Things To Do As A Single Mom

Things To Do As A Single Mom

With a chaotic schedule and multiple jobs, it can be challenging for single mothers to do everything starting from spending time for themselves to making time to bond with their children. Being a single mother might have its unique set of struggles and challenges however it also has a few amazing upsides. You can ensure raising your kids with complete freedom on your own. This guide will help you to learn a complete list of tips and strategies to enjoy being a single mom with or without kids and celebrate, every day to make your life happy, fulfilling, and purposeful.

Fun Things To Do With Kids As A Single Mom

Single mothers have to perform challenging tasks of running the household, taking on multiple jobs to provide for the family, engaging kids with activities, running household errands, making dinner, and helping their kids with homework. Having a strong parent or child relationship is important to ensure children’s behavior, well-being, and future success in life. With a chaotic schedule and limited time, it can be difficult for single moms to do everything and give time to their children to bond. However special bonding activities do not require a whole day dedicated to spending time together. You can do fun activities with your children and ensure family bonding by taking time to connect and this will help to improve your relationship. Those who are struggling and want to know nice things to do for a single mom can follow the below-mentioned tips and bonding activities.

1. Reading Together

As per Reach Out And Read Child Development report reading to children is one of the most effective ways of developing intelligent thinkers, strong readers, and overall healthy and happy kids. Reading together brings a feeling of security and closeness and also creates everlasting memories. Single mothers can read together with their children to create a strong parent or child bond.

2. Go Outside With Kids

Going outside together with kids is a perfect option for single mothers who want to spend quality time with their children and make a special bond. Hiking, going for a walk, bike ride or a visit to a park are some options that will help you to get together with your children and give them time. Research states that single mothers are at risk of going through anxiety and mental health problems. Having pictures of nature or simple plants in the room can make them feel anxious, stressed, or angry. Therefore it is important to get out of the room and go out with your children.

3. Exercise Together

Simple exercising, yoga, and stretching are good for single moms with anxiety. This will be even better if you do the exercise with your kids outside instead of going to a gym.  Sunlight helps in keeping serotonin levels up, raises your energy, and also helps in keeping your mood positive, focused, and calm.  Exercising and meditating with children are a few things for single moms to do that will not only keep single moms in good mental and physical health but will also ensure their children’s well-being.

4. Cooking Together

If you are looking for fun things to do as a single mom then cooking together will be the right option for you. This will allow you to bond as little kids love spending time and helping their parents in the kitchen. Together single moms and their kids can make different meals and freeze them. On days when there isn’t much time to cook a meal together, making dessert items can be another great option. For instance, you can make cookies and brownies together with your kids.

5. Playing Games Together

Single mothers can play electronic games, board games, or card games with their children where they can have loads of laughs and fun together. Playing games will keep your children entertained and engaged. This will also help you to create some of the best memories which you can cherish. Playing games together will give both of you time and have fun.

6. Movie Night

Single mothers, you can set aside at least one or two nights a month for popcorn, pizza, and a movie. This will help you to spend fun time together with your kids without leaving your home in your comfy PJs. Single mothers can make this task more entertaining by making a little calendar about who gets to pick the movie every time so that it is a fair opportunity for both mother and kids.

7. Dance Party

Dancing together will provide a good opportunity for single moms and their children to enjoy, and feel and this boosts their overall well-being. Research states that music boosts cognitive reasoning and strengthens the brain. You can stay relaxed and improve your mental health by listening to music and dancing. Dancing together is a great way to relieve stress and have fun together with your energetic children. You can find a lot of apps and YouTube channels that can help you with listening to music and dancing together with your children.

8. Arts And Crafts

Single mothers can have a lot of fun by doing art and craft with their children. The possibilities of art and craft are endless. You can start anything from repurposing furniture to making clay ornaments with your kids. Doing arts and crafts together will help single mothers to spend time together with their children and make something fulfilling and new. Your children will be proud of making creative things with your help. If crafting is challenging for you and your little ones, then coloring will be a relaxing bonding activity for both of you. Coloring is an amazing stress reducer for children and adults.

