Single Mom Foundation

Single Moms Foundation

There are a lot of charities situated across the United States of America which help single moms in their tough times. Catholic Charities, Salvation Army, Fellowship Housing, Feeding America, Bridge of Hope, Parents Without Partners, and Helping Hands For Single Moms are some worldwide foundations that help single moms in times of need. These nonprofits also provide them with resources and programs so that single mothers can attain financial stability.

How Single Mom Foundations Work?

In the US, single moms constitute 80% of single-parent families. They have to battle social stigma, depression, anxiety, parenting their children alone, and navigating financial stress single-handedly. Fortunately, a lot of foundations provide programs and resources to assist single moms both emotionally and financially. Irrespective of whether you are looking for emotional support, financial assistance to complete your college education, free meals for yourself and your family, or transitional housing to get a roof over your head there is a charity for you. These charities and foundations operate nationally, locally, and globally and support low-income single moms and their kids. A lot of these charities offer direct emotional, financial, and practical support to those who are feeling overwhelmed with the duties and responsibility of parenting their kids alone. They also provide free food and shelter to single moms struggling to take care of their kids. All these foundations share the same goal to support single moms to improve their lives. At their respective centers, the single mom foundation provides a plethora of services and resources like cash grants, free meals, affordable healthcare plans, funds to pay utility bills, clothing, childcare, and much more help at zero or no cost. It is important to remember that help is available and accessible to all single mothers.

Foundations For Single Low-Income Moms

Following is the list of foundations to help single moms in times of their need.

1. The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army provides support and help to more than 30 million people annually. The main objective of this organization is to offer short-term backing so that families can become independent and self-sufficient. Depending on the type of services and the city you are living in, the resources and programs may vary. Certain programs come with food pantries, rental assistance, clothing, Christmas gifts, funds to pay bills, and other programs. Some resources are scarce and are available only when single mothers can meet the eligibility requirements successfully. People irrespective of their age, background, race, or religion are welcome by the Salvation Army to get assistance in times of crisis. No matter what type of help you require, the Salvation Army is always there to assist you.

2. The Catholic Charities

This is a network of charities which is based out of Alexandria, VA. The mission of Catholic Charities is to assist people including single mothers in need, eliminate poverty and assist all people to become self-reliant. Each year Catholic Charities offer better services like healthcare, housing, disaster relief, counseling, and nutritional support to millions of people out there. Catholic Charities has also partnered with a lot of local organizations to operate food pantries and distribute free meals to those who are hungry. Depending on your need and situation you can receive these funds to cover your utility bills, purchase prescription pills, and even cover childcare costs. Single moms can find a Catholic Charity in their city by visiting the official website.

3. National Coalition For The Homeless

This charity focuses on raising awareness regarding homelessness and provides a lot of helpful resources to homeless families. Unlike other charities, the National Coalition For The Homeless does not help single mothers directly. Instead, they raise awareness regarding homelessness among low-income single mothers who spend a lot of their time in research and studies including crafting policies to address homelessness. The charity also provides homeless people with useful resources where they can get help with housing.

4. Feeding America

Feeding America is one of the largest hunger relief groups which operates in the United States. The main objective of Feeding America is to combat hunger and this is the reason why this group has partnered with a lot of food banks throughout the nation. By bringing local food support and national support programs it provides hot meals and nutritious food to needy people including low-income single moms and in this way, the group strives to make a safe and supportive environment for hungry single mothers, children, and needy people. Feeding America strives to help all American adults who are looking for disaster relief programs and help them in attaining self-sufficiency and in eradicating hunger from their lives. Single moms and their children can locate healthy food at the respective centers of Feeding America. The main mission of Feeding America is to ensure everyone has equitable access to healthy and nutritious food and this is the reason why the organization has partnered with policymakers for food banks, communities, and supporters throughout the USA. This organization also runs drive-thru pantries and mobile pantries which provide free groceries to needy people including solo moms. Apart from this they also offer summer learning programs for teenagers and children during school holidays and free meals.

5. Fellowship Housing

Single mothers who are at risk of homelessness and are facing eviction or foreclosure in Chicago city can get assistance from Fellowship Housing. This foundation provides a transition period of two years to single moms so that they can locate a permanent home and can keep themselves and their children in a safe and secure environment. You can apply for transitional housing or temporary shelter by visiting the official website of Fellowship Housing.

