Rent Assistance For Single Moms In Texas

Rent Assistance For Single Moms In Texas

In Texas single moms belong to low or moderate-income families and most of them find it difficult to afford the rent of their house. Fortunately, the state offers rent assistance programs and housing help for single mothers so that they can secure safe and affordable housing and reduce the risk of eviction.  Single moms can find help from rent assistance programs if they are living in areas such as Houston, Austin, EI Paso, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, or any other part of Texas.

How To Get Help With Rent For Single Moms In Texas?

Rent assistance programs in Texas are designed to help needy residents and give them affordable housing solutions. Many charities and organizations in Texas also come forward to help needy single moms and low-income individuals. They collaboratively organize assistance programs and help them with food assistance, furniture assistance, rent assistance, and many other support. With these assistance programs single parents, low-income families, and needy individuals can get a sense of relief and relaxation in their lives. If you are a single mom belonging to Texas then you can take advantage of many assistance programs to pay for your rent, utilities, or other necessities.

Different Rent Assistance For Single Moms In Texas

As single moms live on one source of income it is challenging for them to afford the rent of the house while struggling to cover the necessities of life. With the rent assistance program mentioned below, you need not worry about securing safe and affordable housing. These programs will give you the much-needed support and will help you to remain housed.

1. Tenant-Based Rental Assistance (TBRA) Program

This rental assistance program is designed for low-income tenants including single moms so that they can secure a house on rent and even cover utility bills and security deposits.  Single moms who are eligible for the program will get rental help for up to two years until they become self-sufficient to secure permanent housing for themselves. However, to get help with rent single moms in Texas must fulfill all the income guidelines mentioned in the program.

2. TANF Emergency Rent Assistance Texas

A one-time cash assistance to cover rent payments is provided by the state of Texas to needy individuals and low-income families. This program is mainly designed for low-income families having children below 18 years of age, in imminent danger of losing their home or in a medical emergency, and having no income or resources to pay for their rent. Single moms having children at least 18 years or younger qualify for financial support through this program and cover their rent payments. Single-parent families who have received an eviction notice or a notice stating that their utilities will be turned off due to untimely payment or if they are a victim of natural disasters like fire or flood are also eligible to receive rental assistance through the program. Not only rental help The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program also helps individuals with housing, transportation, food, clothing, furniture, utilities, and medical supplies.

3. Project Access (Voucher) Program

The Project Access Program in Texas helps families and single moms with financial assistance to pay for rent. The program only offers assistance to people who are qualified to receive the voucher help. The program will not give direct cash to eligible participants; instead, they provide vouchers that you can give to the landlord or the owner of the house where you are dwelling. The vouchers cannot be exchanged or used for any other purpose apart from covering your rent. The program mainly targets people who are living with intellectual and developmental disabilities, people who are living with mental illness and receiving other types of services instead of housing help, youth living in foster care due to their disabilities, people with disabilities who wish to transition to independent living from institutions and so on. Single moms with a disability or with a disabled child in need of housing help can apply for the Project Access Program in Texas.

4. Texas Section 8 Program

This is a statewide housing assistance program where recipients receive rental subsidy vouchers provided they are earning less than 50% of the federal poverty guidelines. The program covers single mothers, elderly citizens, disabled or low-income individuals who are unable to obtain housing on their own. The Housing Choice Voucher Program or Section 8 Program offers financial support to single moms for rent payments. To be eligible for the rent assistance through the Texas Section 8 program you need to fulfill the income as well as other additional requirements. The program will cover the approved rent amount to your landlord directly on your behalf. The Section 8 program offers access to safe and affordable housing. However, it is important to note that this rental assistance program is not available throughout Texas therefore you need to visit the HUD website to learn about the areas where this program is available.

5. Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation (TSAHC)

There are a wide number of useful resources and rent assistance programs that low-income single moms can avail of through the Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation. They offer assistance so that you can purchase a home or find suitable rental opportunities in your area. Moreover, TSAHC provides down payment assistance to cover mortgage tax credits and other resources to Texas residents who can qualify. It can help you to get connected to realtors and approved lenders or take homebuyer education courses.


If you’re a single mom facing financial difficulties to pay the rent for a few months or facing eviction then there are many programs that you can avail through the Texas Department Of Housing And Community Affairs that will help you to pay the rent. The department also gives rent vouchers to eligible candidates including the security deposit. Single moms belonging to low-income families need assistance to pay for their necessities like food, rent, and utility bills. Besides there are many charities and organizations that can assist you and help you with affordable housing. Single moms just need to find the right organization and program in their local area and apply for them timely.

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