9. Joining In Kid’s Activities

Children who are in sports, dance, or any other engaging activities love to get the opportunity to perform the same and teach their mothers how to do it. You can get into their world and learn about their interests and passions. This will give single mothers a different perspective on their children. Joining in with your kid’s activities is a unique way to bond with them and learn something which they love.

Single Mom Things To Do Without Kids

There are a lot of things that single mothers can do without a kid or if their children are away.

1. Get To Know Yourself And Practice Self-Care

When your kids are not around you can focus on discovering your identity. You can use the time to understand who you are and what are your goals in life. For instance, you can ask yourself what is your favorite way to relax and how you see yourself in the upcoming five years. You can discover your likes in your future partner, your compassion, and your favorite hobby, and even take your past struggles into account to make your life better. You need to set aside a minimum of 10 minutes to do nice things for yourself each day. This can be reading a few pages of your favorite book, reading a cup of your favorite coffee, and so on. These small acts of self-care and kindness will help you to feel better over time. Doing yoga, meditating, playing with pets, and taking a nature walk are a few things to do as a single mom.

2. Get Out Of The House Often

Single mothers can make time to go shopping, make dinner, and meet other friends and family members. Being a single mom might feel that you are stuck in a house for a long time and do not have much time to go outside. You need to give yourself some time by asking a friend or hiring a babysitter to watch over your kids. You can also take yourself out on a date where you can feel good about yourself and enjoy your freedom. Get out of the house but have fun in a local coffee shop or bar to make yourself feel better.

3. Spend Time With Your Friends

Spending time with your friends and close family members will be a great distraction and can leave you up in difficult times. Always leave room in your schedule to meet up with friends for drinks or dinner. This way you can maintain good relationships and can expand your social circles. Do not feel afraid to reach out to old friends as they may be happy to hear from you even though you have been too busy to hang out with them for a while.

4. Make Time To Follow Your Interest And Passion

You need to figure out things that you love or that interest you. You can hire a babysitter for a couple of months or take your kids along with you. This way you do not lose yourself to motherhood and can have fun. Pursue your favorite hobby like embroidering, hiking, and board games, to keep your mind fresh.

5. Surround yourself with loved ones

Single mothers can hold on tight to the family and friends who support them. Your near and loved ones will help you to enjoy your life as a single mother and will provide you with the things that you need the most. You can connect with people who will love you no matter what and will also make your journey as a single mom easy. Do not hesitate to ask for help or support and reach out to your close and loved ones if you are struggling for child care or money.

Things To Do For Single Moms In Memphis Tn

Single mothers can do a lot of things in Memphis TN that can keep them engaged and entertained. There are a lot of communities and resources which strive to connect single mother families to local businesses, relevant resources, and other events so that they can spend time together and bond with each other so, for instance, Memphis Moms is a parenting resource that provides community groups for single mothers so that they can help other single parents in their difficult journey, come together and laugh and spend time to feel better. Community groups for single moms in Memphis TN provide advice on a lot of details such as motherhood, how to deal with teens, parental strategies, practical advice, divorce, etc. Single mamas looking for ways to meet other moms or play dates will find these groups to be truly beneficial. Here you also get support and encouragement. Single Mom PillowTalk Conversation is another gathering of single mothers that provides a supportive and safe space so that they can come together and can indulge in meaningful conversation. You get to understand the unique challenges as well as the joys of raising children alone. These groups foster a sense of belonging and community and provide a good platform to share advice, support, and experiences. No matter whether you are seeking tips and strategies on how to navigate life, balance work, perform parenting, or require listening, these groups and events are for you. The informal and relaxed atmosphere will allow you to freely express yourself and build strong connections.


Single motherboard is not easy. However, it doesn’t mean you will miss out on the fun and good aspects of life. The above-mentioned ways and tips will start making you feel empowered and happy. These tips and strategies will help you to navigate your single motherhood journey and learn how to do fun and exciting things with/ without your child that will make you happy.

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