Grants For Single Mom In Missouri

Grants For Single Mom In Missouri

Missouri has a high poverty rate of 15.5%, and around a million Missouri residents, primarily single moms, are living in poverty and are unable to make ends meet. Nongovernmental and governmental agencies have created several programs to address the financial crisis and poverty level of single moms in Missouri. This financial assistance for single moms in Missouri helps needy women to live above the poverty line and raise their children without much financial pressure.

What Are The Different Financial Aid For Single Moms In Missouri?

Single mothers in Missouri are under extreme financial pressure from every side. Without public assistance and financial resources like TANF, SNAP, Unemployment Insurance, Medicaid, School Readiness Programs, and Child Care Assistance Programs, raising children single-handedly will create tremendous financial pressure for single mothers. Assistance for single moms in Missouri is offered through federal, state, and local government and many private organizations and nonprofit institutions. To apply for these grants and programs, you must learn additional information about the application requirements, eligibility criteria, and deadlines.

Different Grants For Single Moms In Missouri

It is no surprise that single moms require financial help and resources both to deal with their everyday living expenses and for emergencies. If you are a single mom living with your minor children in Missouri, the below-mentioned grants and programs will be a good option.

1. TANF, Missouri Temporary Assistance For Needy Families

The Temporary Assistance For Needy Families Program in Missouri offers cash benefits to eligible low-income families living with minor children. The temporary cash benefits received through this program will depend on the household income, living arrangements, and resources. Eligible candidates must participate in work activities through MWA or Missouri Work Assistance Program for specified weekly hours. Single mothers looking to apply for cash assistance can contact their local Family Support Division Office or fill out an application online through Missouri myDSS.

2. SNAP, Missouri Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

The Missouri SNAP program offers eligible Missourians, low-income families living with children, and single mothers struggling financially to purchase nutritional meals and food for themselves. The eligibility criteria for this program depend on household size and household income. Generally, low-income families earning below 130% of the federal poverty level become eligible for SNAP benefits. You can apply for a SNAP application by visiting your local FSD office.

3. CACFP, Missouri Child And Adult Care Food Program

This is the Food Assistance Program in Missouri which is designed to improve the nutrient intake of Missourians and make sure every resident is taking a well balanced diet. The program reimburses meals that meet the minimum nutritional standards provided in approved facilities. The program makes sure that children who have enrolled in family child care homes, childcare centers, and school programs are getting nutritious snacks and meals. Not only children, but this program also covers eligible adults in adult daycare programs and emergency shelters.

4. LIHEAP, Mississippi Low Energy Home Assistance Program

Missouri’s Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program assists low-income individuals and families in need who cannot afford their utility and energy bills. The program offers one-time financial support ranging between $45 to $450 to the utility company on behalf of the candidates. The main priority is given to low-income households having high heating costs. If you are a single mom and your energy is threatened to be shut off, then you can seek help through the Energy Crisis Intervention Program, where you can receive assistance of $300 during the summer months and $800 during the winter months.

5. The Sunshine Lady Foundation Scholarship Program

The Sunshine Lady Foundation Scholarship Program supports single moms and victims of abuse and domestic violence so that they can pursue higher education and obtain college degrees. To participate in this program, single moms should contact their local participating domestic violence agency and learn more details about how to apply for the program and what are the eligibility requirements.

6. LIPHP, Low Income Public Housing Program

The Missouri Low Income Public Housing Program provides low-cost housing to eligible low-income earners. The state government funds the public housing program in partnership with other bodies so that low-income earners in Missouri can get a hygienically conductive, safe home. Single moms can also fill out the application process for this program by visiting their neighboring housing agency. Apart from the public housing program, single moms looking for housing assistance can participate in the Missouri Housing Choice Voucher Program, which provides vouchers to eligible candidates and covers 60% of their yearly rent payments.

7. CCAP, Missouri Child Care Assistance Program

This program enables low-income families to cover some of their childcare costs in Missouri. The main objective of this program is to help low-income single parents and Missouri residents pay for their expenses while they attend school or employment activities. The program will only pay a part of the childcare cost, and parents have to pay for their difference based on their income, family size, and number of children in care. The funding for this program is limited; therefore, single mothers are encouraged to apply for the program as early as possible and contact their local Family Support Division Office to learn more details.

8. Missouri Transitional Child Care

Low-income earners and single parents who fail to fulfill the income limitation for the Child Care Subsidy Program can apply for the Transitional Child Care Program to cover a portion of their childcare costs and reduce their financial pressure. The program requires parents to attend school, work training, or be employed and have income between 138% to 215% of the federal poverty level. Single moms applying for this program should contact their local Family Support Division Office.


With few limited resources and low income, it is a daily struggle for single moms in Missouri to cover their basic needs and provide for their families. The state government of Missouri offers a plethora of programs, financial resources, grants, and scholarships so that single-parent families can attain financial stability and can get their life back to normal. Missouri takes care of its residents by offering various programs and grants across different areas.

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