Best Place To Live In Georgia For Single Moms

Best Place To Live In Georgia For Single Moms

Single mothers considering moving to Georgia with their kids and starting a new chapter in their family should start researching the amenities, cons, and opportunities of every location in the state to choose a perfect place. Popularly known as the “Beach City,” the state of Georgia is widely known for Coca-Cola, peanuts, hip-hop, pecans, recreation, sports, and peaches. You need to consider a vast number of factors, like activities, the cost of living, neighborliness, school districts, recreation opportunities, crime rates, access to quality education, and the job market, into consideration while selecting neighborhoods of Georgia.

How To Choose The Best Place To Live In Georgia For Single Moms?

No two places are equal; therefore, it is essential for every single mother willing to settle down in Georgia to choose an ideal place that matches their family’s needs and budget. The first and foremost step is to examine the amenities which each location offers and also investigate the housing and job market before deciding on a place. Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, is diverse in population and is one of the most prominent places to live. If cultural events, art, music, and sports are up your alley, there is no shortage of entertaining and engaging options on the list. Atlanta is not the only place to find all the amenities and activities. There are much less populated cities, charming suburbs, and small towns with many opportunities.

Best Places To Live In Georgia For Single Moms

The following are the best and ideal places in Georgia to call home.

1. Peachtree City

If a single mother is willing to settle down in the metropolitan region of Atlanta, they will find Peachtree City a good location. Peachtree City offers a quiet, comfortable, lively, and vibrant environment to young professionals and those who wish to settle down and raise a family. The city is nationally recognized for its multi-use path system and educational system. This makes it one of the most perfect places to dwell in Georgia. The path system of Peachtree City is incredible and has a network of 100 miles of path that connect plenty of shopping centers, neighborhoods, lakes, schools, and offices throughout the city.

2. Sugar Hill

Located 38 miles northeast of Atlanta, Sugar Hill is home to nearly 22,000 people. The median house price in this city is roughly $290,000, and many homes are of Georgian architectural style. There are a lot of perks for single-parent families living in Sugar Hill. The city provides a laid-back rural environment and convenient facilities and amenities like shops, parks, restaurants, etc. The Dawn P. Gober Community Plaza is an amenity in Sugar Hill that hosts many community events.

3. Canton

Canton ranks the top on the list of perfect places to raise a family in Georgia as a single mom. The city provides a charming, quintessentially southern downtown for visitors and residents to adore and enjoy. This town boasts itself for its historic preservation, restoration project, and economic growth. Canton is a lively town that provides tons of benefits to residents belonging to all ages. From wine walks to art and music and farmers’ markets, single mothers can feel like they are located in a significant community. Canton is home to more than 22,000 people and has an excellent location with recreational activities, excellent schools, plenty of dining options, etcetera.

4. Marietta

Do you want to raise a family while availing all the perks and opportunities of Atlanta? Then Marietta can be an ideal place for you as it is within an easy commute route from the big city of Atlanta. Situated 20 miles northwest of Atlanta, Marietta has nearly 60,000 residents. The median house value of this city is around $329,000. The city has a lot of entertaining options to provide its residents, such as numerous parks, museums, theaters, historical sites, etc. For instance, the Earl and Rachel Smith Strand Theatre, Marietta Museum of History, and Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park are some attractions for families to enjoy.

5. Woodstock

This is one of the most incredible locations to start a new chapter of life in Georgia. Woodstock is a small city that is situated 30 miles northwest of Atlanta and comes with a population of nearly 33,000. Even though it is small compared to other big cities, it offers a comforting, warm, small-town atmosphere with city amenities, shopping, and dining options. Woodstock is popularly known for its lively, artsy, and charming downtown. This city is known for being the most affordable suburb outside Atlanta and is home to gated communities, great neighborhoods as well as starter homes. Single moms can avail a lot of schools in this city which are consistently improving and getting better.

6. Decatur

From a diverse population to the best schools, the city of Decatur provides a unique, friendly atmosphere that fits single-parent families, young professionals, and others who can call it their home. The nightlife in this city is worth noting. Decatur has a high walkability rate and provides several entertainment options for your kids to remain entertained and engaged. Being a hot ticket area, the city’s high rankings are reflected in its cost of living and home prices. The cost of living in this city is 34% higher than the average in other Georgia areas and 25% higher than the national average. The housing prices are also 74% higher than the national average price. Families who can afford these costs will love settling in this city. With various schools, entertainment options, and a friendly atmosphere, Decatur can be on your wishlist.


There are plenty of options for single moms to choose an ideal city in Georgia and plant their roots. To choose the best places, you need to consider a wide range of factors. Easy access to restaurant shops, coffee shops, parks for families to enjoy, and access to good education and job opportunities are a few of them. Many factors determine the best places to dwell as a single mom in Georgia, including the cost of living, the housing market, socioeconomics, and crime rates.

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