Grants For Single Mom In South Carolina

Grants For Single Mom In South Carolina

South Carolina offers many assistance and support services to enable low-income people and single moms to break the cycle of unemployment and poverty. Raising a child single-handedly can be a taxing experience for single mothers who have to manage household expenses and take care of their children alone. Many state and federal-funded programs are available in South Carolina, which single mothers can use.

How Does South Carolina Help Single Mothers?

It is not surprising to state that single moms and their children in South Carolina are affected the most because of the unfavorable economic atmosphere. Approximately 40% of South Carolina’s population is poor. This is the reason why the government of South Carolina has designed a lot of programs and resources so that residents in hardship can tackle their life challenges and can stay ahead. Financial assistance and support for single moms in South Carolina range from food, housing, and childcare to medical assistance, unemployment insurance, cash assistance, and many more supportive services.

Different Grants For Single Moms In South Carolina

Low-income residents and single-parent families in South Carolina are all affected due to a lack of financial resources. Financial assistance programs aim to address the plight of vulnerable families and single parents in this state. If you’re looking for financial aid for single moms in South Carolina, then the following programs will help you to assist in times of your need.

1. TANF, South Carolina Temporary Assistance For Needy Families

This time-limited program assists low-income families in South Carolina living with dependent children. TANF benefits in South Carolina are limited to 60 months in ten years only. The time limit can be extended only in hardship if applicants meet specific eligibility criteria. To receive TANF benefits, single mothers must ensure their income is less than 50% of the federal poverty level. A single mom of two children in South Carolina earning less than $10,000 can qualify for the provisions of this program. You can contact your local county office to apply for this welfare program.

2. South Carolina SNAP

The SNAP program in South Carolina assists low-income families, disabled individuals, elderly citizens, and single parents living with dependent children with cash resistance so they can purchase food and get a nutritionally adequate diet. The eligibility criteria for this program are set at 130% of the federal poverty guidelines. A single mother of two children with less than $32,320 can qualify for SNAP benefits in South Carolina. Once accepted into this program, monthly SNAP benefits will be deposited into your EBT card automatically. You can use the card to purchase nutritious food and meals at participating groceries, supermarkets, and retail outlets. You can contact your local DSS county office to apply for the Food Stamps program in South Carolina.

3. Health Connection

This welfare program offers free or low healthcare facilities to low-income families in South Carolina, including single mothers. The main aim of this program is to enable eligible individuals and families to afford public health insurance. Children from low-income families and needy pregnant women in South Carolina can apply for this program. The Health Connection Program is not extended to nondisabled adults because of the limited availability of funds. However, families earning less than 62% of the federal poverty level qualify for healthcare benefits under this program. Pregnant women are expected to have an income less than 194% of the federal poverty income guidelines. Single moms who are looking for affordable or accessible healthcare services for themselves and their children can visit the online platform of SC Health Connection to apply.

4. South Carolina Voucher Program

The South Carolina Voucher Program offers subsidized child care to low-income South Carolina residents. This program mainly targets low-income people and single parents who cannot afford high-quality childcare services. Low-income families having children with special needs can also qualify for this program. Eligible families are required to choose a childcare provider of their own choice. The program will reimburse child care providers a specific amount based on their eligibility criteria. This is a subsidy program; therefore, a part of childcare expenses will be covered by the parents while the program will cover the rest. Family co-payments range from $6 to $20 per child on a sliding fee basis.

5. South Carolina Need-Based Grant

This need-based grant program offers financial aid to the neediest students residing in South Carolina, including single-mother students. The maximum grant award is as high as $2500 per academic year if students have enrolled full-time. Part-time students can also receive assistance under this program for up to $1250. Single mothers who are looking to apply for South Carolina Need-Based Grant to continue their education should first fill out FAFSA within the deadline.

6. LIHEAP, South Carolina Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program of South Carolina assists low low-income households, including single mothers, who cannot afford the cost of their home heating and cooling bills. The program will make direct utility payments to their electric or gas companies and help reduce their financial pressure. The program’s primary beneficiaries are disabled individuals, elderly citizens, and low-income families living with children and having high energy consumption. Single mothers in South Carolina who spend a significant part of their income on home utility bills can be eligible for assistance through this program. Seniors who receive Supplemental Security Income benefits can receive an additional 20% off on their gas or electric bills through this program. This is not a monetary benefit, and the financial assistance you can get through this program depends on the availability of funds. You can visit your local county office to learn how to apply for this program in South Carolina.


The state of South Carolina has addressed the financial struggles of single moms who have to go through daily struggles to manage their job, household expenses, and taking care of their children alone. Financial assistance programs for single moms in this state help them with free food, housing, rent/ utility assistance, mortgage payment, educational grants, etc.

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