Single Mom Foundation Utah

Single Moms Foundation Utah

Single moms in Utah are under tremendous financial pressure and stress from all sides. Without availing help from foundations and charities raising kids alone can become a huge financial hardship for single moms. These local charities and foundations help them with universal healthcare, free food, clothing, shelter, education, scholarship, and employment. As per the United States News and World Report, the cost of raising a child in 2022 was $290,014 in America. This figure is based on details from the Bureau of Labor statistics. With age stagnation and rising inflation, it is no surprise that single moms require financial help to cover their everyday living expenses and emergencies. This guide will help single moms in Utah to know the right foundation that can help them to locate a financial lifeline and assist them in their difficult times.

Is There A Single Mom Foundation In Utah?

Yes, there are a lot of foundations, resources, and charities located in Utah that aim to assist single-parent families during their difficult times. These charities are situated across Utah and offer programs to support them both emotionally and financially. Apart from these, there are locally based organizations that can be of great use to single moms. These services help them to fund their utility bills, rent, get healthcare plans, cash grants, scholarships, clothing, childcare, and other resources at little cost or free. Single mothers in Utah who feel that they are alone should remember that there is help available to them and all that they need to do is ask for support from the right institution.

Different Single Mom Foundation In Utah

In Utah, various foundations, local charities, and community groups assist single moms with everyday expenses. The following foundations in Utah are worth considering if you’re a single mom and in need of support programs to get through your difficult time.

1. Stella H. Oaks Foundation

The Stellar H. Oaks Foundation is a single-mom foundation that helps women to go back to their school so that they can support their families financially. The main aim of this single-mom foundation in Salt Lake City is to support single moms and their kids to get out of poverty by acquiring higher education. The president of Stellar H. Oaks Foundation is Richard McDermott. This foundation awards scholarships three times a year to single moms having minor children at home. As per reports of 2018, this foundation has granted more than 500 scholarships to single moms so that they can achieve financial stability and achieve their career goals. This foundation enables engaging donors from the general public to help single moms and their children find a way out to financial freedom and stability.

2. United Way Of Utah County

United Way is a foundation in Utah which provides community resources as well as child development information to single-parent families. Help Me Grow is a program of United Way to facilitate single moms to grow in their life and get assistance to navigate their challenges. United Way’s Help Me Grow includes resources, guidance, and reference that makes it possible for single mothers to survive financially with their minor children. This foundation is helping low-income families and single-parent families living with children to be safe, secure, and healthy. Single moms can find the right resources for hearing aid programs, transportation, and help from the Department of Workforce Services to attain financial stability in life.

3. Launfal Foundation

This foundation was established in 2007 by RoseAnn and Dale Gunther which aims to offer scholarships to single moms in Utah and attend post-high school institutions. This foundation supports humanitarian needs across the globe. Both founders have a rich history in Utah. Single moms in Utah who wish to pursue higher education but are facing financial difficulty can get scholarships and educational help from this foundation. This foundation has assisted people in need from different countries around the world.

4. The Single-Parent Project

This foundation specifically works for single parents who avail government assistance however it is not enough for them to grow and thrive. The Single-Parent Project provides financial assistance so that single mothers and fathers can cover their day-to-day expenses such as rent, mortgages, gas, transport expenses, car repairs, and groceries. Single mothers in need of financial assistance in Utah can gain multiple resources from this foundation that can help them to achieve better financial, emotional, and personal well-being. Monthly support groups are provided by single-parent projects for the empowerment and encouragement of single-parent families.

5. Little Miracles

This is a group of volunteers that is committed to enhancing communities in Utah and inspiring single mothers to attain financial stability in life. This organization offers a framework and encourages single parents to share their talents, time, ideas, resources, materials, connections, and energy by assisting in meaningful projects for the betterment of single-parent families. A unique framework provided by the organization encourages people and aims in reducing the burden of single-parent families. The organization focuses on children, single mothers, their extended family, neighborhoods, volunteers, local business, poor communities, employees of local businesses, etc.

6. Larry H. & Gail Miller Family Foundation

This foundation provides a generous gift of $600,000 in the name of Heidi and Greg Miller so that single parents can get scholarships and obtain a college degree at the University of Utah. The scholarship award provided by this foundation is used to cover tuition, and college fees for attaining a bachelor’s or certificate degree, and cover childcare costs or any other costs related to college attendance. Recipients of this scholarship are low-income students pursuing a certificate degree or a bachelor’s degree, single parents living with dependent children, and wishing to complete higher education.


There are a lot of foundations and charities which work throughout Utah for the betterment of single-parent families. With the support of this foundation, single mothers can get hot meals, nutritious food, housing assistance, and scholarship so that they can thrive along with their children in a safe and secure environment. Depending on your needs you can approach the organization and get help to cover your day-to-day needs such as childcare, utility, rent, prescription bills, or others.

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