Grants For Single Mom In Arizona

Grants For Single Mom In Arizona

Raising a child and managing finances as a single mother is an arduous task, mainly if you belong to a low or moderate-income group. Fortunately, numerous programs, grants, and scholarships are available for single mothers in Arizona that offer them financial assistance and support so that they can cover their basic needs like food, housing, clothing, medical care, child care, etc.

How Can Grants And Financial Assistance Programs Help Single Mothers In Arizona?

Grants and financial assistance programs for single moms in Arizona support struggling single mothers with limited finances by providing them with resources, cash assistance, and counseling services and enabling them to become self-sufficient and financially stable. In addition, a lot of programs assist them with food pantries, nutrition assistance, rent or utilities, job skills training, child care assistance, transportation, employment, and other valuable resources that help single mothers to provide for their children and meet their basic needs. These grants and programs are valuable resources that help them with their financial burden, meet their basic needs, and get a quality standard of living.

Different Grants For Single Moms In Arizona

The financial and mental stress of raising children and providing them with necessities can take a toll as a single mom. Thankfully there is a lot of financial aid for single moms in Arizona that help them with their financial burden. These programs are intended to assist low-income single-parent households to cover their basic needs.

1. AWEE, Arizona Women’s Education And Employment Grants

WWE is a grant for single Moms in Arizona that helps them to attend self-sufficiency. This is a state-funded grant program that is designed so that native women in Arizona can attain educational achievement as well as employment opportunities. Arizona Women’s Education And Employment Grant program provides financial assistance to organizations to provide education and employment services to single mothers or needy Arizona women. The grant enables the recipients to acquire job training, access higher education, internship, job placement, and even receive job readiness programs.

2. ADOH, Arizona Department Of Housing Finance Assistance

ADOH is a housing grant for single mothers in Arizona which offers them financial assistance and support so that they can meet their housing needs. ADOH provides emergency housing assistance, mortgage assistance, and financial help so that single mothers can pay their utility and rent bills with the help of housing vouchers. ADOH works with many local and state governments, nonprofits, and private organizations to offer housing services to eligible single mothers and low-income families in Arizona.

3. Small Business Administration Grants

This grant offers financial assistance to small businesses in the state of Arizona and is designed mainly to support businesses or startups so that they can expand and succeed. The SBA provides many programs like the Small Business Technology Transfer Program, Small Business Innovation Research Program, and Small Business Investment Company Program. If you’re a single mom wishing to start or expand your business, you can apply for this grant and use the financial support for many purposes, like hiring employees, purchasing equipment or supplies, and managing business-related expenses.

4. TANF, Arizona Department Of Economic Security Temporary Assistance For Needy Families

This is a temporary financial assistance program that is designed for low-income families and single mothers with dependent children. The Arizona Department Of Economic Security Temporary Assistance For Needy Families enables low-income single moms to become self-sufficient and meet their basic needs for food, shelter, medical care, and clothing. Every single mom struggling financially can be eligible to receive assistance through this program, provided they meet the resource and income requirements as stated by the program.

5. Arizona State University Women’s Scholarship Program

This is a grant program designed exclusively for single mothers in Arizona. Arizona State University’s Women’s Fellowship Program is a financial aid program that assists needy women so that they can pursue higher education and can attend self-sufficiency in life. This program offers grants and scholarships so single moms can cover tuition, room, board, and other educational expenses. Not only financial assistance, but this program also provides mentoring, resources, workshops, and counseling to women. In addition, this program seeks to support and empower women in their professional, academic, and personal pursuits and improve their financial situation.

6. Arizona Community Foundation Grants

Arizona Community Foundation grants are philanthropic grants that are designed for single mothers and are awarded to nonprofit organizations, charitable programs, and schools in Arizona. These grant programs support organizations and charitable institutions which address critical community requirements like health, environment, and education. The grant award may range between $1000 to $1,000,000, depending on the specific grant program that you are applying for. Arizona Community Foundation also provides technical assistance and grant-making workshops to eligible applicants.

7. NAP, Arizona Department Of Health Services Nutrition Assistance Program

NAP for single moms in Arizona offers free or low-cost nutritious food to low-income households. This program is funded and managed by USDA and the state of Arizona. The Department Of Health Services Nutrition Assistance Program helps to improve the nutrition and health of low-income households, especially single mothers. It enables them to access healthy and nutritious food through the NAP program. This program also financially supports the local farmers and businesses in Arizona.

8. WIC, Arizona Special Program For Women, Infants And Children Program

This program offers nutritional education, healthcare referrals, and supplemental food to low-income Arizona households at high nutritional risk. The program serves breastfeeding, pregnant, postpartum women, single mothers, infants, and children up to five years of age. Applicants whom healthcare professionals have determined to be at high nutritional risk are eligible to participate in this program, provided their income does not exceed 185% of the federal poverty level.


Single mothers in Arizona are vulnerable to poverty and unemployment. Raising a family single-handedly is a challenging job for single moms in Arizona. Fortunately, single mothers in Arizona can access numerous grants and programs to cover their basic needs. These programs help them with food, housing, medical care, childcare, etc. Grants, scholarships, and financial assistance programs are free aid opportunities for single mothers who need not repay them, unlike loans.

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