Single Mom Support Groups MN

Single Mom Support Groups MN

Motherhood is a challenging and rewarding phase for single parents raising their children without the support of their partner. Single parents often encounter a lot of barriers while striking a balance between general wellness and work demands. Besides, they face higher levels of financial insecurity and anxiety than married households. The single-mother support groups offer an excellent opportunity for solo moms who want to build human connections and practice self-care. By joining these communities, you need not enjoy the joys or survive the lows of single parenting alone. Single mothers can lean on the community for strength, confidence, and resourcefulness. If you are looking for reliable resources and support groups for single mothers in Minnesota, then this guide will help you to get started.

Can Support Groups Help Single Parents To Deal With Stress Or Burnout?

Single parenting is challenging. It is usual for single parents to experience overwhelming exhaustion or loneliness and have the imagination of withdrawing from their parental obligation. However, if these feelings are left unattended and untreated, they can hurt you and the family. By joining a support group, you can get a safe place to explore critical issues and get practical help from other single parents going through similar struggles. Often these groups are monitored by therapists or professionals who can work closely with parents so that they can better cope with the burden of single parenting and can manage their burnout or stress. Group therapy and Minnesota support groups are a haven for struggling single moms in this state. Counselors/ therapists and members with prior experiences facilitate support groups for single moms in Minnesota, bringing together members from all walks of life to provide each other with strength and support.

Different Single Mom Support Groups In MN

Single parenthood can be a lonely experience at times. A lot of single mothers in Minnesota lack the resources or community that they need to grow and thrive. Fortunately, various resources, communities, and programs are designed so single moms can meet their needs. If you’re adjusting to life as a newly single parent, check out the following resources and groups.

1. Jeremiah Program

The Jeremiah Program in Minnesota enables local families to follow a holistic approach which comprises housing, life skills training, early childhood education as well as career development. This program ensures a close-knit sisterhood among participants who can feel connected to the community and can share each other ‘s experiences and struggles. The relationship and bond which they can develop among each other through this program will help them to cope with the challenges and struggles of single parenthood.

2. M.O.M.S., Make Our Moms Successful

This program is an ideal choice for single mothers who are struggling with isolation or helplessness. The program provides them with family activities, supportive services, and mentoring to feel empowered and connected.  The program is based in Burnsville and is designed for single mothers in the Scott and Dakota counties. Apart from seeking support from the group, you can receive legal assistance from compassionate family lawyers. Irrespective of whether you are dealing with loneliness or parenting problems, you can count on this program.

3. Parenting Group

This is a supportive parenting and educational group for guardians and parents. This support group will help single parents look for new ways to parent their kids regardless of dynamics. Single mothers often feel stress, conflict, and anxiety while single parenting. Joining this group will help to improve the relationship between children and parents. The group focuses on counseling, child, and parenting areas.

4. The Mama Circle- Moms Group

Single mothers struggling to be perfect mothers will find emotional support and advice through the Mama Circle Moms Group. Single motherhood makes you experience feelings of loneliness, shame, or guilt. You can get through your difficult times and connect with other single moms to build a community with the support of this group. Here you can discuss the ups and downs of motherhood, practice as well as learn self-care and emphasize mind relaxation. This single mother support group in Minnesota helps you to acquire coping skills to adjust to any emotional changes. You can ask questions about your single motherhood here and gain support and valuable advice in a safe space.

5. Parenting Beyond Trauma

Are you a single parent with a history of abuse and trauma? Then Parenting Beyond Trauma in Minnesota will help you learn parental skills, emotional self-regulation, and self-care. Single mothers with a trauma history, particularly emotional neglect, and child abuse, may struggle to parent their children. If your trauma history is contributing to parenting challenges with your children and making you irrationally angry, chronically overwhelmed, or reactive with your kids, then you need to have a safe place to deal with your problems and process. This group will help you to process the experience of parenting your children alone while healing from relational or PTSD trauma.

6. Parents of Adult Children With Mental Illness

This is a virtual group where single parents having adult children with mental health challenges or crises can join and seek valuable advice and practical help. The group provides compassionate counseling services to parents having children with mental illness. Licensed marriage and family therapist Michael Murphy posts to this group. As a single mother, you can gain coping skills and learn how to help your children and set boundaries. This group provides strength to struggling parents who can share their experiences of parenthood.


The most challenging thing about transitioning from a married woman to a single mother is the change in your identity. Single moms in Minnesota often go through a lot of financial and emotional stress. They lack a support system and suffer from depression, stress, and loneliness. Joining single mom support groups can give them the acceptance and recognition they seek. These groups bring in specialists and experienced single parents who can provide valuable resources and help to single moms. You need to do your research work and get a single mom support group to help you learn and grow.

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