Grants For Single Mom In Washington

Grants For Single Mom In Washington

The state of Washington offers endless grants and resources to empower and assist single moms to get back on their feet and attain self-sufficiency. Whether you need assistance to pay for your monthly rent, food, or medical assistance, Washington has all the resources.

How Can Single Moms Get Help In Washington?

Single moms have to juggle jobs and their household obligations. Washington addresses the daily struggles and financial difficulties of single mothers, and this is the reason why a lot of supportive programs are available in the state that targets low-income single moms and aims to ease their financial burden. Single moms can seek help by applying for these programs and grants. The financial assistance program for single moms in Washington helps them with food, housing, child care assistance, medical care assistance, and many supportive services.

Different Grants For Single Mom In Washington

If you’re looking for financial aid for single moms in Washington, then the following resources and programs will help you to get started.

1. Washington WorkFirst

The welfare reform program of Washington is known as WorkFirst, which targets low-income families and individuals in locating jobs. The program enables single moms and needy individuals to locate better job opportunities, become self-sufficient and also attain financial stability. Under the WorkFirst program of Washington, interested applicants are required to seek jobs actively unless otherwise exempted. The procedure to apply for the program is straightforward since you have to apply to the local Community Service Office in your county.

2. SNAP, Washington Basic Food Program

The SNAP program in Washington is known as the Basic Food Program. It enables low-income families and poor individuals residing in Washington to supplement their income and get a nutritious diet. Basic Food benefits given to eligible candidates and families per month will depend on living expenses, household income, size, etc. On average, a family of three members residing in Washington and belonging to low-income families is eligible for food assistance up to $363. If you’re a struggling single mom unable to provide nutritious meals to your children, you can apply for the Basic Food Program by contacting your local DSHS Community Service Office and submitting an application.

3. WCCC, Working Connections Child Care

The Working Connections Child Care in Washington enables low-income families to pay for their childcare while attending school, work, or job training program. Single mothers can qualify for the WCCC program if they belong to low-income families and wish to seek child care assistance while attending work or school. Eligible candidates have to choose a childcare provider of their choice, and the state government will pay a portion of the entire childcare expenses of the applicants. In contrast, parents have to co-pay for the difference each month.

4. LIHEAP, Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

Low-income earners in Washington state can cover their utility bills by applying for this program. The main objective of this home energy assistance program is to enable low-income families, including single mothers, to meet their home energy needs. Eligible households will receive a one-time deposit into their utility accounts directly. Single mothers who belong to low-income households and cannot meet immediate home energy needs can apply for LIHEAP. Utility assistance of up to $600 is provided to eligible low-income households through this program. To apply, you can contact your local LIHEAP agency serving the community in your area and schedule an appointment.

5. PWA, Washington Pregnant Women Assistance Program

This state-funded program offers cash assistance to low-income pregnant women who are not eligible for assistance under state family assistance or the TANF program. Single mothers who are pregnant and willing to receive monthly cash assistance can apply for this program. The eligibility criteria of this program require candidates to be pregnant and be residents of Washington state. Once you qualify for this program, you can receive monthly cash assistance of up to $363. To apply for this program, you can contact your local DSHS Community Service Office.

6. Washington Apple Health

The Medicaid program in Washington is known as Apple Health, which is designed exclusively to assist low-income families who cannot pay for their medical care bills. This program is the best aid for single mothers and senior citizens in nursing homes to receive healthcare assistance. The beneficiaries of the Apple Health Program are low-income families and single mothers with children to look after. This program also covers adults in age between 18 to 65 years and having income below 133% of the federal poverty level.

7. Washington College Grant

This is a need-based financial aid that is designed for low-income students who are pursuing post-secondary education in approved colleges or institutions in Washington. The award amount of this program may vary depending on the type of school that students have enrolled in. To be eligible for the program, applicants must have a household income of less than 70% of the state median income. Applicants under 50% of the state’s median household income will qualify for the maximum award. Single moms who want to afford college and continue their education can apply for this program by filling out FAFSA.

8. Washington Unemployment Insurance

The Unemployment Insurance Program in Washington enables low-income workers who have been laid off or lost their job due to no fault. The program offers temporary assistance by replacing a part of their previous wages for up to 26 weeks. The weekly unemployment insurance benefits in Washington range between $182 to $929. Single mothers can also apply for this program if they have lost their job or income through no fault of their own. The eligibility criteria state that candidates must actively seek employment opportunities every week.


Single motherhood can be a taxing experience. However, grants and financial assistance for single moms in Washington can provide invaluable support to needy single moms who have to endure many struggles. These financial assistance programs and grants cover the cost of housing, childcare, transportation, food, and other essential needs. By availing the proper support and resources, single moms in Washington can create a stable and brighter future for themselves and their children.

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