Rent Assistance For Single Moms in Alabama

Rent Assistance For Single Moms in Alabama

Single moms in Alabama have to go through challenging situations in providing secure housing for their children and family members. Fortunately, statewide housing assistance and rental assistance programs are available for them in Alabama. This guide will cover useful resources and programs for single moms that they can avail of in the state of Alabama.

Are There Resources In Alabama That Assist Single Moms With Rent?

There are numerous government organizations, nonprofit institutions, churches, and private entities in Alabama that offer rental help to needy individuals and single moms. The best way to get rental help for single moms is to get in touch with the organization straightforwardly and learn about the eligibility criteria and how to fill out the application form. The eligibility criteria for rent assistance for single moms in Alabama may differ based on your location and the program you are applying for. Most of the programs require applicants to belong to the low-income category while some programs may additionally require participants to take part in social service programs. Single moms also have to provide documentation such as proof of income, confirmation of residency, marital status, number of members in the household, and other details to receive rent assistance from organizations in Alabama. Generally, it takes around a few weeks to several months for organizations to process the application of single moms for rent assistance in Alabama. The Alabama Department Of Human Resources, The National Low Income Housing Coalition, and The United Way Of Central Alabama are some additional resources that can help pay for your rental bills.

List Of Rent Assistance For Single Moms In Alabama

Following is the list of rent assistance programs that are available for low-income tenants and single moms in Alabama.

1. Alabama Temporary Assistance For Needy Families Program

The Temporary Assistance For Needy Families Program offers job training, cash assistance, and employment services to low-income families living with kids and children who are unable to provide for necessities. The cash assistance received under this program can be used towards covering rent and utility bills. There are some eligibility criteria to receive assistance through this program for instance having a household income that meets the guidelines of the program. You can visit the Alabama Department of Human Resources to learn more details about how to apply for the program.

2. Hardest Hit Alabama

This program in Alabama prevents eviction or foreclosure. Established in 2008 by the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act Of 2008 Hardest Hit Alabama is a program that assists low-income families including single moms to avoid foreclosure. Eligible recipients can receive financial assistance up to $30,000 for every program. Homeowners who are taking part in the program can get financial assistance up to $60,000. However to be eligible for the program you need to make sure you do not fall into any one of the below-mentioned categories

  • Homeowners with rental property
  • Seller financed properties
  • Homeowners convicted for mortgage-associated felonies
  • Second homes

3. Alabama Housing Finance Authority

The mission of the Alabama Housing Finance Authority is to offer housing help and rent assistance for needy Alabamians. Single moms residing in Alabama with their children and in need of rental assistance can be eligible to receive assistance from Alabama HFA. The Housing Authority in Alabama is dedicated to serving assistance for single as well as multi-families who belong to low and moderate-income groups.

4. Alabama Section 8 Housing

The Section 8 Programs also known as the Housing Choice Voucher Program offers financial support in the form of rental vouchers to single adults and low-income families. Single moms can cover their mortgage payments or rent by receiving the voucher program. The funds to cover mortgages or rents through this program are given by the Department of Housing and Urban Development and federal government grants. Single moms who want to be qualified for this program need to make sure that their household income is less than 30% of the area median income. Another important thing that Alabamian single moms need to keep in mind is that housing assistance and rental help through this program is quite high with limited funding available therefore there can be a long waiting list.

5. Alabama Community Action Agencies

Community Action Agencies in Alabama are located in every county throughout the state and offer emergency financial support including grants to cover rent and utility payments and other forms of supportive services. There are home-buying loans, assistance, and budgeting suggestions available for low-income renters in Alabama. Low-income single moms who are facing difficulty paying their rent can find Community Action Alabama programs near them and fulfill their needs by becoming eligible for the program.

6. Alabama Salvation Army Emergency Rental Assistance Program

Salvation Army is a popular charity that runs throughout the United States of America including the state of Alabama. The Alabama Salvation Army charity offers several supportive services and resources that will help you get emergency rent assistance. Needy families and low-income individuals who are in imminent danger of eviction or foreclosure can seek one-time rental assistance. The charity not only helps people with rent but also with free furniture for tenants, relocation, transportation, and financial assistance to cover their necessities.

7. Alabama Emergency Management Agency (AEMA)

The mission of Alabama Emergency Management agencies is to support low-income inhabitants with the Emergency Management program. The agency not only offers financial assistance and housing help so that single moms and low-income families can fulfill their needs but also educates and trains them on different topics. The Individual and Household Programs run by Alabama Emergency Management agencies offer direct services and financial aid to needy citizens. On becoming eligible for the program you can receive assistance up to $33,000 to meet your housing needs.


There are statewide resources and rent assistance available at the local level for single moms in Alabama. Moreover, they can receive rental help from government programs, churches, and charities that run throughout the state. The objective of these programs and resources is to eliminate eviction and give secure housing to homeless people or those who are at risk of becoming homeless.

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