6. Life of a Single Mom

Life Of A Single Mom aims to improve the lives of single mothers by providing them with education and support groups in three main areas: finances, parenting, and health and wellness. This foundation was established in 2007 by Jennifer Maggio to offer emotional support to single moms at a local church. However today this charity has become a national nonprofit organization that provides practical and emotional support to single mothers in the United States. This organization establishes as well as equips solo mothers with support groups in communities and churches across the USA and provides them with ongoing support. Single moms can join support groups to expand their social circles and make meaningful friendships. Additionally, they also run the Single Mom University so that single moms can acquire education, learn positive parenting topics, and improve their emotional, wellness, and financial management techniques. The foundation organizes a lot of national and local events throughout the nation for single moms to build a supportive network.

7. Parents Without Partners

This foundation assists single parents with abundant opportunities to build individual growth, confidence, and self-consciousness. Parents Without Partners is a supportive group where single moms can learn parenting techniques and encourage friendship among other parents. The support group provides parents a chance to meet with like-minded individuals and develop a strong sense of community, belonging, and reduce isolation.

8. Bridge Of Hope

The prime focus of this charity is to eliminate homelessness. The Bridge of Home charity works collaboratively with religious organizations and churches to prevent foreclosure and eviction among low-income families including single moms. The Bridge Of Hope provides long-term solutions that last typically between 18 to 24 months and helps low-income families equate opportunities and time so that they can prepare themselves for long-term transition. Bridge of Hope has locations in 11 states throughout the United States of America. Bridge of Hope has helped homeless single mothers and other poor families in around 13 locations throughout the United States. Since 2021 the charity has trained around 583 neighboring volunteers and offered them emotional support. Around 380 mothers and their children including single moms have received secured accommodation by the charity. They also have helped around 74% of single mothers and low-income families boost their income. Bridge Of Hope assists single moms to locate immediate rental housing and get training in rental assistance and money management.

9. The Single Mom KC

This foundation organizes support gatherings every month for solo mothers where they can access free childcare, free meals as well as children’s programs for infants. The Single Mom KC provides affordable therapy workshops to single moms who are dealing with unprocessed grief, depression, or trauma. They also have a Clothes with Dignity boutique where single mothers are invited to shop once a month for free of cost. Since its inception, The Single Mom KC has offered amazing resources and support groups to single mothers living in Kansas City and Missouri. In 2020 the foundation helped 583 single mothers and their families with free clothes from the Clothes with Dignity boutique. Around 1,000,000 single moms have completed the trauma healing workshop and around 11 of them participated in the Victim to Victorious workshop. The Single Mom KC has ten virtual support gatherings which encourage single mothers and help them connect with other like-minded individuals.

10. Helping Hands For Single Moms

The Helping Hands For Single Moms offers scholarships for funding and counseling to single mothers so that they can return to school even after looking after their children and managing their household obligations. The areas covered by Helping Hands For Single Moms are Arizona, Phoenix, Texas, and Dallas. This foundation has been established by Chris Hoffman and the objective of this foundation is to assist low-income single mothers obtain a college degree and pursue higher education. Apart from financial assistance it also provides other resources such as support groups and career guidance. Today this foundation helps single mothers emotionally and financially through college and give them a chance to sustain their families and advance their careers. The mission of this foundation is to help low-income single-mom families to attain post-secondary education, a positive family legacy, and financial independence. You can get supportive programs if you are willing to pursue higher education and afford college. Some of the services provided by the foundation are financial support, scholarship, textbooks, emergency funds, purchases, budget management plans, and so on. Besides they also offer technical assistance like auto repair, computer support, and software. You can also access mentoring, legal counsel, and professional counseling here. Single Moms Network is being run by a charity that hosts monthly meetings and events and provides a good community to single moms.


In different cities and states a lot of Community Action groups work to assist single moms cover their monthly bills. This type of financial help may vary from one place to another therefore it is worth checking all the support groups that are available for you in your location. Motherhood is difficult however being a single mom is harder. Apart from taking care of kids, single mothers have to worry about providing for the family and putting food on the table. Single-parent families in the USA are among the poorest families living below the poverty level. Statistics reveal that single mothers and their kids make up a huge part of the rural homeless population. Most of the single moms are unemployed the entire year and have a median income of only $48,098. Fortunately, a lot of organizations and charities are stepping up to assist single moms to have financial stability and help them get back on their feet. If you’re a solo parent looking for a helping hand in the above-mentioned us-based foundation will help you in times of your needs.

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