Best Place To Live In California For Single Moms

Best Place To Live In California For Single Moms

For many single mothers raising their children requires a safe and nurtured environment which significantly impacts both the mother and the child. Different cities in California have different access to numerous resources like quality education systems, comfortable childcare, transportation systems, job market, and career advancement facilities that can make their life as single mothers a lot easier. If you’re a single mother and looking for the best place to put down your roots in California, then the following guide will help you to get started.

What Should Single Mothers Consider To Find The Best Place In California?

As a single mom locating the best place to dwell with your children in California is essential. This will help you live a fulfilling life and nurture your children well. There are a lot of factors that you need to consider while looking for a perfect place to live, such as quality education and childcare, cost of living, community safety, the job market, and employment opportunities. California has a high cost of living, and single moms must ensure they can afford the rent or mortgage payments and other living costs like food, clothing, and childcare. It will help if you locate a place in California with good schools, colleges, and employment opportunities. The safety of the community is also an essential consideration for solo moms as it is crucial to find a neighborhood that is safe to walk in, close to the police stations and hospitals, and has low rates of crime.

List Of Best Places To Live In California For Single Moms

Following is the list of ideal cities in California which are safe and affordable and have ample community support, childcare, healthcare facilities, decent work-life balance, and good quality education access.

1. Sacramento

The capital city of Sacramento provides single mothers with a family-friendly atmosphere and has plenty of educational opportunities and a reasonable cost of living. The unemployment rates in this city are exceptional. The city has a robust economy as the healthcare, government, and technology industries are rapidly progressing. California’s capital city is just two hours from San Francisco and offers an excellent gateway to temperate Northern California. There are a lot of local leisure activities, a 32-mile bike trail, professional sports teams, and coffee and brewery shops.

2. Bakersfield

Another big city in California, known as Bakersfield, has a population of nearly 391,438. The population figures in Bakersfield are steadily increasing due to the affordability of homes and rent in the city. Bakersfield’s population mainly consists of young families and professionals. The economy of Bakersfield is primarily driven by oil and agriculture, and single moms can access a wide range of jobs and good income opportunities in this city. The median annual income in Bakersfield is $36,139, while the median housing value is around $330,409.  Single moms can access many community recreation opportunities, parks, and the best schools in this city.

3. Fresno

This is the fifth largest California city, with a land area extending 114 square miles. In the San Joaquin Valley, Fresno City has more than 540,000 residents. This California city is famous for its size as well as the benefits that it provides to its residents. Even though it is known to be an urban area, Fresno is renowned for its extensive agriculture industry. Single moms can access equal schools, a safe environment, and low mortgages in Fresno. With its affordable cost of living and lower home values, it isn’t hard to guess why many people are flocking to this beautiful city.

4. San Francisco

In Northern California, San Francisco is an economic hub that offers excellent employment and career advancement opportunities. There are many reasons why single mothers choose to be with their children in San Francisco. The hilly and scenic landscape and coastal location are one such reason. Even though San Francisco is not technically present in Silicon Valley, it is home to many financial companies and tech startups. Due to its thriving employment sector, single mothers are willing to relocate to San Francisco. Unfortunately, this city is one of the most expensive cities to dwell in, so it is a better choice for young adults with good income opportunities.

5. Ontario

This California city is situated east of Los Angeles in San Bernardino County. Ontario has nearly 175,000 residents, with median home prices ranging from $7,000. The average rental price of an apartment of 904 square feet in San Bernardino is $2364.  Ontario provides decent education to single mothers, and the highest-ranking schools are in Archibald Ranch and Ontario Ranch South. The median household income of Ontario residents is $67,357, which is much higher than the national median income. Like any other city in California, Ontario provides good quality healthcare services to its residents.

6. Modesto

The city of Modesto is situated in Stanislaus County. It is conveniently situated within two hours’ driving distance from San Jose, Sacramento, and San Francisco. With a population of 211,336 residents, Modesto is diverse in race, age, and background. Tourists and residents can access a lot of entertainment attractions and sports choices for their leisure. As per data reports, around 84% of Modesto’s population lives above the poverty level, and the median household income of residents is approximately 64,000. The cost of living in Modesto is relatively low compared to the national average, and single mothers can get a comfortable lifestyle here and get safe neighborhoods, low crime rates, the best schools, and a decent number of healthcare facilities.


Single moms willing to settle down in California with their children can find a lot of unique places that will help them to get a fulfilling and happy life. An ideal location will make single mothers safe and comfortable and provide them with healthcare, amenities, and opportunities. California has a lot to offer to single mothers who are willing to settle down and raise their families. From the mountains of San Francisco to the beaches of Los Angeles, there are many excellent places for each mom in California.

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