Single Mom Support Groups Kansas City

Single Mom Support Groups Kansas City

In the United States, single moms comprise around 80% of single-parent households. Solo mothers frequently battle social stigma, depression, financial stress, and the responsibility of parenting their children alone; they need emotional support with stress, anxiety, and isolation. Fortunately, in Kansas City, many organizations and charities provide valuable resources and support programs that help single moms emotionally and spiritually. Single mom support groups in Kansas City remind you that you are not alone, and support and encouragement are available.

Positive Side Of Joining Single Mom Support Group In Kansas City

Support groups for single parents in Kansas City seem to be a sounding board where single mothers can discuss new strategies, critical decisions, and ideas that help develop skills and proper parenting. Single mothers can get a collaborative and caring environment and nurture a good relationship with their children. If you’re working in a big organization, you might be able to successfully set up a single-mother group with the help of your coworkers. If your kid is in daycare, you can try getting together with other parents on weekends. Joining these groups will help you to pick up numerous practical strategies and parenting tips from other single parents. Try a support group for a few weeks, and if you feel like it is not a good option for you, you can go for different support groups or a different support group format instead.

Different Single Mom Support Groups In Kansas City

The experience of bonding with other mothers, connecting with them, sharing your concern, and learning from one another can positively impact your mental health. If you’re convinced that joining a single mother program will be a suitable choice for you, then look at the below-listed single mom support group in Kansas City.

1. Multiples of Kansas City

This is a support group that is designed for families having multiple children or for those families who are expecting multiple kids. Multiples of Kansas City holds weekly meetings, night outs, monthly events, holiday family events, play groups, and many fun activities so your family and children can explore and have fun together. Single mothers in Kansas City can join this group, where they can meet other families of multiple, share their personal stories, and connect. New members in Kansas City are always welcome and encouraged to join the meetings. The group provides three meetings free of cost.

2. Kansas City Moms

This is a Facebook group which has more than 4000 members. The main objective of this support group is to help single mothers from the surrounding areas come together and connect with the group to promote sisterhood among mothers in Kansas City. The group members plan meetings every two weeks. You can participate in the monthly outings and trips with the group members and include your children. This will help you to create a more robust and closer bond with your kids as well as with other parents near you. The group welcomes any new mothers interested in joining a group to seek emotional support.

3. Cheers For Moms Kansas City

This Facebook group supports local Kansas City mothers in their motherhood journey. The Cheers for Moms Kansas City group is created solely for mothers belonging to the Kansas City Metro and wishing to bond with others and make friends with other parents that can keep them sane and busy. Joining this group will not only help you to meet other moms but also help your baby or toddler to find friends and engage in activities. You can join this group by visiting the site.

4. Breastfeeding Support Group – Overland Park

It is said that breastfeeding is one of the best things for both mothers and babies; however, nursing a child is not so easy. Fortunately, there are a lot of breastfeeding support groups that can help single moms in Their motherhood journey. The breastfeeding support group is hosted by Overland Park Regional Medical Center, which provides you with a helping hand and helps you to meet other breastfeeding mothers. The weekly weigh-ins and hands-down breastfeeding support provided by lactation consultants will help you to meet other new mothers and is an excellent way to form long-lasting friendships.

5. The Single Mom KC

Single moms have a difficult time adjusting without the support of a co-parent or partner. The Single Mom KC is a group that supports single moms through all stages of motherhood. The group addresses that being a single mom is no walk in the park, and therefore, a lot of single moms in Kansas City who are feeling isolated can join this to get social and emotional support. The group also hosts events that help single moms to get high-quality affordable childcare, procure the wardrobe that they need in their work life, and so on.

6. MOMS Club of Independence

The Mom’s Club is a popular international nonprofit organization that serves a variety of mothers, such as part-time, full-time, and at-home mothers, mothers who are running their businesses from their homes, or those who are working at night. The MOMS Club in Kansas City hosts park days, playgroups, field trips, monthly meetings, volunteer opportunities, moms’ night out, and many more activities. There is something or other to do almost every day of the week for mothers.


This is a mom-centric support group that helps them to lead a healthy lifestyle and get in proper shape. Joining this group will help you to get mom support and take part in child-friendly endeavors. Single moms can connect with this group in Overland Park through the Facebook page. Joining this group will help you participate in exercise routines, Stroller Barre classes, and many other activities.


Now it is up to you to select the right single mom support group in Kansas City that resonates the most with you. No matter which support group you choose and contribute to, they will be of immense help and support. Hopefully, the above-mentioned single moms’ support groups and resources will help you to make your life a bit easier and meet other single moms and dads near you.

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