Single Mom Rental Assistance NJ

Single Mom Rental Assistance NJ

Being a single mom you have a lot of financial responsibilities to handle. Rent assistance, housing help, utility assistance, and cash support can go a long way to reducing your financial burden. There are federal, local, and state governments as well as nonprofit organizations in the state of New Jersey that help single moms to fulfill their housing needs.

Are There Rental Assistance Programs In New Jersey For Single Moms?

Around one-third of single moms living with their children in New Jersey are living in poverty and most of them struggle to provide bare necessities to their family. A lot of single mothers want to know whether there are rental assistance programs and housing help available for them in New Jersey. The answer is definitely yes housing help and rental assistance for single moms throughout the United States including New Jersey. By accessing the state programs in NJ single mothers can receive assistance to pay for their food, clothing, rental, childcare, and other help.

Single Mom Rental Assistance In New Jersey

A large population of low-income children in New Jersey belongs to single-parent families that are headed by single moms. Fortunately, single moms can obtain rental assistance through federal and state programs. Rental assistance funded through state and federal proincludesnclude rent subsidies and public housing that are provided to low-income New Jersey households. The government housing programs and rental assistance do not extend the qualification requirements to single mom households and applicants are required to meet the income restrictions. If you’re a single mom looking for rental assistance in New Jersey then the following programs and resources will be of great help to you.

1. The State Homelessness Prevention Program in New Jersey

The Department of Community Affairs funds the State Homelessness Prevention Program. This program offers financial support and assistance to low and moderate-income families and the primary objective of this program is to eliminate homelessness among families across the state. Single mothers looking for financial support to cover their rent and utilities can apply for the program and can qualify for them by meeting all the eligibility requirements.

2. WorkFirst New Jersey (WFNJ)

This is a popular New Jersey State welfare program that offers cash assistance to poor families living with children below 18 years of age. The cash assistance program allows single mothers to become self-sufficient by accessing work activities, education, and job training. The cash resistance is limited to a maximum of five years over the lifetime of the recipient unless otherwise exempted. For example, disabled persons, children below 18 your age, and elderly people are exempted from this limit. The recipients of the program receive emergency cash assistance if they are in imminent danger of homelessness, or substantial loss of food, housing, or clothing due to disaster, flood, and fire. Single mothers who are looking for a rent assistance program can use cash assistance to meet their rent and utility expenses.

3. NJ State Rental Assistance Program (SRAP)

This is a state-funded program that offers housing subsidies on behalf of extremely low-income New Jersey residents such as single mothers living with children, disabled individuals, low-income families with minor children, and elderly people. Applicants have to meet specific income limitations to receive subsidies and also showcase proof of residency. Single mothers who have dwelled in New Jersey for a minimum of six months before applying for the rental assistance program.

4. Supportive Assistance to Individuals and Families (SAIF) in New Jersey

Single mothers and other eligible individuals who have met the Work-First New Jersey assistance limit can apply for the assistance to Individuals and Families program for 24 months and enjoy cash benefits. The program offers transportation, health, childcare services, and other assistance to enable low-income New Jerseyans to stay employed and secure good jobs. The cash benefits received through this program will help you to meet your rent and other household expenses. To qualify for this program you need to be a resident of New Jersey, have received 16 months of Work-First New Jersey benefits, have attended work activities, met all the child support obligations, have recently been unemployed even after no fault of your own, experienced domestic or family violence, attempted to secure a job but still unemployed and so on.

5. The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program in New Jersey

The popular program funded by the federal government is the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program which is available in New Jersey and is designed exclusively for low-income individuals and families so that they can secure affordable and decent housing. Qualified participants will receive voucher help or subsidies through which they can cover their rent. Single moms who are looking for affordable and low-cost housing in New Jersey can get in touch with this program and enjoy the benefits that come along. Single moms receive rental support to cover their household expenses. Once you become eligible you need to pay around 30% to 40% of your rent to the landlord every month while the rest will be covered by this program.

6. New Jersey Public Housing Program

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development provides a public housing program. This program promotes low-cost and safe housing for low and extremely low-income families. Financially challenged single mothers who are going through financial challenges are mainly prioritized by this program. Once you become eligible you cover 70% of your rent through this program.

7. The Salvation Army New Jersey Division

Salvation Army is a popular organization that runs for low-income families and helps them with food, clothing, shelter, rent and utility assistance, and many other help. The organization offers a lot of services for low and moderate-income families in New Jersey. Single moms seeking rental assistance can get in touch with the Salvation Army center located near them.


Single mothers in New Jersey can receive rental assistance through nonprofit organizations and governmental programs. These agencies provide affordable public housing and rent subsidies for low-income New Jerseys, especially single moms who are living below the poverty line. Single moms can receive state assistance to eliminate foreclosure or eviction and even financial support to make safety-related home repairs.

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