Helping Hands For Single Moms Scholarship

Helping Hands For Single Moms Scholarship

Scholarships for single moms is a financial award that supports low-income single moms who need financial support so that they can return to college and complete their education degree. To be eligible for scholarships single moms need to enroll themselves in an accredited college or university and must showcase a robust financial need. One important source of receiving single moms scholarships is HHFSM, Helping Hands For Single Moms. The organization provides a variety of financial assistance to low-income single moms and individuals that enable them to pursue a college degree.

What Are The Importance Of Scholarship For Single Moms?

Financial assistance and support play a critical role in assisting single moms and enabling them to make ends meet. These scholarship programs provide them with the necessary financial assistance to support their children while they are attending college or any degree program. There is no doubt single moms have to go through extreme financial challenges as they live on low-paying jobs and have to fulfill all the responsibilities on one source of income. As a result, financial assistance programs like grants, scholarships, and childcare assistance are some ways through which single moms can reduce their economic stress. Scholarship programs empower them to attend stable employment by pursuing higher education.

What Does Helping Hand For Single Moms Do?

Enrolling in college as a single mom student may weaken your family situation as you are the sole provider and primary caregiver of your children. You not only have to complete your educational assignments but also maintain your household, fulfill financial obligations, nurture your children, and manage your transportation challenges.  Following are the program benefits that you can receive on approaching Helping Hands For Single Mom Organization:

  • AAA Towing
  • Unrestricted scholarship amount of $270 per month
  • Emergency fund
  • Auto repair assistance
  • Haircut and style assistance
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Holiday gift
  • Dental, vision care, and medical care for single moms
  • Technical assistance for software and computers
  • Optional tutoring and mentoring
  • Single mom network legal counsel
  • Professional counseling
  • Textbook purchase assistance
  • Budget management.

What Are Helping Hands For Single Moms Scholarships?

Helping Hands For Single Moms is a nonprofit organization that aims to achieve long-term and positive changes in the lives of vulnerable communities, especially single moms. The lives of single moms are difficult as they have to face extraordinary struggles while attending part-time or full-time school, child-rearing, and providing for their families. At the same time, they need support and assistance to get through difficulties.

This is the reason why Helping Hands for Single organization provides scholarships so that women can attain financial independence by completing their education and obtaining good-paying jobs. The organization is also assisting kids of single-parent families so that they can pursue post-secondary education, attain financial independence, and overcome poverty.

How Helping Hands For Single Moms Scholarships Can Help You?

The Helping Hands For Single Mom organization has assisted around 300 needy single moms to attend college and obtain a degree. Around 82% of single mom graduates who have been assisted by the organization have successfully obtained livable wages jobs and most of them are employed in the healthcare sector. They are earning a salary of $45,766 along with additional benefits that enable them to provide a better living for their children. The organization has launched 2 nursing programs at Glendale and Mesa Community College. Around 3 clubs of the Single Moms Network established by the organization have assisted single moms in overcoming life problems.

Helping Hands For Single Moms Scholarship In Phoenix

Single mothers of minors living in Phoenix and looking for ways to attend a college or university and achieve their educational goals then turned to helping single moms. The organization offers scholarship programs that are open to legally divorced or single moms who are living in the Phoenix region and are attending or have enrolled in college.

Eligible single moms have to participate in the single-mom college community meetings and must have at least one minor child below 11 years of age. This scholarship provided by the organization has been running since 2002 and the objective of the program is to help lead single moms to attend post-secondary education and achieve self-sufficiency.

Helping Hands offers regular grants and that may vary depending on your eligibility criteria and family situation. Single moms can attain financial independence through the Helping Hands For Single Moms Scholarship, fulfill their post-secondary education, and also get a positive family legacy for their children. Single moms in the Phoenix area are urged to apply for Helping Hands for Single Moms scholarships if they’re looking for ways to fund their education.

Why Should You Apply For the Helping Hands For Single Moms Scholarship?

Although traditional college scholarship programs are enough to help college students, single-mom college students require more assistance to support their families and complete their college education. The Helping Hands For Single Moms Scholarship offers financial assistance of up to $3340 to eligible families. This financial support can be complemented by other supportive services that are provided by the organization in collaboration with community partners.

The services include medical and dental care for single moms, carpet cleaning, computer technology services, professional counseling, financial management training, tutoring, mentoring, coaching, legal counseling, and so on. Helping Hands For Single Moms plays a vital role for needy single moms so that they can avail no no-cost car or auto repairs. Every family receives an AAA Towing Membership as well as assistance to purchase auto or car repair parts free of charge from NARPRO. The organization has partnered with NARPRO to offer a grant award of $130,000 for auto repair services and solutions to single moms since 2007.

How Single Moms Network By HHFSM Can Help You?

An important component of Helping Hands For Single Moms is a community network popularly known as the Single Moms Network. The program includes peer-to-peer interaction that is determined to be a powerful indicator of college success and assists single-mom college students in many ways. The organization has three single moms networks to understand the socialization needs of solo moms. The networks assist single mom college students by giving them a chance to share meals with their peers every month and develop a mutual cordial relationship.

What Are The Measurable Outcomes For HHFSM Organization?

The Helping Hands For Single Moms Organization monitors the academic progress of every single mom by using the following ways.

  • Semi-Annual Academic Review

The first measurable outcome for the organization is a semi-annual academic review which demonstrates college credits along with grades from the earlier semester and registration for classes in the upcoming semester.

  •  Graduations

 The second measurable outcome is known to be graduation. The organization collects information about single moms regarding their income, employment status, and feedback regarding their program to monitor the post-graduation success of single moms.

To monitor the post-graduation success the organization collects an Alumna Survey that helps them to understand the success rate if a single mom has overcome poverty and is financially independent in life.

How Can You Improve Your Chance Of Winning Helping Hands For Single Moms Scholarship?

The purpose of the Helping Hands For Single Moms Scholarship is to offer much-needed financial support to single moms who want to pursue a good career and higher education. The eligibility criteria for this program may vary depending on your situation however in general you need to be a high school senior or college student to qualify and you must have a robust financial need. Eligibility criteria require you to showcase proof of single-parent status, academic performance, and financial need. You can improve your chance of winning the Helping Hands for Single Moms scholarship while maintaining good academic performance and also by staying involved within your community. Keep an eye on the scholarship application deadline and apply for the program before the deadline approaches with relevant information as required by the application.


If you are a single mom struggling to pay for your education and wish to pursue higher education then you can turn to Helping Hands For Single Moms organization in Dallas and Phoenix which will assist you in attaining your educational goals. Scholarship is a means of lifeline that helps you financially to complete your higher education and assists you to attain self-sufficiency. These scholarships are paving the way for single moms to higher education and a way to overcome poverty and unemployment.

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