Single Moms Show

Single Moms Show

A lot of people will agree that being a single parent is challenging, especially if you have to do all the tasks on your own without getting any help or support from your friends or close relatives. Single mothers are hands down some of the most courageous people on earth. Raising children alone while navigating personal life and personal development is tough, however, it deserves to be appreciated and celebrated. You can check out the below list to lift your spirit and get inspiration.

TV Shows About Single Moms

Television series aim to present heightened and realistic versions of reality to entertain the audience. There are a lot of finest shows that revolve around single moms. Earlier Disney faced a lot of criticism for not including parents in their fairy tale adaptation however today television series are showcasing single fathers, blended families as well as single mothers. As a viewer, you can witness different family structures on television. Following are the best single mom shows and movies that have depicted the struggles and challenges of single parenthood successfully and have also demonstrated an inspiring story of single mothers.

1. GILMORE GIRLS (2000-2007)

This television show is set in a small town located in Connecticut and throws light on friendship and family centered around Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter Rory. Even though the show did not depict everything perfectly, it is an amazing representation of a powerful and courageous single mom. This Tv show about single moms and daughters on Netflix is a true inspiration to a lot of people. The character of Lorelai Gilmore in the show has shattered the notion that single parenting is a curse.

2. MOM (2013-2021)

This TV show comes with eight seasons and stars Christy, the role played by Anna Faris. Being a single mother, the audience can deal with her addiction and crazy relationship with Bonnie, her estranged mother. When the teenage daughter of Christy discovers she’s pregnant, things become a lot more chaotic. This is a good show with a lot of laughter and humor. This single-mom TV show stands out among other television shows since it presents the character of a mother and highlights that sometimes to become the best mother-woman have to focus on her healing. Christie’s journey made an additional layer of relatability and poignancy for the viewers. This TV show continues to be the finest show to depict the struggle and experiences of single moms.

3. Alice (1976-1985)

It is one of the top best single-mom TV shows that captures a heroic journey that has been aired for 9 seasons. Even though this show sometimes delves into outlandish storylines, the show primarily provides an excellent portrayal of a single working mother who sacrifices all her dreams to provide the best thing for herself and her child. The character Alice portrayed by Linda Lavin is inspired by the film Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore and decides to leave her home after her husband’s death. The main goal of Alice is to pursue a singing career in Los Angeles and she also embarks on this journey with her son. But Alice is forced to locate work when her car breaks down in Phoenix and becomes a waitress to cover her household expenses. She then settles down in Phoenix, sacrifices her comfort by sleeping on the couch, puts her son through school, and does many other small sacrifices. This series concludes with her son successfully entering college and Alice getting the opportunity to fulfill her dreams. Even though this is a comedy TV show it is one of the finest shows to depict the sacrifice of single moms related to their children.

4. Better Things (2016 – 2022)

This TV show showcases the journey of Sam Fox, a single mother and an aspiring actress settling in Los Angeles while she navigates the struggles of bringing her three daughters.  The creator of the show Pamela Adlon drew inspiration from her own experiences and beautifully weaved her struggles as a single mom into the mesmerizing character of Sam Fox. Unlike other single moms who get involved overly in their kid’s life while putting their own lives on hold the character of Sam Fox adopts a laid-back and relaxed approach to single parenting and this is the reason why she earned the title of a cool mother in the show. She gave freedom to her children to make mistakes and even steps into discipline whenever necessary. The balance and modern approach to single parenting is a key factor that contributed to the immense popularity of the show during its run.

5. Julia (1968 – 1971)

This single-mom TV show premiered in 1968 where it showcased a black American mother in a non-stereotypical role and broke new grounds. The story revolves around a widowed mother Julia Baker who navigates life in the city and juggles her duties and responsibilities as a nurse. This was highly unusual for the audience to witness the portrayal of single moms considering the era in which it got aired let alone single moms of color. Throughout this TV series, Julia Baker took it upon herself to raise her son in conventionally female-oriented tasks like cleaning and cooking. Her commitment to raising her child unconventionally was truly a pioneering concept on TV then.

6. Good Girls (2018 – 2021)

This is not only a crime and drama show but also a portrayal of the struggles and challenges of motherhood and how far a mother can go to ensure her child’s happiness. The youngest and only single mother on the show Annie faces a lot of parenthood obstacles when dealing with a dangerous new lifestyle and dire financial situation. Nevertheless, Annie became a constant supporter of her child and gave her emotional support during her vulnerable moments. The Good Girls show on Netflix stands out to be a commendable TV series for featuring single mothers in the main cast.

