Single Mom Support Groups Houston TX

Single Mom Support Groups Houston TX

Single motherhood can be lonely for women who are used to adult interaction. Many single moms appreciate staying with the little ones at home; however, they sometimes wish to speak to others while doing other household chores. Meeting up with other single mothers will provide emotional support and allow you to have adult conversations with them. Single moms in Houston, Texas, looking for ways to meet other mommies, will find this guide helpful.

How Does A Single Mom Support Group Function?

Raising a child takes a lot of strength and confidence. Motherhood is a rewarding and challenging experience for any mother. However, single mothers must overcome many more obstacles than couples or two-parent households. Support groups for single moms in Houston, TX, are created by nonprofit organizations, clinics, and many religious and community organizations to support and motivate overwhelmed single moms. Joining these groups is an incredible way to share your struggles, joys, sorrows, ups and downs with other single moms. You might get drawn to the emotional support and encouraging advice that other single moms provide you in these groups as they have gone through the same thing which you are going through.

Different Single Mom Support Groups In Houston, TX

Are you a single mom in Houston, TX? Then joining a single mom support group will be a safe place for you to grow and learn from other single parents. Following is the list of single moms’ support groups in Houston, TX.

1. Houston Postpartum Peer Support

This virtual support group is for single mothers who had a child in the past 18 months. The group members meet weekly, where they communicate about the ups and downs of motherhood and remind each other about how to survive single motherhood alone. Mothers feeling lonely while managing their children can get emotional support through this support group that hosts Zoom meetings to communicate with each other. Single moms in Houston, TX, who do not wish to leave the house and are interested in joining a support group can get helpful advice, mental support, and suggestions in this group. The topics covered in this group are related to pregnancy, prenatal and postpartum. New and expectant single moms will find this support group genuinely beneficial.

2. Stay-At-Home Moms MeetUp Groups

Are you aware of many meetups in Hoston for stay-at-home mothers, including single moms? The Stay At Home Moms MeetUp Group is a website where you can find a lot of mom groups and join a group that interests you the most. The group members meet multiple times, anywhere from weekly to monthly, and also hold events where single moms can meet and connect. Membership in the support group can range from a few to prominent members depending on the support group you are joining. It is a great way to know other single moms in your area and get an avenue to explore various activities with your children.

3. Houston Area Mommies

This is a free community for mothers, including single moms, that provides them with discussion forums, friendship, face to face events where you can meet with other single moms in your area. If you’re a single mom looking for local support to embrace single mothers, this place will suit you. Here you can find a lot of suggestions and advice related to your life.

4. Mom And Parent Groups On Facebook, Meet Up And BigTent

Single mothers looking for local support groups in Houston based on interest, kids’ age, and neighborhood can search Mom And Parent Groups on Facebook, MeetUp, and BigTent. These support groups are a fantastic way to meet single mothers near your region who are going through the same situation while enjoying different activities you are doing. These websites and local groups will help you to expand your social circle and seek helpful support and advice both online as well as face-to-face. As a single mom, you can set your playdate and plan activities.

5. Houston Area MOPS

Mothers of Preschool, or MOPS, is an international organization that hosts group meetings near your Houston area. This organization is committed to supporting struggling mothers via small groups which provide support, mentoring, valuable activities, and conversations so that motherhood can become less stressful and more fun and engaging for them. There are expert speakers at group meetings who provide practical help and advice so that single moms can solve their day-to-day issues. Besides, you also learn new hobbies and crafts, which you can share with your kids at home. Joining support groups will help you to feel confident about your single parenting and will give you an excellent outlet to communicate and socialize with other single mothers.

6. La Leche League

It is an international organization that holds support groups where single moms, mothers-to-be, and nursing mothers considering breastfeeding can meet and get reassurance. The group meetings conducted by La Leche League will help you to locate new friends, meet each other coming from all over the world, and get emotional support. They also offer helpful information, conversation, and resources related to nursing.

7. North West Houston Mothers Of Multiples

The North West Houston Mothers Of Multiples is a group that works for moms having twins or more. Single moms of twins and many children can connect with other mothers who walk in their shoes. This support group will assist you with valuable ideas, advice, and encouragement to easily navigate the waters of single parenting your twins or multiple siblings. The group members also participate in research projects that provide a space for single mothers or other parents of multiple children. Here they can share their story and get to meet new people.


Joining a support group will help you and your child to meet others and make friends. Every single mom struggles to take care of their children single-handedly while working. There are many single-mom support groups in Houston, TX that community centers and churches host. Single moms who do not wish to go out can communicate with others virtually and can join online support groups.

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