage of women in schools here are more than men. For single mothers accessing equal opportunities, good wages, and social services are essential, and all these factors are prioritized in Victoria. Living in a comfortable and safe city like Victoria is slightly more than the national average; however, the housing costs are pretty reasonable. As a capital city, Victoria provides many economic opportunities and good schools to single moms. The crime rate here is also low, which means this is a safe place to dwell.

2. Toronto

Popularly known as the “Economic Capital of Canada,” Toronto offers immense opportunities for single mothers and their children. Irrespective of whether you are looking for good job opportunities or good schools for your children, Toronto has everything to offer you. There are many universities, companies, and high-paying job opportunities here. Toronto is home to over 3 million people, and almost a million are leading single lives. Although good opportunities are available here, the city can be competitive and expensive with unreasonable housing. If you plan to move to Toronto, you must be prepared for the high cost of living and housing. Toronto is a good place for single moms in terms of livability, opportunities, and safety.

3. Quebec City

One of the oldest cities in the country and also the best places for women to live in Canada is Quebec City. The livability score of Quebec City is 81, and the city performs excellently well on many different levels. There are low crime rates in this city, which means women are safe here, and single mothers need not be concerned about their security while putting down roots here. The cost of living in Quebec City is comparatively lower than other cities in Canada. As a result, many single mothers prefer to settle in Quebec City. The employment conditions here are average, and housing prices are also affordable. With more than 600,000 people living in this city, around 31.5% of them have been single since 2017, which means that single mothers can connect to other people in the city.

4. Vancouver

Another best place for single mothers in Canada is Vancouver. This city provides abundant opportunities for young professionals and families to thrive. The bustling nightlife in the city of Vancouver is an ideal setting for many young people to find a partner for themselves. It is a beautiful and charming city with many entertaining and outdoor activities. Being one of the most expensive cities, Vancouver provides many economic opportunities for families. Unfortunately, the cost of living and housing is not affordable here; however, single moms can have peace of mind as crime rates are below average.

5. Montreal

One of the biggest cities in Canada is Montreal which is considered to be one of the best cities for single mothers and other women to live happily. The city is affordable and provides economic security to women. You need not worry about personal security since crime rates are below the Canadian average. Although the livability rate in this city is excellent, employment opportunities are below par. Montreal is also an ideal place for singles who are looking for an ideal partner. Montreal being a glamorous city, has immense opportunities for people to mingle and find love. Around 36.89% of the million population here are single. Therefore you can find like-minded people in this.

6. Hamilton

Hamilton has an incredible livability score of 74. Some of the factors which make the city of Hamilton one of the best cities in Canada to live in are low crime rates, above-average employment opportunities, affordable housing, and low cost of living. The city is growing at a rapid rate, and a lot of single people and young professionals are moving here in the hope of leading a better lifestyle.


Canada is one of the best countries in the world for immigrants and also has the most straightforward immigration procedures. Moving to Canada and starting a new life in a city can be an overwhelming process for single mothers. Before choosing a particular Canadian city, you must examine numerous considerations, like food costs, affordability, childcare accessibility, educational access, housing costs, crime rates, and other factors.

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