7. Big Little Lies (2017 – 2019)

This is one of the best HBO shows for single moms. Big Little Lies made its debut in 2017 and quickly turned out to be a popular show of that time. This single-mom drama series was adapted from the book of the same title. The story revolves around the lives of mothers from Monterey CA. The series showcases how the group of mothers gets entangled in the modern investigation as well as subsequent trials. While the other mothers who get involved in relationships the story of Jane Chapman stands out as she navigates motherhood on her own. Jane Chapman is the youngest mother in the group and this subjects her differently from others. Despite having a lack of experience, she wholeheartedly dedicated herself to becoming the best mother and prioritized consistently her son above anything else. The drama series showcased the unwavering devotion of a mother to her child which is truly apart from other finest series about single mothers.

8. Reba (2001 – 2007)

The theme song of Reba captures her dedication and strength beautifully as a single mom and makes it one of the best shows in the genre. Reba stands apart from other single-mother shows. The story of Reba starts amid the conflict with her ex-husband and yet she strives to make sure her relationship with her ex does not negatively impact her children’s upbringing. She encourages her children actively to maintain a good connection with their father despite all the challenges she faced on her own. Reba prioritizes her children’s needs above anything else. Eventually, she develops a friendship with the lady her ex-husband left her for. Although they faced a lot of challenges, Reba, her ex-partner, and his new wife come together to build a strong family unit and also offer unwavering support to her children.

9. Parenthood (2010-2015)

This show is about the Braverman family and its three generations. Every adult member of the family faces unique experiences and challenges regarding relationship dramas. From the newly married members navigating the early stages of marriage to long-married couples and single parents, the family shows intricate family dynamics as well as a wide range of experiences. The character is depicted by Lauren Graham, a single mom who juggles the responsibility of raising two teenagers, maintaining a social life, striving to get her dream job, and attending family get-togethers. The Parenthood TV show differs from other types of shows as it portrays the real challenges faced by the single mother which makes it a relatable and compelling series to witness.

10. Little Fires Everywhere (2020)

This is an adaptation of an eponymous novel. Little Fires Everywhere is a series that develops deep into an intricate bond shared between mothers and their kids. The main focus of this story revolves around four distinct women and their narratives. The show depicts their journeys through motherhood. A compelling character in this sure is Mia who is a resilient single mom portrayed by Kerry Washington. The character of Mia in the series extends beyond being a single mom who is fiercely protecting her child and assumes the role of a mother figure for different characters offering them support and guidance when no one is available. Mia cares for everyone around her starting from helping a teenage girl find her artistic voice to assisting an undocumented immigrant in a custody battle that differentiates her from Elena whose image portrayed to be a mother outweighs her real motherly responsibilities. A beautifully crafted storyline is created because of the dynamic shared between Elena and Mia

11. Jane The Virgin (2014 – 2019)

Jane The Virgin portrays three generations of single moms who are working and striving to provide the best lives for themselves and raise their daughters to be like them. The story unfolds when Gina Rodriguez who is playing the role of Jane becomes unintentionally artificially inseminated in a routine doctor visit and decides to embrace motherhood despite being prepared for all the struggles and challenges that it brings along.  This sets Jane the Virgin apart from other exceptional shows that center around single mothers. The single mom dynamics depicted in Jane the Virgin show the reality that no mother will know the answer about how to navigate every situation. This is comforting to witness that the three single moms support each other through their ups and downs as they go through the complexities of motherhood.

12. Raising Dion (2019 – 2022)

A lesser-known yet incredibly remarkable show on Netflix is Raising Dion. The mesmerizing series revolves around a single mother Nicole who embarks on a quest to learn the truth behind her husband’s untimely death while raising her son with extraordinary abilities. Like any other single mother both on screen and in reality, Nicole has to navigate through all the challenges of carrying her responsibility and balancing time. What sets her character apart from the rest is the fact that she goes to great lengths to protect her son and his extraordinary powers and battles all the genuine threats coming from the outside world. She strives to make sure the existence of his son’s remarkable powers remains a secret to others. Her commitment to her role as Dione’s mother is truly profound.


Motherhood is not always easy and glamorous or about a special bond that you share with your partner. There is a wide range of TV shows and movies on single mothers that have made viewers realize that not every woman needs a spouse or partner to survive or take care of their children. From managing all the life struggles to enjoying the perfect parent-child moments the above-mentioned single TV shows are here to remind you that you cannot only parent your child without a partner but also be damn good at it. These fictional single moms have truly mesmerized the audience and motivated real-life single moms.

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