Helping Hands For Single Moms

Helping Hands For Single Moms

Many charities provide emotional, practical, and financial support to single moms who are overwhelmed with the enormous responsibility of single parenting. Single moms end up leaving their educational goals midway to take care of their children and even settle for low-paying jobs. Helping Hands For Single Moms helps disadvantaged single-parent families to pursue a college degree and attain financial independence. The organization works for single moms in Phoenix, Arizona, and the Dallas, Texas region.

What Is Helping Hands For Single Moms?

Helping Hands For Single Moms is an organization founded by Chris Hoffman in 2001 with the mission to assist low-income single mothers and give them a chance to attend college education. The organization supports single moms emotionally and financially so that they can afford college and give a better life for their families by advancing in their careers. The Single Moms Network is a key component of Helping Hands For Single Moms programs. The organization invests in time and resources to help single-mom college students and give them a chance to obtain livable wage jobs.

Financial support and scholarship programs are provided to single moms belonging to low-income groups so that they can afford college. The organization invests in the education of single moms belonging to Dallas and Phoenix and wants to bring long-term positive changes in the lives of struggling single mothers. The organization addresses the extraordinary sacrifices and numerous struggles that single moms have to make such as working part-time, managing their children, attending full-time, and so on. Single moms need support and assistance from charity and nonprofit organizations to get through their difficult times. This is the reason why Helping Hands For Single Moms has been developed to enable single moms to achieve financial independence, graduate successfully, and obtain livable wages to sustain their families. The charity increases the likelihood of single moms pursuing post-secondary education and helps them attain financial independence by getting a good job instead of falling into poverty and the unemployment cycle.

How Do The Helping Hands For Single Moms Program Assist You?

As per the founder of Helping Hands For Single Moms Programs, the charity enables single moms to acquire post-post-secondary education, positive family legacy, and financial independence in their lives. The organization offers a supportive program where single moms can sustain their families, pursue college education, and achieve financial freedom in their lives. They extend financial support in the form of emergency funds, scholarships, budget management plans, and textbook purchases. Helping Hands For Single Moms also offers other technical assistance to eligible single moms like computer support, software, and auto repair. In addition, they provide tutoring, legal counsel, professional counseling, and mentoring programs as well. The charity is presently running a Single Mom’s Network that hosts meetings every month and offers a safe community so that single moms can enroll in the programs and get adequate assistance.

What Objectives Has The Organization Achieved?

Helping Hands For Single Moms since its inception has supported struggling single moms to acquire higher education and financial stability in Phoenix and Dallas. In the year 2020, the charity supported around 57 single moms earning 127 college credits with a combined grade point average of 3.5. Helping Hands For Single Moms in Dallas and Phoenix has provided around 87 scholarships including starter scholarships worth $2000 per year and total scholarships worth $3200 per year. Over 12 years, the charity has assisted more than 300 single moms to attend college and graduate successfully. 84% of the graduates who have received help through Helping Hands for Single Moms have found good-wage jobs and have established themselves in the healthcare sector. The organization has also launched nursing programs at Mesa Community College in Glendale.

Helping Hands For Single Moms Programs

The Helping Hands For Single Moms in Dallas has served more than a hundred families every year and created a positive impact on the community by giving a chance to low-income single moms to earn a college degree. The Helping Hands for Single Moms was founded in Phoenix AZ in the year 2002 and over 16 years, the organization has provided services and scholarships worth $4 million to several low-income single college students. The organization has assisted 229 moms since 2005 and enabled them to get a college degree in different disciplines like nursing, education, business, and so on. The organization also collaborates with churches, nonprofits, and community businesses to deliver a platter of services for single moms. The Scholarship Plus Program offers $4,000 worth of unrestricted scholarships to eligible single moms so that they can continue their education.

The financial situation of the single mother becomes worse before getting better when she decides to return to college and acquire higher education. While managing midterms, term, and final papers they have to live on inadequate financial savings while managing transportation hurdles, maintaining a household, taking care of children, and so on. She has to juggle family, work, and school life while battling low self-esteem, isolation, and loneliness. All these challenges together result in dropping out of school. Fortunately Helping Hands For Single Moms exists to offer supportive programs to single moms in Dallas and Phoenix. Following is the list of programs that the charity provides to struggling single moms.

  • Emergency funds
  • Unrestricted scholarship amount worth $270 monthly
  • Auto repair assistance
  • AAA Towing
  • Technical assistance for software and computer
  • Limited medical, eye care, and dental care for single moms
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Holiday gifts
  • Hairstyle and style
  • Assistance in purchasing textbooks
  • Tutoring and optional mentoring
  • Budget management
  • Running single moms network and conducting monthly meetings
  • Legal counsel
  • Professional counsel

Eligibility Criteria To Receive Helping Hands For Single Mom Program Benefits

To receive program benefits provided by Helping Hands For Single Moms you need to meet the scholarship eligibility criteria which require you to:

  • Be a citizen of the United States
  • Reside in Dallas and Phoenix
  • Register in an accredited college carrying a minimum of 9 credits a semester
  • Have a minimum of one child below 12 years of age for which you are responsible for
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.8 or more
  • Be a responsive and responsible participant in Helping Hands for Single Moms programs
  • Attend and take part in single moms network meetings every month
  • Should not live with a domestic partner.

Helping Hands For Single Moms Charity: Measurable Outcomes

The organization Helping Hands for Single Moms monitors the academic progress of single moms in the following ways:

1. Semi-Annual Academic Review

This review demonstrates college credits along with grades from the earlier semester and registration for classes in the upcoming semester.

2. Graduations

Helping Hands Single Moms can collect details from mothers regarding their income, employment, and feedback related to their program so that they can monitor and keep track of graduation success. A sign of success for the organization is when a single-mom household attains self-sufficiency and leaves poverty behind.


Single moms constitute 80% of single-parent households in the United States of America. They are the most destitute women who have to encounter numerous challenges in life such as bearing the responsibility of solo parenting, battling social stigma, depression, financial stress, and so on. Fortunately, charities like Helping Hands for Single Moms provide supportive programs and scholarships to promote the well-being of single moms emotionally and financially. If you want to help single moms then you can donate directly to the charity through their website. You can also support the Helping Hands For Single Moms in Phoenix by donating. In addition, you can become a board member of Helping Hands For Single Moms and provide necessary resources and services for the empowerment of single moms.

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